The best skincare routine for soft, healthy skin

1 Nov 2020


Locking in moisture is a key element of a good skincare routine.

At Hotel Chocolat, we fully believe in the benefits of good-quality cacao. Not only does this wonderful ingredient make for delicious and satisfying edible treats, but its hydrating properties can also promote healthier, softer skin.

Rabot 1745, a range of delectable beauty products, harnesses cacao — one of Nature’s most nourishing ingredients — along with a variety of other uplifting botanicals.

Why is skincare so important?

woman's hair and skin

Your skin is the largest organ in the body, and it changes, sheds, and regenerates daily. Far from being merely surface-level, the condition of your skin is a good reflection of your overall health.

A regular skincare routine stimulates cell renewal to keep you looking and feeling your best — having a clear complexion can even boost your confidence. But skincare doesn’t have to be a chore! The process of applying luxurious products can itself be an act of self-care, helping you feel relaxed and pampered.

Everybody’s skin is different, and your day-to-day lifestyle can affect its condition — from what you eat and drink to how much sleep you get. This is why it’s important to find a skincare routine that works for you. Establishing a consistent routine can take time, but once you’ve found your rhythm, you can branch out to try new products and adapt to the changing seasons.

As winter draws in, the colder weather can make your skin drier and sensitive than usual. Good-quality products with enriching ingredients can protect your skin from the elements and get you feeling warm and glowing even in the chilly grey drizzle.


man washing face

Effective cleansing is the foundation of a good skincare routine — it’s important to regularly clean your skin and remove dirt and impurities. Makeup and daily grime can block your pores and may lead to excess oil production and breakouts.

If you have dry skin, the best bet is to use gentle ingredients. Manhattan dermatologist, Doctor Ashley Magovern, suggests that cleansing your face too often with harsh products may “actually break down your skin barrier” and dry it out more.

Cleansing the skin on the rest of your body is important too. Sensitive areas like your feet, elbows and the backs of your hands can be prone to dryness and, although it sounds counter-intuitive, many soaps and body washes on the market exacerbate the problem.

Ingredients like parabens, alcohol and sulfates are common in cosmetics and skincare products, and these chemicals can have an adverse effect, increasing sensitivity. Switching to natural-based products is a safer way to cleanse without drying your skin out.

Using a gentle daily wash, like our Aloe Vera Shower Gel, which contains creamy cacao butter as well as hydrating aloe vera gel, can keep you feeling squeaky-clean without stripping away your skin’s natural oils and moisture.


Rabot 1745 coffee cup

Light exfoliation removes dead skin cells and promotes cell regeneration and collagen production, ultimately leading to softer, smoother skin.

Natural coarse ingredients, like the ground coffee beans found in our Coffee Body Scrub, are an effective way to rejuvenate your skin without using harsh chemicals, microbeads, or artificial colours. Combined with salt, this scrub lightly rubs away dirt and dead skin cells that may be contributing to a dry, dull complexion.

By getting rid of that top layer of redundant cells, exfoliating also helps your skin absorb the nutrients — like the antioxidants present in ground coffee — and more efficiently retain moisture from creams and lotions that you apply later.

Effective exfoliation works on the skin’s deeper layers too. Stimulating your body’s lymphatic drainage system, it can help remove toxins and boost blood circulation — all of this leads to brighter, softer skin.

Exfoliation feels great too! Using circular motions, you can gently massage your skin, buffing away the day’s stresses. Choose a scrub with an uplifting scent — we love our zesty Sugar and Sour Orange Body Scrub — and you’ll step out of the shower feeling radiant and revived, ready to take on the world.

Exfoliate responsibly

Our sugar and salt scrubs also come in reusable coffee cup containers. Made from natural fibres, these are 75% biodegradable and can be washed and reused — you can even take them into a Hotel Chocolat cafe and get 35p off your hot drink!

We’re always striving to reduce our carbon footprint and do our bit for the environment, and our reusable Rabot 1745 cups are just one of the steps towards our vision of having 100% recyclable or reusable packaging by 2022.

So whether you’re caring for your complexion or warming up with a latte, you can know you’re doing your bit too in supporting our Planet Pledge!


woman rubbing cream into leg

Bring a bit of luxury to your daily routine with conditioning butters and balms. As we get into glove weather our hands, in particular, may suffer.

With the impact of COVID-19, an increase in frequent handwashing and the use of anti-bacterial hand gels has led to a rise in cases of dry skin, hand rashes, and eczema.

While it’s great to be increasing our hand hygiene, dermatologists suggest that excessive washing may take its toll as it “strips the skin of healthy fats and oils known as sebum, and that dehydrates the skin and causes eczema.”

Ingredients like shea butter — one of our favourites — lock in moisture and are easily absorbed into the skin without leaving it greasy and slippery.

Shea is a key element in our Cacao and Wild Honey Hand Cream, and we think this is the perfect lotion to keep your hands soft and soothed throughout the day, whether you’re at home or on the go.

How to ensure your skin is healthy and moisturised

woman looking at skin in mirror

Just as your skin can be a reflection of your internal health, your lips are a good barometer for how dry the rest of your skin may be. Chapped lips may indicate that your skin needs a bit more TLC. Lips can also become sore as the weather gets colder and windier.

Moisturising your lips and the rest of your body regularly can ensure your skin stays healthy and hydrated.

Our Wonder Balm is a multi-use solution for dry skin that we like to think is pretty miraculous! Apply to the lips, face, elbows, cuticles — anywhere that feels like it needs a little moisture boost.

Containing shea butter and cacao butter, which are both emollients, Wonder Balm creates a protective layer over your lips and skin, locking moisture in.

Wonder balm Rabot 1745

Aside from lotions, botanical oils can also keep skin in tip-top moisturised condition. The combination of apricot, sweet almond, and jojoba oils in our Cacao and Almond Bath and Body Oil provides a delicate cocktail that softens and nurtures. 

This enriching oil can be added to a bath for a luxurious soak that not only leaves you feeling relaxed and smelling delightful, but also gives your skin a good drink!

A little goes a long way, so you only need a small amount to feel the benefits. A couple of capfuls added to the bath is enough, or alternatively, you can massage a few drops directly into your skin.


woman spraying face

Whether you’re at home or out and about, fresh fragrances can bring a little pizazz to your day and are a nice addition to your skincare routine.

A generous spritz of a light body mist feels cooling and refreshing on your skin, while the energising scent can boost your mood. Lively citrus notes, like those in our New York Body Mist, are great for putting a pep in your step!

Fragrances can also have a calming effect. Our delicate Tokyo Body Mist brings hints of cotton flower and honey extract that can be diffused over your pillow bed linen to encourage deep and peaceful sleep — and getting a good night’s sleep is a key factor in healthy skincare.


Rabot 1745 bottle next to bath

Establishing a daily skincare routine is essential in keeping your complexion ticking over. But a little extra indulgence from time to time can take you from having ‘generally healthy’ skin to having skin that’s so silky-smooth and glowing you can’t stop admiring it!

For those times you really deserve a treat — always, we say! — take a bit of extra time to pamper yourself with opulent ingredients that enrich your skin.

Applying a leave-on mask, like our Liquid Chocolate Body Mask, benefits both your mind and your body. Lie back and let the heavenly cocoa scent transport you to the tranquil Caribbean coast from the comfort of your own home!

The chocolatey goodness also takes cleansing to a new level, drawing out impurities from beneath the top layer of skin that daily washing doesn’t quite reach. The key ingredient, kaolin clay, unclogs your pores as well as tightening and toning your skin. For best results, unwind and leave the mask on for at least 10 minutes!

Rabot 1745 skincare products

Rabot 1745 parfum

Named in homage to the St. Lucia cocoa plantation where it began, The Rabot 1745 skincare range was launched in 2018.

With a dream to harness the abundance of nature on the Rabot Estate’s doorstep, we like to think the Rabot 1745 range brings a little bit of the Caribbean to each and every scrub, lotion and balm.

As we’ve developed delectable beauty products that are kind to both your skin and the planet, the range has closely followed our sustainability practices and engaged ethics programme.

Botanicals in Skincare

The harsh chemicals found in many products on the market may make your skin more sensitive, whereas naturally-derived ingredients are gentler on your skin and better for the environment.

Inspired by the Rabot Estate’s glorious surroundings, our beauty products harness the abundance of ingredients sourced there. From aphrodisiac bois bandé to cleansing rosemary, we utilise the healing properties from an array of botanicals.

Here are a few of our favourite plant-based superheroes:

High in antioxidants and vitamins, both cacao butter and shea butter are safe for all skin types, making them a great foundation for daily-use beauty products. The richly creamy texture not only feels great on the skin but helps moisturise without leaving an oily residue.

For extra soothing, gel from the Aloe Vera plant gently calms inflamed skin. Its antibacterial properties make it a great natural cleanse0r, and, when combined with cacao as it is in our Cacao and Aloe Vera Hand Wash, this dream team leaves your hands sparklingly clean, soft, and supple!

Aloe Vera Plant

Argan oil is another hydrating staple. As well as helping retain moisture and improving skin’s elasticity, argan is rich in Vitamin E and shields your skin from sun damage, making it a great ingredient for daily protection.

Why not take a look at our Argan, Almond, and Cacao Body Butter for an all-rounder that harnesses our top ingredients to hydrate and nourish, leaving you with softer, healthier skin and a refreshed glow?

As you discover the skincare routine that works for you, the Rabot 1745 range is here with its gentle yet innovative products that ensure your skin stays soft and healthy throughout the year.