Compostable Café Cups


Our café cups are now fully compostable. From April 2018 our café cups have been made with corn starch liner. 100% compostable, 100% sustainable..


Wrap your hands around our Hot Chocolat, coffee or tea warmed by the thought your cup is made with 100% compostable material and is 100% sustainable. So when it’s gone, it’s gone for good.


How are our new takeaway cups better for the environment?


  • Lined with natural corn starch, not plastic. Cup and lid.

  • Compostable and sustainable


Once we realised that paper ‘take out’ cups were nearly impossible to recycle due to the polyethylene liner, we started work to find a better solution. Pleased to say that, after months of research, we were one of the first in the cafe sector to roll out compostable cups and lids.


What happens to them when you throw them away?


  • They can be composted using industrial composters

  • If thrown into landfills, they will compost down

  • If burnt in an incinerator, they will not give off noxious gasses, as plastic lined cups do

  • They are made with renewable natural products and so are sustainable


An all-round better solution to protect our environment


It’s not just our cups that we relooked at the packaging of in our cafes, we also changed the packaging of our brownies so now:

  • We are reducing food waste by protecting the product to the point of consumption. Squashed brownies are unsaleable and can end up in the bin, this is the worst option.

  • We opted for a clear, cleanable, recyclable plastic that is made with an element of recycled material in it.

  • Although we are using more plastic, it can now be recycled.

  • The packaging is made from 72% recyclable material and is 100% recyclable.


35p back if you bring your own


35p off your drink if you bring your own cup. Although our cups are 100% compostable we’re committed to reduce as well as recycle. So if you bring in your own reusable cup to drink from rather than our takeaway cup we’ll take 35p off your drink every time.


Vegan Options


Free from dairy at no extra charge. Unlike other cafés, we’ll top you up with plant based milk at no extra charge.

With a choice of seven Hot Chocolat’s we can make vegan, you might have trouble deciding on just one. Our vegan friendly Hot Chocolat’s are below, just ask for plant milk.


  • 70% Dark

  • 85% Dark

  • 100% Dark

  • Hazelnut

  • Chilli

  • Mint

  • Coffee Chocolat Latte


You can also get our coffees and teas vegan friendly.

Pair any of our drinks with our vegan friendly café snacks including our Lemon almond polenta, Mayan Warrior granola and dark chocolate for coffee batons.