Irresistible white chocolate and fruit pairings

10 Jun 2021

Chocolate Knowledge White Chocolate

Tangy, creamy, and sweet: white chocolate and fruit is a pairing that’s destined for success!

There’s something incredibly comforting about nibbling on a square or two of white chocolate. We think that this is made even more soothing when your white chocolate has a high cocoa butter percentage, giving your chocolate an extra smooth and creamy finish. Of course, perhaps we’re biased: we make sure our White Chocolate never drops below 36%. Combine high-cocoa white chocolate and fruit, and you’re onto a winner.

If you’ve read our ultimate guide to white chocolate, you might think yourself a bit of an expert in the world of the white. However, there’s always more to learn when it comes to chocolate pairings. We’re constantly discovering more about the different complexities of the cocoa bean (and we like to think that we’re a bit of an expert in the field).

If you’re searching for new fruit and chocolate flavour combinations, or need just a little bit of inspiration for a new culinary pursuit, then look no further. We’ve compiled a selection of irresistible white chocolate and fruit pairings for you to indulge in.

White chocolate

Why do white chocolate and fruit go so well?

Imagine white chocolate as the blank canvas of the chocolate world. Because it doesn’t actually contain any cocoa solids, its flavour is less dominating than milk or dark chocolate. This, by no means, makes it bland. On the contrary, white chocolate containing a high cocoa butter percentage carries its own complex, nuanced flavour profile, offering a delicate taste unlike any other chocolate.

Because it doesn’t boast any of the rich, deep flavours found in cocoa, white chocolate is incredibly versatile. Its creaminess makes it the perfect match for a whole variety of fruits, ranging from tart, red berry bursts, to tropical tangs. We’ve put together some of our favourite white chocolate and fruit pairings for you to enjoy.

Raspberry and white chocolate

A popular flavour combination. The tartness of raspberry is tempered somewhat by the creaminess of white chocolate, without bordering on too sweet. A raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake combines the creamy tang of mascarpone against the tartness of raspberry, lightened with the subtle sweetness of white chocolate.

Or, perhaps you’d prefer a simpler dessert of raspberries drizzled with melted white chocolate and drenched in double cream. There’s something so indulgent in the simplicity of this, which is why we had to recreate our own version in the form of a Raspberry and Clotted Cream Selector. Nothing but smooth white chocolate, real pressed raspberries and a generous helping of clotted cream.

White chocolate and raspberries

Lemon and white chocolate

A citrus tang goes undeniably well against the gentle sweetness of white chocolate. After all, who doesn’t love a bit of sweet and sour? So, for a refreshing summer’s day dessert, try making your own pavlova, drizzled with lemon curd and adorned with grated flakes of white chocolate. Or, for a quick treat that works equally well as a gift for a special person, make your own chocolate truffles, adding a dash of lemon juice and sprinkle of lemon zest into the mixture.

Our Lemon Selector ticks both sweet and sour boxes. To make sure we don’t lose any of that authentic citrus burst, we use real lemons to flavour these bombes. Artificial flavourings mean you would lose the taste of the lemon’s natural freshness.

Other fruits that complement white chocolate


White chocolate and strawberry is another classic combination, perfect for eating on a summer’s day in the garden. Plump, mellow strawberries go effortlessly well with white chocolate. You don’t need much else other than a bowl of fresh British strawberries and heapings of melted white chocolate to dip into.

If you want to put in a little bit more effort with your fruit and white chocolate combination, add chunks of white chocolate into an Eton mess. But don’t worry, it’s still not that strenuous!) We think the addition of white chocolate makes all the difference. In fact, our White Chocolate Eton Mess Selector combines all the authentic tastes of this classic dessert with the smoothness of white chocolate. It creates a pud that can be enjoyed on the go or at least outside of the kitchen.

Passion fruit

When enjoyed in drinks or confectionery, passionfruit has a sweet tropical taste. However, fresh passion fruit, eaten straight from the fruit, has a much more sour flavour. If you want to combine passion fruit with an ingredient that tames its sourness without masking its delicate flavours, then white chocolate is the perfect pairing. Top a white chocolate mousse with the pulp of a fresh passion fruit for a dessert that’s incredibly easy to make but delicious to eat.

We keep the authentic zing of passionfruit strong with our Passion Fruit Selector. Because we only ever use natural ingredients in our recipes, we’re able to retain that characteristic punch of the real fruit. Our influence comes in when we add our creamy white chocolate ganache to the mix.


This tropical fruit tends to be on the sweeter side, but this doesn’t mean it’s not a contender for white chocolate. If done right, mango and white chocolate can be a heavenly pairing. If you want to make sure your combination doesn’t veer on the side of being too sweet, then we suggest pairing your white chocolate with mascarpone or creme fraiche. Enjoy alongside freshly sliced mango. Sometimes, simplicity is best.

We can’t help but feel that we’ve got the balance just right with our White Mango Chocolate Selector. Fresh, aromatic tastes of mango sit delicately against the mellowness of white chocolate. Never sickly, and perfect for those who hunger for tropical tastes.


Delicate flavours of blueberry need to be balanced with a chocolate that isn’t going to overpower its nuanced berry burst. White chocolate brings out the fruity depth of the humble blueberry. Whip white chocolate into buttercream to top off your blueberry muffins. Or, for a breakfast that’s sure to put you in good stead for the rest of the day, drizzle white chocolate on top of blueberry pancakes.

Fragrant, zippy blueberry notes take centre stage with our Blueberry and White Chocolate Selector. Not much else is needed other than 36% white chocolate.

Blueberries go well with white chocolate

Where should I start?

The versatility of white chocolate can be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because there are endless opportunities for a flavour pairing, a curse because it’s difficult to know where to start!

Whether you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or want a little bit of indulgence alongside some fresh fruit, choose something that will satisfy and delight. And always start with smooth, white chocolate with a high cocoa butter percentage.