What makes the perfect coffee mug?

8 Jun 2021


There’s more to a coffee mug than meets the eye… Find your favourite and drink in style.

We’ve all opened the cupboard in a rush and grabbed the first coffee-stained, cracked, and embarrassing mug that our hand touches. Now there’s no shame in this; after all, it does the job well enough. It’s a vessel for your delicious, home-brewed coffee. But when you find that ultimate mug — the tactile ceramic cup that just feels right — there’s no turning back.

We believe that a quality cup of coffee deserves to be served in a coffee mug that matches its standards. Whilst the perfect coffee mug can come in all shapes and sizes, all materials and colours, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your perfect coffee mug.

How big is a standard coffee mug?

A standard coffee mug should comfortably fit around 300ml of liquid in it – ideal for an Americano. However, this size can vary depending on the mug, giving you the flexibility to make a slightly larger cuppa if you desire.

Our Duo of Pod Cups holds the just-right portion for a hot chocolate, although they easily double up as a coffee mug. Our cups are handle-free, creating a cosier drinking experience. Don’t worry, it won’t be too hot to handle. These ceramic cups are comfortable to hold and inspired by the rigid, tactile edges of a cacao pod.

If you’re after a different type of brew, then the standard size can vary. Espresso coffee cups typically hold 50-100ml of liquid, whilst a cappuccino mug holds around 200ml of liquid.

Perfect coffee mug


When it comes to a coffee cup, looks can be everything. Design, colour, textures, shape: all come together to form a stunningly unique vessel. If we truly do eat with our eyes, then the same can be said for drinking.

When it comes to choosing the colour and style of your coffee mug, you may want one that fits in with the general colour scheme and style of your kitchen. Grey, matte mugs look beautiful in the cupboard against a minimalistic, steel kitchen design. A bright and colourful mug with an intricate design looks good in a kitchen splashed with colour.

The aesthetic of your coffee mug also revolves around the type of cup you want. When it comes to espresso cups, less is more. Porcelain or glass cups display the deep, chocolatey hues of a dark roast effortlessly. Alternatively, a latté looks best in a clear tall cup. Use medium-roasted beans for a flavour that holds its own against the milk, enabling you to enjoy the nuanced notes of coffee.


How do you like your coffee in the morning? Short and strong, or big and milky? Although we often hear that size isn’t everything, we think your coffee mug is an exception.

A latté cup can vary in size from small to large, so you’ll want to consider just how much you love your coffee before you make the purchase. A larger latté cup is always a safer option, giving you the flexibility to brew a cuppa to whatever size you prefer.

The size of your espresso glass is also important. A double espresso cup is different from an espresso cup, so it’s important you know the difference before grinding up your coffee. Whilst a double espresso cup holds 170ml, a single espresso cup holds half of this size.

Even your average coffee mug can vary slightly. If you prefer to sip a big, warming cup of coffee slowly, then sway to the larger side. However, for a stronger, shorter Americano or long black, choose a slightly smaller mug.

Espresso cup


The material of your coffee cup can impact everything from the flavour of your coffee to the amount of heat it retains. If you’re wondering what the best coffee mug to keep coffee hot is, you might want to consider an insulated thermos – great for on the go. A double-walled glass cup is ideal for keeping your espresso warm.

The type of material you choose can also have an impact on your mug’s durability. If you’re prone to cracking your cups, you may want to opt for a sturdy stainless steel or porcelain mug – the top choice for the kitchen klutz.

Of course, practicality isn’t everything. The taste of your cuppa also shouldn’t be compromised, which is why ceramic mugs provide you with the freshest tasting coffee. As ceramic doesn’t retain flavour or smells, it means you can enjoy your coffee without the taint of previous beverages still lingering on your tongue. That’s what makes our Duo of Pod Cups so versatile. You can enjoy tea, hot chocolate, and coffee – but not necessarily at the same time!

Shape and handle

Some people can’t drink their beer unless it’s in a pint glass, or their G&T unless it’s in a balloon glass. You might find the same thing with your coffee mug. Surprisingly, the shape of your mug can play a role in how much you enjoy your cup of coffee. Do you prefer a thick, strong lip or a daintier mug made from thinner material?

Although the typical shape for a coffee cup is the perfect circular shape, many mugs have a straighter edge or a ballooned bottom. Some don’t even follow a shape at all, displaying slightly curved edges or an irregular lip shape.

The size of handle is also important. Do you want to elegantly sip your coffee with your pinky raised in the air as you hold the handle? Or would you rather clasp it firmly with both hands to take a big, unapologetic gulp? Make sure you choose a comfortable handle that lets you enjoy your coffee the way you want to.


Coffee can be the ideal on-the-go drink. That’s why reusable coffee cups have become such a big thing in the past decade. Reusable coffee cups come with a lid and a silicone casing so that you can hold your hot coffee on the move. Many people praise reusable coffee cups for being a more environmentally-friendly option than buying a coffee in a disposable takeaway cup. Because of this, many coffee shops will serve you their coffee in your own reusable coffee cup at a discounted price. What’s not to love?

Or, if you’re a lover of the outdoors, then a stainless-steel coffee mug is probably the safest bet. It will ensure you can transport your mug around without the fear of it crushing under all that outdoor gear.

And the perfect coffee for your mug?

Naturally, there’s no point in spending all this time over selecting the perfect coffee cup if you can’t find the very best coffee blend to match it. That’s why we’ve selected five different unique blends to suit your needs, serving up coffee beans ranging from mellow, light roasted notes to a bold and punchy deep roast.

Not everyone is used to grinding their own beans, which is why we’ve done the work for you. Our coffee pods brew up the perfect cuppa in a matter of minutes. Just pair with your Nespresso® machine for an effortless cup of coffee, pour into your favourite coffee mug and enjoy.