Rabot Hotel

What does a stay with us look like?
  • Set 1,000 feet above the Caribbean Sea, with breathtaking views of Saint Lucia’s Piton Mountains, Rabot Hotel is a space where the sounds of nature replace the noise of day-to-day life, stimulating and inspiring relaxation like nowhere else on Earth. Nestled in the lush nature of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rabot Hotel comprises of an open-air restaurant, bar, spa and 14 eco-lodges. Here, guests will find a sense of freedom as they reconnect with nature, in their own personal corner of paradise.

  • Rabot Hotel sits at the heart of a 275-year-old sustainable cacao farm, and we’ve been certified organic cacao growers as of 2018. The beans and other crops grown on our Rabot Estate are 100% organic certified to both EU and US standards. For the last 10 years, we’ve been using only all-natural resources on the Estate, from composting leftover cacao husks to using garlic and cayenne pepper sprays as pesticides.

  • As well as producing fine-flavour cacao, our cacao farm feeds our Rabot Hotel staff and restaurant guests. We source all we can from our cacao groves and gardens, where we pick and prepare our own fruit, vegetables and herbs, and we work closely with local farmers and suppliers at every opportunity. Any surplus produce from our restaurant and farm is prepared and served at a local soup kitchen in Soufriere. This is all part of our adherence to a principle we have always followed, that of mottainai: the elegance in producing as little waste as possible and using the full value of everything. This practice is part of our Planet Pledge; a brand-wide commitment to minimising our environmental impact by reducing energy, plastic and food waste, as well as food miles.

  • The hotel’s rainforest surroundings provide an abundance of natural rainwater, which we harvest for our laundry, kitchen, showers and even the 16,000 gallon infinity pool.

  • All of the hot water in guest rooms, the cacao spa and our kitchen is heated by solar power. We use energy-saving lights throughout the hotel.

  • We employ over 90 local staff across our Rabot Estate.

  • As well as directly growing cacao on our Rabot Estate, we also partner with local cacao growers as part of our Engaged Ethics programme. Since 2006 we’ve guaranteed to buy every harvest at a rate far above the normal market price. We also offer free farming advice and supply high-quality cacao seedlings to farmers. Growers are now able to invest in their farms, purchase vehicles, improve their homes and secure an education for their children.