Father’s Day foodie gifts that Dad will love

5 May 2022

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Spoil Dad with the most irresistible treats this June 19th. Make Father’s Day extra special with these foodie gifts!

It’s easy to leave your Father’s Day gifting until the last minute, but this year you don’t have to. We’ve made present-hunting a breeze with this handy list of foodie gifts. Whether you’ll be celebrating Father’s Day with your dad, grandad, or another father figure, these are some treats that he’ll adore.

Scrumptious biscuits, gorgeous chocolates, and beautiful coffees are enough to put a smile on any dad’s face. But we’ve not stopped there. We’ve also included our favourite kitchenware and tableware items he can enjoy in the kitchen for years to come.

Dad and daughter with a 'Happy Father's Day' card

Father’s Day foodie gifts


In our opinion, the best kitchenware items are both useful and aesthetically pleasing. No one wants their cupboards full of ugly equipment they’re never going to use! Luckily, we created our own kitchen gadgets with this in mind.

Dad deserves only the most-functional, stylish machines that he’ll proudly keep on display. In our opinion, our Velvetiser hot chocolate machine and Podster coffee machine will fit right in.

The Velvetiser

With the Velvetiser, he’ll be able to whip up the creamiest, silky-smooth hot chocolates in the comfort of his own home. You can even nab him some delectable drinking chocolate flavours (made with real chocolate flakes) to go with it. If you live with Dad, the Velvetiser is a particularly canny investment — you’ll get to enjoy velvetised hot chocolates too!

The Podster

Does he always start the day with a warming cup of joe? Why not replace his old filter machine or cafetiere with our wonderful Podster coffee machine?

A one-button way to create barista-grade coffee at home, this is a revolutionary coffee set-up. He’ll get to enjoy top-notch espresso every single day. As fellow coffee devotees, we can’t think of a better gift than that.

You can pair the Podster with our aromatic coffee pod blends (which are 100% recyclable), though this clever machine also works with other coffee capsule brands.

Man drinking coffee


If some new tableware additions could be more up his street, why not opt for something simple, versatile, and endlessly useful — i.e. mugs.

You might have gifted your dad a couple of jokey builder’s mugs in the past, so maybe it’s time for something a little more sophisticated.

Our stylish ceramic mugs are made from vegan-friendly Noble Bone China and feel wonderful filled with coffee or tea and nestled in your hands. Choose from three different styles — Spark, Chat, and Hug — all inspired by the tactile cacao pod.

If he already has all the mugs he needs, a new high-quality kitchen knife, artisan-made chopping board, or some fresh placemats all make thoughtful Father’s Day foodie gifts.

‘Grow your own’ gifts

Is your dad keen on growing his own produce? A ‘grow your own’ kit could be a fun gift. These kits can be an easier and more reliable way to produce your own exotic mushrooms, vegetables, and herbs. There are loads of options out there — from Pearl Oyster Mushrooms to Mini Melons.

If he’s already busy nurturing a garden or allotment, you could give him the tools he needs to make it flourish. A pair of personalised gardening gloves is a thoughtful idea, as is a new tool belt or watering can. Alternatively, send him a fruit tree to brighten up his outdoor space. He’ll think of you every year when it’s time to pick his fresh, seasonal berries, apples, or plums.

5 different potted plants on a table

Delicious subscriptions

Subscriptions are the gifts that keep on giving, long after you’ve revealed them to your giftee.

Why not make Father’s Day the start of a Monthly Curated Chocolate Subscription? Choose his favourite chocolate genre and a hand-picked selection will be delivered to his door. You can even set a 2 or 3-month frequency if you think monthly might be a little too much.

Alternatively, if you’re buying him a Velvetiser, our Velvetiser Refill Subscription would take your gift to a new level of generosity. With this subscription, he’d be able to sample different high-cacao hot chocolate flavours every month — what a treat!

A classic Father’s Day gift

If you are looking for a gift that is guaranteed to delight your dad, you can’t go wrong with a box of chocolates, quality tipple, and a heart-felt card. A Father’s Day classic. It’s a go-to for a reason.

Simply pair one of our delectable chocolate boxes, like our Whisky Chocolate Collection or Milk to Caramel Sleekster, with a bottle of our Vintage Red Wine, Cacao Gin, or Velvetised Chocolate Cream.

Father’s Day hamper ideas

If you think some delicious nibbles are the way to your old man’s heart this Father’s Day, why not create a bountiful foodie hamper? A collection of nibbles will give him lots to sample and enjoy. These are our recommendations.

Chocolate and beer

How can you go wrong with quality chocolate and perfectly crafted beer?

Treat him to a couple of bottles of our cacao-infused beers. While our Cocoa Blonde is a fruity West Indies pale ale with a malty edge, our award-winning Cocoa Beer is a dark, not-too-sweet, porter-style ale. Both carry subtle undertones of chocolate and are blissfully refreshing on a warm June day.

Recommending just a few chocolates is always difficult for us. We have a huge selection and our chocolatiers have poured their hearts into each and every creation.

To give dad a taste of some of our most-loved treats, we’ve created our Father’s Day Sleekster — a chocolate box containing 27 utterly delectable chocolates. He’ll open the lid to discover Caramel Cheesecakes, Champagne Truffles, Neapolitan Macarons, and more. If you’re looking for a smaller chocolate box that you can pop in the post, our Father’s Day H-Box still contains 14 iconic chocolate recipes (including a mix of different chocolate grades and exciting flavours).

Inspired by this beer and chocolate combination but need a quick and easy option? We’ve compiled some fabulous gifts for you in our Jolly Good Fellow Collection, which includes our Cocoa Beer, our Beer Collection chocolates, milk chocolate macadamia nuts, and our favourite chocolate gift — our iconic Old Fossil.

Pint of beer

Savoury snacks

In our opinion, the best foodie hampers contain a mix of sweet and savoury items. For the savoury side, consider buying him some of his favourite pantry items, like fine Italian pasta, scrumptious spreads and tapenades, and artisan crackers. To make your hamper stand out from his usual food shop, look for ‘fancier versions’ of snacks you know he adores.

Perfectly packed hampers from Hotel Chocolat

If you don’t have time to curate your own selection, just take a look at our chocolate hampers. We’ve done the hard work for you, carefully selecting some of our favourite chocolates, tipples, and cacao-infused goodies.

While our Chocolate & Fizz Collection will get Father’s Day going with a pop of boutique prosecco, our Large Chocolate Hamper goes all-out with our most celebrated chocolate recipes. Both are sure to go down a treat.

However you decide to treat the father figure in your life this June 19th, we hope you have a wonderful day!