Iced Chocolate Milkshake recipe using The Velvetiser

4 Aug 2021

Velvetiser Recipes

Em Sheldon’s Ice Chocolate Milkshake recipe is the perfect treat for sunny days and evening indulgences

Cooling down on those hot summer days has never tasted so good. We’ve teamed up with Em Sheldon (@emshelx) to make the smoothest, creamiest Iced Chocolate Milkshake. With the help of Em’s creative flair and our trusty Velvetiser, you can shake up your own in a matter of minutes.

You might be used to using our Velvetiser for hot drinks only. However, this gadget also makes sumptuous shakes and cooling cocktails — take a look at our chilled chocolat page to find out more.

Em Sheldon's Iced Chocolate Milkshake recipe
Source: Instagram, @emshelx

Equipment you’ll need

  • The Velvetiser
  • A chilled glass
  • An ice cream scoop (or large spoon)



Step 1: Pour 125ml of milk into the Velvetiser.

Step 2: Add your hot chocolate sachet, turn on the machine, and let the magic happen! This step won’t take long —the Velvetiser only needs 2.5 minutes before it whips up a silky, creamy drink.

Step 3: Fill a chilled glass with ice. Pour in the remaining 100ml of milk. Then, pour over your velvetised mixture and gently stir, allowing all the ingredients to happily mingle together.

Step 4: Top with a scoop of ice cream of your choice. Try a scoop of salted caramel ice cream to complement your hot chocolate.

Or, for a more chocolatey flavour go for a high cocoa ice cream. If you can, use an ice cream that is rich in the real stuff — no artificial flavourings! We infuse our Ice Cream of the Gods with cocoa beans for an undeniably mellow flavour, found only in the humble bean itself.

Step 5: For an even more indulgent milkshake, top with whipped cream, drizzle with hot chocolate sauce and sprinkle with any remaining hot chocolate flakes.

Use the Velvetiser for a creamy iced chocolate milkshake
Source: Instagram, @emshelx

How to enjoy your Iced Chocolate Milkshake

Em’s recipe is certainly perfect for all salted caramel and chocolate-lovers out there (us included). We love salted caramel as it makes a sumptuous base for any other complementary flavours. To add even more indulgence try drizzling the sides of your glass with salted caramel or hot chocolate sauce before adding ice.

Or, to temper the natural sweetness of salted caramel, scatter on a mellow, light topping. Sliced banana adds creaminess, resulting in a banoffee pie, in milkshake form. Top with shortbread bites for an authentic crunch. For a slightly saltier finish, sprinkle the top of your shake with chopped nuts. The subtle fragrance works well with salted caramel and chocolate and also adds a delightfully moreish crunch. 

Can I make it dairy free?

Yes! Em’s recipe can be adapted to be completely vegan, meaning all can enjoy this cooling shake in the heat. Our Almond-milk Choc Shake Recipe is a great recipe to follow if you’re nervous about making your first vegan shake! Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to do everything by the book — browse more of our chocolate recipes for some shake-spiration!