Explore the world of fruit and chocolate

14 Apr 2020

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Fruit and chocolate are a flavour combination of the gods – let yourself become inspired by the different ways you can enjoy chocolate and fruit, together!

When paired together, fruit and chocolate is a classic: the velvety, indulgent taste of chocolate is lifted by the tang of fruity flavours. Although we may be used to seeing staples such as orange or fruit and nut chocolate on the shelves, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a whole other world of fruit and chocolate combinations to sample! Sit back, relax, and open your mind to the endless ways to indulge in fruit and chocolate.

For the traditionalists

It is important to pay respect to the original fruit and chocolate flavours. We’ve taken classics and added our own twist to them, so that you’ll never look at traditional fruit and chocolate tastes the same way again!

Our 70% Dark Fruit & Nut Chocolate Grand Slab brim with plump South African golden raisins and Piedmont hazelnuts, creating a perfectly chewy yet crunchy texture. If you prefer your fruit and nuts to be encased in a creamier chocolate, we have a 40% Milk Chocolate option for you to sink your teeth into.

If you’re looking for a bit more tang, we’ve combined 70% dark chocolate with lime grown on our very own Rabot Estate in Saint Lucia to create a miniature Lime Chocolate Truffles Selector, packed with zesty, opulent cocoa notes.

Sometimes, less really is more, which is why we use the highest quality ingredients to let these simple, yet irresistible, flavours shine.

For the sweet-toothed

If dessert is your favourite part of the meal, don’t feel as if you have to wait till the end of the day to enjoy a sweet treat. We’ve reimagined some of the nation’s most-loved puddings into bite-sized mouthfuls, so that you can tuck into your dessert anywhere, and at any time.

Quintessentially British, our White Chocolate Eton Mess chocolates combine smooth strawberry mousse, crisp meringue and velvety high-cocoa butter white chocolate to create a chocolate that recreates all the joy of tucking into this dessert on a hot, summer’s day. If you prefer your desserts on the less extravagant side, our Strawberries & Cream Chocolate Puddles offer a stunningly creamy texture and fruity strawberry notes.

Whilst we believe that Britain has some of the best desserts to offer, we wanted to take influences from all over the world to craft some of the most diverse fruit and chocolate creations. Taking inspiration from the Austrian cuisine, our Apple Strudel Chocolate Selector combines tart apple, walnut and cinnamon in a milk chocolate cup, topped with amaretti biscuit to provide the rich, buttery taste and texture of flaky pastry. Warming but tart – we can’t think of a more comforting chocolate!

For the adults only

Fruit and chocolate flavour combinations are already indulgent, but we decided to add an extra hint of decadence to our fruity products by boozing them up. For the adults only, these tipsy chocolates aren’t PG – keep them high out of reach from any little fingers looking for something sweet to snack on.

Cherry Liqueur Chocolates burst with flavour: we’ve taken succulent cherries, soaked them in kirsch and then enrobed them in layers of milk, then dark chocolate. A snappable chocolate shell, and a drunken, succulent cherry: fruit and chocolate has never felt so sophisticated. If you’re in the mood to party, our Passion Fruit Chocolate Margarita bites boast a fiesta of flavour: we’ve used the very best 100% blue agave tequila, stirred with passion fruit puree and lime, leaving you satisfied and maybe a little tipsy.

Booze, fruit, and chocolate is a threesome we can really get behind, which is why we like to explore different ways to let each element shine. Our Cocoa Gin is distilled with cocoa, adding an element of depth to its fruity and floral flavours. Served best with tangy, zesty flavours, use a citrusy garnish or mixer to bring out all the nuanced flavours of our spirit. For more inspiration on how to enjoy fruit and chocolate as a tipple, we’ve come up with some cocktail recipes, so that you can bring the bar home.

Of course, sometimes it’s simply too difficult to select just one fruit and chocolate flavour combination to enjoy. This is why we’ve bundled up some of our most popular fruit and chocolate products into one chocolate box – The Exuberantly Fruity Collection lets you sample the entire fruit and chocolate spectrum, from tangy chocolate and orange to a lavish strawberry smoothie. Our Fruit Chocolate Sleekster is the perfect chocolate box for those who need an introduction into bolder fruit and chocolate flavours. Don’t settle for the ordinary: be adventurous, be bold, be creative.