A Valentine’s gift guide for different personality types

29 Jan 2024

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Make your Valentine’s the most personalised yet with this exclusive guide on personality types — matching your loved one with their perfect chocolate gift.

We all have our own distinct personalities. These personality types, also known as archetypes, filter into everything we do — from the way we act and the people we make connections with, to the careers we choose.

At Hotel Chocolat, we believe that there’s a Valentine’s gift out there for every personality type. From those who value routine and order to those who like to live life on the wild side, there’s a chocolate match to be found.

So, are you ready to find the best Valentine’s gift for your partner? Let’s dive into the world of personality types and how this can influence your gift-giving choices.

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What is an archetype?

It’s time to get a little bit psychological before we match you or your partner with the perfect chocolate Valentine’s gift. After all, we have to remember that gift-giving is all about positive emotional responses.

With this in mind, the term ‘archetype’ translates to ‘original pattern’ in Greek. The concept came into play in 1919 when famous psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, presented 12 archetypes that represent human motivations. So, how does this relate to gift-giving for Valentine’s Day?

Well, each archetype has its own core needs and values. And each of us will tend to have at least one dominant archetype that overarches our entire personality. With this being said, it makes sense to give a Valentine’s gift that speaks to these archetypes. Arguably, you couldn’t get more personalised and sentimental if you tried.

The importance of archetypes and Valentine’s gifts

When selecting Valentine’s gifts, considering the various Valentine personality types can make a significant difference in how your gift is received. Now you know that each personality type has unique preferences and values, understanding these Valentine’s types can help you choose a gift that resonates more deeply with your loved one.

What’s more, this also adds another element to the Valentine’s gift-giving process. When you consider your partner’s archetypal personality, it’s not just about the gift itself — but also the thought and understanding behind it. By aligning your gift with your partner’s personality type, you show that you truly know and appreciate them on a more sentimental level.

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How to use this Valentine’s gift guide

Remember — we’re here for guidance. You may already have a fabulous Valentine’s gift in mind, but you also may be looking for a bit of advice if you’re not sure where to start. To help you make the most of this gift guide, here are a few tips to get started.

Remember that archetypes are fluid

If you read through the following archetypes and struggle to find one that matches yourself or your partner, remember that archetypes are ever-changing in nature. Some people may have a mix of two or even three archetypes, so it’s not a one-size-fits-all!

Use your initiative

Our team has assigned a specific chocolate gift to every archetype — but that doesn’t mean you have to agree. After all, you know yourself or your partner better than anyone else. If you don’t agree with our choice, take a look at a similar category or type of product to find something more in line with your or your partner’s personality.

1. The Ruler

If you have a Ruler archetype in your life, then you’ll know that they value control, success, and leadership. They can often be seen as quite luxurious, always working hard for the most high-quality products.

A suitable Valentine’s gift would be the Straight from the Heart Valentine’s Chocolates. This luxurious selection contains a variety of exquisite chocolates, reflecting the Ruler’s taste for sophistication and quality. 

2. The Artist

Creative and expressive, Artist archetypes love any gifts that spark creativity or motivation. They love gifts that hold sentimental value, so we think our Raspberry & Peach Chocolate Hearts would go down a treat.

Combining smooth milk chocolate with hints of tart raspberry and juicy peach, you can transport your loved one to sunny days. Heavily inspired by the iconic Peach Melba dessert, it’s a flavour experience that’s sure to get the creative juices flowing

3. The Sage

The Sages among us are intellectual and extremely reflective. You’ll usually find them topping up their knowledge with a good book, or stashing away new facts from the latest documentary series .

As you’ll usually find them in a world of their own, why not support their introverted nature with the Velvetised Chocolate Tasting Experience or The Everything Hot Chocolate Sachet Selection? The perfect variety of flavours to appease their busy minds.

4. The Innocent

You’ll find the Innocent archetypes to be optimistic and pure-hearted — the sun in human form, if you will. They see value in the simple things in life and love to receive sincere gifts.

For Valentine’s Day, A Dozen Chocolate Little Lovebirds wouldn’t go amiss in the mind of an Innocent. With their round white chocolate bellies and delectable raspberry chocolate bodies, it’s the perfect way to bring delight and joy to your loved one’s day.

5. The Explorer

Boldly adventurous and fiercely independent, the Explorers in our lives tend to appreciate gifts that are a little off the beaten path.

Thankfully, we have the perfect solution. Our Tipples & Treats: Chocolate & Fizz Collection offers five unique chocolate gifts to keep their need for flavour adventure alive and thriving. What will they dive into first? The lightly dusted Pink Champagne Truffles, the creamy Chocolate Macarons, or a steaming mug of Milky 50% Hot Chocolate — they have the freedom to decide.

6. The Rebel

The Explorer with an edge — also known as the Rebel. Rebels are bold and unconventional, and they like to challenge the status quo whenever and wherever possible.

For the revolutionary Rebels among us, we’d opt for our Rum & Raisin Velvetised Cream. Made from stormy Caribbean rum and dark chocolate meddled with red raisins, this delectable tipple does all the talking without any fear.

7. The Hero

Brave and determined, our fellow Heroes like to feel strong and courageous in times of need. In the mind of the Hero, where there’s a will, there’s always a way.

Our With Love Sleekster box will satisfy any Hero’s needs. With 27 chocolate hearts in iconic flavours such as Vanilla, Strawberry Mousse, Pecan, and Dark Gianduja, they’re sure to know just how much they appreciate your love and appreciation.

8. The Wizard

Wizard archetypes are mysterious and insightful, and they’re fascinated by gifts that inspire a feeling of wanderlust and wonder.

With this in mind, the iconic Love Potions Chocolate Box couldn’t be more aligned with their eccentric, mystical nature. A magical chocolate experience, encapsulated within 16 melt-in-the-middle chocolate pralines and ganaches including You’re Berry Special, I Like You Cherry Much, and Pistachi-oh!

9. The Jester

If you hear a laugh in the room, then you’ll know you’re in the charming presence of a Jester. With their fun-loving and humorous nature, they appreciate gifts that bring joy and laughter to their surroundings.

Bearing this in mind, our Just Because Chocolate Gift Box is perfect for bringing out their fun-loving and spontaneous character. Including 16 chocolate truffles, caramels and pralines in three different shapes, they’re sure to appreciate a gift as eclectic as they are.

10. The Everyman

Down-to-earth and relatable, the Everyman is far from the average Joe. Instead, they love all things practical and comforting. They desire connection in everything they do, wanting to stand out from the crowd and make their own distinct mark.

Our Made with Love H-Box is filled with a variety of romantic and classic flavours, aligning perfectly with the passionate and romantic nature of the Everyman. With 14 delicious flavours to choose from, the H-Box gives the Everyman the freedom of selection that they crave.

11. The Lover

As you can already expect, the Lover archetype is the epitome of a Valentine’s Day personality. They’re romantic and passionate, and they appreciate the traditional gifts that come with Valentine’s Day. One of these is — of course — fine, high-quality chocolates.

The Made with Love Chocolate Selection is our carefully curated selection of thirty-filled chocolates with eight distinctive recipes. Our love-filled flavour combinations of Raspberry Smoothie, Strawberries & Cream, Vanilla Ganache, and Hazelnut Praline are sure to tug on the heartstrings of the main Lover in your life.

12. The Caregiver

Finally, we have the sweetest of them all. The Caregiver is kind, nurturing, and thoughtful in everything they do. They appreciate gifts that are selected with care, and we have just the ticket if you’re lucky enough to be in the presence of a Caregiver.

Surprise your loved one with the delight of A Dozen Chocolate Dapper Dogs — twelve adorable milk chocolate pups made with 40% milk chocolate, creamy white chocolate, and delectable dark chocolate. These pups are almost too good to eat — almost! With these sweet treats, you can give the gift of cuteness a dozen times over this Valentine’s Day.

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Get a Valentine’s gift worth giving from Hotel Chocolat

Now that you’re an archetype expert, you’re in the right place to start hand-picking your sentimental, heartfelt Valentine’s Day gifts.

From our team at Hotel Chocolat, we hope that your Valentine’s Day is full of love, laughter, joy — and most importantly — the wonderful flavour experience of high-quality, luxury chocolate.

Make your Valentine’s Day one to remember with our premium chocolate Valentine’s gifts.