Savour the taste of summer with vibrant fruity chocolates

17 May 2024


Awaken your senses with the zingy freshness of fruity chocolate, and indulge in a balance of sweet and citrus during your summer celebrations.

While the fiery spice of ginger chocolate and warming chocolate liqueurs are exiting to welcome the freshness of summer. This doesn’t mean that cacao is reserved for the colder months — all you need is a summer twist on your treats. Discover the light yet satisfying flavour notes of fruity chocolate

Our guide is here to inspire you with Hotel Chocolat recipes for any and every summer occasion.

Fresh fruit and veg

Why fruity chocolate is a breath of fresh summer air

Summer is a vibrant time of year, full of parties, gatherings, and late summer evenings. Find a moment of serenity with indulgent fruity chocolate. Feel the snap of a chocolate shell and relish in the freshness of fruit-infused ganache, compote, and mascarpone.

Which summer fruits pair well with chocolate?

There are summer days when you desire nothing more than to sit in the shade with a refreshing drink in one hand and chocolate in the other. A classic summer delight is chocolate-covered fruit, like fresh strawberries dipped in creamy 40% Milk Chocolate. Or you might find bliss in the pop of tangy Cherry Liqueur Chocolate immersed in silky milk and dark chocolate. Why not explore the world of fruit and chocolate with these summery fruit and chocolate pairings?

  • Cherry chocolate: Cherry and chocolate go beautifully together to create a tart sweetness wrapped in velvety smooth cacao.
  • Orange chocolate: There’s nothing more divine than citrus and chocolate, whisking you away to orange groves on a balmy summer evening. Explore our Orange Chocolate range.
  • Strawberry chocolate: Strawberry and chocolate are a classic combination — and for good reason. The berries’ juicy and refreshing notes complement the richness of white, milk, and dark chocolate.
  • Raspberry chocolate: A raspberry tang on the tongue with deluxe chocolate is all you need for a taste of summer.
  • Lemon chocolate: Lemon, chocolate, and summer are meant to be together. The refreshing zip of bright lemon is harmonised by mellow chocolate. Perfect for an uplifting summer sweet treat.

The best fruity chocolate gifts for summer occasions

Summer chocolate is a dreamy gift for any mid-year occasion, and we’ve selected the best fruity chocolate gifts below to start the season right.

Heavenly fruity chocolate for summer birthdays

Decadent chocolate is always a delight for the tastebuds. Why not extend the offer to your loved ones in the form of a chocolate gift? If your friend or family member has a birthday coming up, summer is a great opportunity to surprise them with a thoughtful birthday treat.

Ice Cream Swirls

Who says ice cream is just for the little ones? Our Ice Cream Swirls offer scoops of four classic flavours whipped into a chocolate casing. Place a swirl onto your tongue and feel the chocolate gently melt like an actual scoop of ice cream, releasing punchy Raspberry & Milk Chocolate, playful Raspberry & Caramel, creamy Vanilla, and sumptuous Chocolate & Hazelnut.

Passion Fruit Chocolate Selector

Whisk a loved one away to a tropical island with our Passion Fruit Chocolate Selector. The zing of passionfruit purée, enriched with creamy ganache then wrapped in buttery white chocolate bursts into a tangy goodness. Watch their eyes light up as they experience that ‘ooh la la’ moment before melting with delight. These sweet, heart-shaped chocolates are sure to make anyone’s birthday special.

Raspberry Chocolate Bar Selector

Nothing speaks summer like the refreshing punch of raspberry reimagined into a deluxe chocolate bar. And that’s what our chocolatiers have done with the Raspberry Chocolate Bar Selector.

We’ve folded zingy raspberries into rich white chocolate, then delicately piped pools of the mixture onto a heavenly milk chocolate bar. Shower the surface with crunchy pieces of real raspberry and cacao biscuits for a creamy yet crunchy texture and harmonious taste.

Triple Cherry Chocolate Selector

Our cherry chocolate selection had to include the Triple Cherry Chocolate Selector. Watch friends and family sink into decadence as they break through our triple cherry creation. We wrap our sumptuous tart cherry compote and ganache in a 70% dark chocolate cup. We added the cherry on top with a thick layer of morello cherries blended with white chocolate. 

Strawberries covered in chocolate drizzle.

Elegant fruity chocolate for summer dinner parties

Break dinner guest traditions by skipping the wine and bringing out a selection of premium fruity chocolates. Guests will gather around you, saying, “Oh, go on then,” as they dip into these moreish chocolates.

Lemon chocolate

Nothing sings summer like zesty lemon chocolate. Our Lemon Chocolate Cheesecake is a vibrant infusion of mascarpone, lemon and white chocolate. And you don’t have to worry about bland, artificial flavouring. These authentic bite-size pieces have a lemon layer enriched with a squeeze of pure lemon juice for a desirable citrusy zip.

Bite into their creamy goodness for a multisensory experience of mellow mascarpone, smooth white chocolate and a tingly twist of lemon. We then finish our reimagined lemon cheesecake creations with a sprinkle of buttery shortbread biscuit.

Strawberry And White Chocolate Selector

Strawberries are one of our irresistible white chocolate and fruit pairings. To us, strawberries and cream on a sunny afternoon are the definition of an elegant summer.

We’ve mixed real strawberry purée with whipped cream for a fluffy centre wrapped in white cacao butter. The vibrant pink shade is from natural strawberries, which you can taste as you pop these bite-sized strawberry and white chocolate morsels into your mouth.

Raspberry Panna Cotta Selector

Hotel Chocolat has reimagined the traditional Italian dessert, Panna Cotta, into opulent white chocolate raspberry bites. Introducing, the Raspberry Panna Cotta Selector.

The melt-in-your-mouth vanilla cream has a flair of raspberry delicately held in white chocolate. If this sounds a tad too sweet for your tastes, we’ve kept our cacao butter levels high and sugar levels low for a lavish experience without the sickliness.

Luscious fruity chocolate for summer celebrations

Engagement party, baby shower, graduation? They all sound like the perfect chocolate excuse. Elevate your events with a delectable selection of Hotel Chocolat’s fruity chocolates.

Pink Champagne Truffle Tin

Nothing says ‘let’s celebrate’ more than a rose-gold tin of Pink Champagne Truffles. These blush-coloured truffles are elegantly infused with real champagne for an authentic, bubbly taste. Hear the celebratory pop of the milk chocolate shell as you break into floral notes of strawberry and sumptuous whipping cream.

And who says you have to share? Pour yourself a glass of bubbly and enjoy a delectable truffle for a moment of self-indulgence.

Banoffee Pie Chocolate Slab

Banana and toffee in a pie is a fruity combination that’s confused pudding lovers for years because, wonderfully, it works!

We’ve reinvented this timeless dessert into a creamy cacao butter bar — our Banoffee Pie Chocolate Slab. Let the caramel and rich banana light up your tastebuds and bring a spark to your summer. We’ve decorated this banoffee delight with dried banana and shortcake pieces for a satisfying crispy crunch.

Snap the bar into pieces to celebrate the good times with friends, or keep it all to yourself (we won’t tell).

Raspberry Nutmilk Ganache Selector

Pack a punch with our Raspberry Nutmilk Ganache Selector, rolled in 70% dark chocolate and dreamy Nutmilk. This unbelievably vegan* chocolate is whipped up using finely milled hazelnuts for a nutty chocolate blend. We’ve paired the fruity tang of raspberries with the mellow taste of Nutmilk for an effortless celebratory favourite. The chocolate shell is decorated with a whirl of natural raspberry pink for an aesthetically pleasing summer treat.

*We believe our dark and Nutmilk chocolate is suitable for vegans, however, as it is made in the same environment as our milk chocolate we cannot guarantee it is free from milk.

summer drink cocktail selection
summer drink cocktail selection

Decadent chocolate and fruit drinks

Unless you’re dipping your strawberries into a melted chocolate fondue, you might not have thought about pairing hot chocolate and fruit. But we have. Our selection of irresistible Hot Chocolate isn’t reserved for winter. We have blends of sweet but tart Caramelised Pineapple, zesty Orange Supermilk and rejuvenating Salted Caramel & Clementine.

Make your beverage in our signature Velvetiser for velvety smooth hot chocolate to sip on summer evenings. Or get creative with delightful Velvetiser desserts for summer.

Fruity iced chocolate ideas

If you’re fanning yourself from the heat and craving an iced chocolate treat, we recommend our Iced Chocolate Milkshake recipe using The Velvetiser. Lie back on your sunlounger and sip this iced milkshake for a peacefully chic summer.

Celebrate summer with our fruity cacao gin

Summer celebrations are full of laughter, friends and a dash of alcohol. Hear the glug of bliss in a bottle as you pour fruity cacao gin. Our Cherry & Raspberry Gin livens up cocktails with a sour-sweet zing, and Mango & Passion Fruit Gin gives a vibrant punch to your plain old G&T.

Vibrant fruity chocolate from Hotel Chocolat

Don’t have a plain summer. Uplift your senses with tart raspberry and cherries, zesty lemon and orange, and fresh strawberry.

Discover our dream-inducing fruity chocolate and transform any summer moment into a magical occasion with Hotel Chocolat.