What’s the best chocolate gift for party bags?

16 May 2023

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Tie any occasion together with these luxurious chocolate favours for your party bags

Wondering which chocolates make the best fillings for party bags?

Throwing a party is the perfect opportunity to show off your hosting skills. While we’re sure you have your party planning in hand, have you thought about going the extra mile to truly impress your guests both during and after your event?

Putting together a party bag for your guests to take home is the guaranteed way to do so. Both a fun party favour and a memorable token of your event, a party bag is the best way to ensure that your guests walk away smiling. Particularly when it contains high-quality chocolate. We like to think we know a thing or two about crowd-pleasing, cacao-rich gifts at Hotel Chocolat. From birthday celebrations and anniversary soirees to children’s parties, here are some of our favourite chocolate gifts that are perfect for elevating your party bags.

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What are the best gifts for party bags?

When it comes to putting together the perfect party bag, it’s important to opt for crowd-pleasing gifts.

Party bags tend to be small — just big enough to hold a couple of petite treats and that all-important slice of cake. So you generally want your party bag fillers to be petite — nobody wants to lug home a heavy satchel of favours.

Do you remember the party favours from your childhood? Chances are, you had small plastic toys, packs of sugary sweets, and maybe a bit of stationery. However, while cheap plastic toys and mementoes are common party bag fillers, the reality is that they’ll most likely end up as car-floor clutter. Or worse, in the bin.

Instead, a luxurious chocolate treat makes for a great, eco-friendly alternative to pop in any party favour bag. With an endless array of flavours, shapes, sizes and assortments, chocolate is also a versatile choice for any occasion. It certainly won’t go to waste.

What’s more, chocolate makes an ideal party bag component for any age. As you’ll see, opting for chocolate with a high cacao content will please kids and adults alike.

What type of chocolate is best for children’s party bags?

There’s no better feeling as a child than the excitement of rummaging through a party bag to find your favourite sweets and chocolate. But while there’s no doubt that sweet treats are a party bag staple, they’re also packed with sugar and artificial flavours, AKA the recipe for every parent’s worst nightmare — the sugar rush.

Luckily, at Hotel Chocolat, our “More Cacao, Less Sugar” mantra makes our chocolate a more appropriate choice. We boast a wide range of chocolate for children, all made with a high cacao content.

With these treats, your child’s party bag is certain to be the talk of the town. Satisfying yet small enough to fit in a party bag, our children’s chocolate nibbles can be mixed and matched to suit your event.

We recommend opting for mellow milk chocolate or creamy white chocolate for the little ones. While we adore the nuanced notes of dark chocolate, it can be a little bitter for young tastebuds

Why not take a look at a few of our favourite chocolate treats for children’s party bags?

Smile Milk Chocolate Lolly

Share the celebration with our Smile Milk Chocolate Lolly. Individually wrapped, this friendly face makes for the perfect treat-sized chocolate for party bags. As an added bonus, the stick limits the amount of melted-chocolate mess small hands can create.

Chocolate Dapper Dogs

Our Dozen Chocolate Dapper Dogs make great companions for slightly bigger party bags. Made with our irresistible 40% milk chocolate, along with smooth white and rich dark chocolate detailing, these friendly pups are certain to prove a hit.

Summer Tiddly Pot

If you’re looking for a chocolatey treat that won’t disappear in one go, then our Summer Tiddly Pot is the ultimate snack. Our ladybird-print pot, packed with our 40% milk chocolate drops, is a treat ready to be enjoyed by all.

Children's party

Chocolate gifts for adult party bags

While you may think otherwise, at Hotel Chocolat we believe that party bags are not only for children, but for adults too. After all, what spreads more joy than a small, sophisticated treat?

Putting together an adult party bag is the perfect way to thank your guests for their presence at your celebration. Additionally — and particularly at an engagement party or baby shower — party favours can be an incredibly special and personal way to express your appreciation for loved ones.

A chocolate treat, as previously mentioned, is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser fit for any occasion. With that being said, here are some of our favourite options for your adult party bags.

Happy Birthday Chocolate Slab

If you’re celebrating a birthday, why not share the celebration with our Happy Birthday Chocolate Grand Slab? Made from our 40% milk chocolate, this classic is a certain showstopper.


Seeking a truly sophisticated touch? Then treat your guests to a taste of Parisian patisserie with our range of chocolate macarons. From Caramel Cheesecake to Raspberry, we’re sure to have the flavour just for you. These make elegant party favours for bridal showers, wedding receptions, and even office parties.

Small chocolate packs

Our Small Chocolate packs and Chocolate Selectors make versatile chocolate favours for party bags. Here, you’ll find our huge range of familiar favourites neatly packed into a treat-sized box. If you know what flavours your guests enjoy best — Strawberry Cheescake or Mint Royale, perhaps — you can tailor each party bag to their preferences. Alternatively, our Milk Chocolate Collection will give them three varieties to try.

Vegan chocolate

It’s always a good idea to have a few vegan-friendly treats on hand to save your plant-based friends from disappointment. Browse our Vegan* Chocolate range for inspiration.

*Please note: We believe our dark and Nutmilk chocolate is suitable for vegans. However, as it is made in the same environment as our milk chocolate, we cannot guarantee it is free from milk.

Alternative favours for adult party bags

As hard as it is to believe, chocolate isn’t always for everyone. But worry not, if you’re seeking an alternative to chocolate, or are celebrating a particularly special occasion, then we’ve got some options for your adult party bag — all with a cacao edge, of course.

A luxury tipple offers an excellent opportunity for guests to toast and celebrate. Our alcohol miniatures are perfect for this task and are available both individually or in a three-bottle set.

Try our Mango and Passionfruit Gin Liqueur — an excellent fit for any summer event. Or if you’re seeking something with a malted, toasty edge, then our Salted Caramel Cacao Vodka is the pick for you.

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Put together a party bag with Hotel Chocolat

When you plan your next party or event, why not go the extra mile for your guests by gifting them a small party favour to take away from the celebration? Browse our chocolate for party bags today and share the joy of the finest chocolate made with ethically sourced cacao.