6 Velvetised Cream Products We Can’t Get Enough Of

8 Nov 2023

Alcohol Velvetiser Recipes

Kick off the autumn season by learning about our deliciously rich Velvetised Creams — chocolate liquor that’s the perfect alcoholic tipple with a touch of rich, chocolatey goodness.

As the leaves turn golden and the air grows crisp, the turn of the season signals a time of hygge-like indulgence. In the spirit of this beautiful (and much chillier) season, we have an offering of chocolate liquor for our guests. Add a luxurious twist to your autumnal evenings with Hotel Chocolat’s Velvetised Creams

These rich, chocolate-infused alcoholic delights are not just drinks; they blend the warmth of premium spirits with the decadence of the finest chocolate. Ideal for those see-your-breath-in-the-air evenings, these Velvetised Creams promise to elevate your seasonal celebrations with a unique blend of flavours.

Hotel Chocolat Velvetised Cream

What is a Velvetised Cream?

We’re so glad you asked! If you’re an esteemed guest, then you’ll know what Velvetised Cream is. It’s a harmonious blend of creamy liquor and high quality chocolate. Unlike traditional cream-based liqueurs you may find around this time of year, Velvetised Creams boast a texture that is both velvety and luxurious, offering an entirely unique tasting experience.

If you’ve heard of The Velvetiser then you’ll already be aware that the process of velvetisation ensures a perfect balance between flavours and textures. In the case of Velvetised Cream, the balance is between the warming boldness of alcohol and the sweetness of chocolate. This creates a drink that is both indulgent and sophisticated for those chilly evenings indoors.

Our Velvetised Creams

With a love for opulent cocktails and high-quality cacao, it only makes sense for us to offer Velvetised Creams in our range of chocolate products. They’re perfect for gifting, celebrating, or adding to your hot chocolate for an indulgent taste experience.

Thanks to our revolutionary Velvetiser technology, we’ve managed to take chocolate liquor, and capture an authentic silky texture like no other. This is a key component to the ideal cosy beverage. Although we’re confident in our chocolatiers’ ability to find the perfect balance of flavours, we still put our creations through a vigorous four-step tasting process. This is to make sure we’ve achieved a harmonious marriage of both tastes and textures for you to enjoy. Why not try it out for yourself?

Mint Chocolate Velvetised Cream

We like to think of our Mint Chocolate Velvetised Cream as a refreshing twist on two classic flavours. The Mint Chocolate Velvetised Cream is a testament to the art of flavour fusion — something that we’re always experimenting with in our kitchens.

For instance, after spending two years perfecting our original Velvetised Chocolate Cream, Chef David Demaison turned his hand to creating the ultimate mint cream tipple. He created an after-dinner mint and drinkable digestif, all in one.

After taking our Mint Chocolate Royale Selector and Super Thin Dark Chocolate Mint Truffles as the flavour benchmarks, David experimented with various fresh and fragrant mint oils. He discovered the ideal blend of cooling peppermint, warming vodka, real cream and 70% dark chocolate.

By combining the freshness of mint with the richness of chocolate, this cream offers a palate-pleasing contrast. The mint adds a cool, refreshing note, making it a perfect choice for those who enjoy a hint of zest in their drinks. 

The Velvetised Chocolate Tasting Experience Gift Set

For the true connoisseur looking to embark on a sensory journey, we’d recommend The Velvetised Chocolate Tasting Experience Gift Set. This carefully curated set includes two of our most popular Velvetised Cream flavours – Chocolate and Espresso Martini – alongside some Caramel Chocolate Baton nibbles. The result? An array of flavours to explore and enjoy. It’s also worth mentioning that this gift set comes with your very own Hotel Chocolat coupe glass, which adds an extra sense of luxury to the whole experience.

If you fancy a cacao kick, pour your 50ml Velvetised Chocolate Cream into your new glass, sip, and let your troubles melt away. Each irresistible mouthful brings together subtly sweet cream and warming vodka, brimming with nuanced notes of cacao. A splash over ice offers a well-rounded drinking experience with all the richness of our signature chocolate.

Fancy something a bit punchier? Try your provided 50 ml Espresso Martini Velvetised Cream. This Hotel Chocolat take on an espresso martini is a love letter to three of our favourite things: chocolate, coffee, and top-quality spirits. Our creamy white chocolate holds its own against aromatic coffee notes, underpinned by a balancing measure of vodka. What’s not to love?

Chocolate Velvetised Cream

The Chocolate Velvetised Cream has a fond place in our hearts at Hotel Chocolat. It is one of our classic recipes, one that epitomises the luxurious merger of premium spirits and the finest cacao. It’s the first flavour that we released out of our selection of Velvetised Creams.

Most importantly for our guests, it’s a chance for you to experience indulgence in every sip. Its rich, chocolatey notes are perfectly balanced, ensuring a smooth, creamy finish that lingers on the palate.

We like to see the Chocolate Velvetised Cream as a tribute to the pure, intense flavours of cacao. It’s a staple for any chocolate aficionado. For an exquisite pairing, we recommend that you enjoy it alongside our Signature Chocolate Collection, where you can let flavour blend with irresistibly silky textures.

Salted Caramel Velvetised Cream

With the perfect harmony of sweet and salty, the Salted Caramel Velvetised Cream has a delightful blend of sweet caramel notes and a hint of sea salt. This creates a tantalising balance that is both sophisticated and irresistibly indulgent. 

The secret behind this recipe? We took our salted caramel chocolate and velvetised it with vodka and cream. Although our creamy drink is bold in flavour, we never use anything artificial in our recipes. To flavour this tipple, we used our very own salted caramel chocolate to give it a decadent flavour profile.

This cream is a true celebration of contrasting flavours, making it a unique addition to any collection. If you love the flavour of caramel as much as we do, we suggest that you pair your beverage with the Milk to Caramel Sleekster for an amplified caramel experience. After all, there’s no such thing as too much caramel.

Espresso Martini Velvetised Cream

The Espresso Martini Velvetised Cream holds a bold fusion of robust espresso and the smooth richness of chocolate cream. We think it’s the best way to awaken your senses. 

We wanted our own revolutionary espresso martini, strong in those punchy coffee notes, yet mellowed with the creaminess of chocolate. The result? We settled on white chocolate for this alcoholic treat. Satisfyingly smooth and with a fragrant, subtly sweet finish, we like the fact that our white chocolate can hold its own against aromatic coffee notes and warming, boozy undertones.

This combination results in a drink that is both invigorating and luxurious, perfect for party guests seeking a sophisticated yet comforting beverage. Enhance the experience with the help of our Caffe Latte Selector, where the notes of coffee in the chocolate align beautifully with the cream. Cheers to that!

The Tipples and Treats Gift Set

While we offer an array of chocolate gift sets, we also offer the perfect gift set for those looking to explore the diverse world of Velvetised Creams and complementing flavours. Enter the Tipples and Treats collection…

An indulgent collection of Chocolate Velvetised Cream, paired with light-as-air macarons — the perfect combination of textures and flavours. Every commencing sip and bite will complement the deep cacao notes within the Chocolate Velvetised Cream.

In fact, our macarons have been inspired by authentic French patisserie, and our chocolatiers have taken the essence of the classic confection and given it an innovative chocolate makeover. You will find a light-as-air hazelnut whip delicately sandwiched between two solid milk chocolate discs. The result? A heavenly blend of textures and melt-in-the-mouth satisfaction.

When to Enjoy a Velvetised Cream

It’s easy to think of Velvetised Cream as a luxurious beverage. After all, that’s exactly what it is. But it’s important to remember that Velvetised Cream is an experience. It’s best savoured during special moments with loved ones, or in moments where you need a mindful moment to yourself. 

A quiet evening by the fireplace, a gathering with close friends, or as an after-dinner treat — these creams have the ability to add something special to any occasion. They’re also a delightful addition for elevating weekend brunches or for adding sophistication to an afternoon tea.

Velvetised Cream Cocktail Ideas

Do you fancy yourself to be an at-home mixologist? Or maybe you’ve tried a few recipes in the past but not found one you truly enjoy. In that case, you could try a few of these innovative Velvetised Cream cocktail ideas with a touch of healthy experimentation.

You see, the versatility of our Velvetised Creams allows for a wide range of tipples, textures and flavours for you to enjoy and experience. So why not experiment by blending them with other spirits or ingredients to craft unique drinks? 

For instance, mixing the Mint Chocolate Velvetised Cream with a splash of gin creates a refreshing and invigorating cocktail, perfect for a summer evening. Alternatively, the Salted Caramel Velvetised Cream can be combined with rum for a decadent and warming winter drink. These creams offer endless possibilities, so you can become an expert mixologist in your own home.

Chocolate espresso martini ingredients
Source: Instagram, @chefwebb1

Kick off the Festive Season with Hotel Chocolat

As the festive season approaches, our Velvetised Creams to stand out as the perfect addition to your celebrations. These creams, with their rich flavours and velvety textures, are more than just drinks, but a symbol of indulgence and sophistication. 

Explore our exquisite Velvetised Creams range and find your favourites. Perfect as a treat for yourself, or as a thoughtful gift for a loved one. Each sip promises a journey through the best of chocolate and liquor, crafted to perfection by our Cacao Innovation Team.