How can I host the best BBQ?

14 May 2020

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A summer party wouldn’t be complete without a BBQ taking centre stage – but how do you host the best BBQ party?

There’s nothing better than hearing the sizzle of a BBQ against the backdrop of clinking glasses on a hot, summer’s day. As the days become longer and warmer, hosting a BBQ summer party seems like an inevitability.

The summer season is certainly something we look forward to, and hosting a BBQ is all part of the fun. However, with so many BBQ gatherings occurring, you might feel slightly panicked about hosting your own – we’ve taken a look at some of the ways you can host the best BBQ, without feeling the heat of party planning.

Don’t overcomplicate things

If you’re a foodie fanatic, you might be tempted to dive into recipes for colourful salads, or intricate condiments. If you have the time to prep this beforehand then feel free to get your chef skills on – the day before is a great time to make any sides you want to serve, although don’t put the dressing on your salad until just before it’s time to eat.

However, if you’re pushed for time don’t try to attempt whipping up numerous culinary creations on the day of the BBQ – it’s a summer party, so you want to enjoy yourself as much as your guests.

The simple stuff works just as well as fancier foods: have enough burgers and sausages (or vegetarian and vegan alternatives) at the ready, so guests can simply help themselves once everything is cooked. Remember, the best BBQ parties have a fun, laid back vibe: your guests won’t want to see you rushing about, trying to perfect your French dressing for a salade niçoise.

Keep your guests topped up

No adult summer party would be complete without booze! If you’re hosting a family-friendly summer party then why not create punch bowls? Whilst they’ll need to be kept away from children, it means your guests can help themselves to a little tipple without worrying about going too far.

The best summer drink should be refreshing and thirst-quenching, although it doesn’t need to be incredibly complex to produce. Why not make a few G&T jugs to serve to guests alongside the BBQ? Our Cocoa Gin takes a delicious spin on this classic beverage, infused with cocoa, juniper, and orange for a malty, yet fragrant flavour.

If you’re looking for a drink to serve alongside your BBQ meal, a few bottles of our Cocoa Beer are great to sip on in the sun. Or, if your BBQ is particularly heavy on red meat, our Vintage Red Wine compliments the smoky flavours of a BBQ beautifully.

Make sure there’s room for dessert

The best BBQ is the type which isn’t stingy on food. Whilst you want your guests to be satisfied with their BBQ, you want to leave a bit of room for dessert. One of the things we love about BBQs is the sharing element, so why stop at the main meal? A chocolate fondue is a great way to bond over fantastic food; our Chocolate Dipping Adventure lets your guests dip into not one, but four different types of chocolate, and the selection of dippers save you the hassle of chopping up fruits to dip in.

If your guests really are stuffed to the brim, don’t feel as if you have to push a dessert on them. However, you might want to have a chocolate box at the ready if a few of your guests think they can squeeze in a few more bites – after all, the best BBQ summer parties always leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth.

The one key thing to take away from this blog is, this summer season, let yourself have fun at your summer party BBQ! The best BBQs might have good food, but they have even better company.