How to make delicious chocolate alcoholic drinks

9 Jul 2021

Food + Drink

Make your own heavenly chocolate alcoholic drinks at home in a matter of minutes. Who says the perfect beverage doesn’t exist?

Chocolate and alcohol. A certified match made in heaven. We revere chocolate as the food of the Gods and, when combined with the warming hit of alcohol, there’s nothing quite like it. The best chocolate alcoholic drinks should be high in cacao, but never sickly.

We serve an array of chocolate-fuelled cocktails at our very own Rabot 1745 restaurant. But if you fancy recreating these delights at home, our Chocolate Tipples partner premium spirits with mellow chocolate for undeniably moreish results. And when paired with The Velvetiser, our tipples go down even more smoothly….

White chocolate alcoholic drinks

Why The Velvetiser?

Hot chocolate-lovers might be familiar with The Velvetiser. We use it to make the perfect hot chocolate. It mixes your drinking chocolate and heats it to the just-right temperature for the creamiest results. It’s also ideal for avid coffee drinkers when paired with our latte sachets. But why use it to make your cocktails? 

The freedom to be creative in the kitchen is essential. With the Velvetiser you can shake up a rich and indulgent cocktail with a few cupboard ingredients. Make your very own chocolate alcoholic drinks in a matter of minutes.

White Chocolate Martini Recipe

Velvetised, not stirred. Our White Chocolate Martini recipe tempers the natural sweetness of white chocolate with a vibrant mix of triple sec and vodka. Combine a sachet of our Vanilla White Hot Chocolate with milk and velvetise. Mix with the spirits in a cocktail shaker alongside ice and shake.

White chocolate is a light, subtle ingredient that pairs effortlessly with fiery spirits. Once velvetised, it takes on an even lighter finish, resulting in a creamy, slightly frothy drink. Serve this cocktail after dinner for an indulgent dessert that doesn’t take all afternoon to make.

Salted Caramel Chocolat Cocktail Recipe

Sumptuous, decadent salted caramel, made more moreish with the mellow melt of chocolate. This Salted Caramel Chocolat Cocktail isn’t as strong as our White Chocolate Martini, making it the perfect tipple for when you don’t want anything too fiery.

Velvetise our 70% Classic Hot Chocolate with a dash of Salted Caramel Liqueur for a sinfully rich result. The perfect balance of depth and sweetness. This liqueur has been infused with cacao for a malty, toasted backdrop. When combined with deep, intricate notes of dark chocolate it takes on a new form. Garnish with a segment of orange for a subtle citrus aftertaste. Sip on this cocktail in the sun, or celebrate with a tipsy chocolate drink for dessert.

Velvetised Cream Eggnog Recipe

Cosy and comforting. We think that eggnog shouldn’t be confined to the festive month only. Add free-range egg yolks to a mix of milk and sugar. Velvetise for a gloriously silky, thick sweet cream, ready to be poured into your favourite mug over a mix of rum and Velvetised Chocolate Cream. Best served piping hot.

Snuggle down on cooler evenings with a mug of eggnog. Although this drink is for adults-only, don’t let the little ones miss out. Remember, the Velvetiser magics up hot chocolate in a matter of minutes, meaning you can satisfy their cravings for cacao too. 

Velvetised eggnog

What if I don’t own the Velvetiser?

Don’t worry if you don’t own a Velvetiser.  We’ve bottled a few of our own velvetised tipples so that you can still shake up perfect chocolate alcoholic drinks. 

Chocolat Martini Recipe

The darker alternative to its white chocolate cousin. This martini pairs deep cocoa notes with the oaky tint of golden rum for a gloriously opulent cocktail. Shake up our Chocolate Velvetised Cream with golden rum and ice for a high cocoa cocktail. Garnish with flakes of grated 70% Dark Chocolate.

Perfect for when you want something quick to whip up. Your dream cocktail doesn’t have to take time to make. Whilst our Chocolat Martini Recipe might be simple, it boasts intricate cocoa notes, lifted with the welcome buzz of rum.

Vegan 100% Dark Soother Cocktail Recipe

Chocolate alcoholic drinks should be enjoyed by everyone. Our vegan 100% Dark Soother Cocktail Recipe skips dairy without compromising on taste. Opulent dark chocolate, salted caramel tangs and fragrant triple sec combine with chocolate bitters and coconut milk for a ridiculously smooth cocktail. Garnish with an orange twist and cocoa nibs; touch of orange lifts this cocktail further.

Espresso Charger Recipe

Boost your evening with a chocolate-and-coffee fuelled energiser. Tequila pairs with our award-winning Espresso Martini Chocolate Cream and an espresso shot. If you need a little help finding that extra-dancing energy then this is the perfect chocolate alcoholic drink to mix up.

Chocolate and coffee is an undeniably moreish combination. Lift these flavours further with an enlivening shot of tequila. We like to serve this cocktail a little bit like an Irish coffee, reversed. Once you’ve stirred your sugar, water and tequila into a chilled glass and added coffee, slowly pour your Espresso Chocolate Cream slowly over a spoon to create a sophisticated and impressive layered look.

Coffee and chocolate alcoholic drinks

Cacao Breakfast Martini Cocktail Recipe

Compared to our other recipes, this cocktail is a little lighter on the chocolate. However, cacao makes its way in with our Cacao Gin, infused with cacao nibs and shells for a nutty, toasted backdrop. Our Cocoa Breakfast Martini Cocktail Recipe is delightfully refreshing and uplifting. Improve brunch with friends by serving a glass or two of this fragrant, fruity mix.

And to garnish?

You might be tempted to take a big sip of your cocktail as soon as it’s poured into the glass. However, adding a garnish adds a final flourish to your tipple, as well as taste. Cocoa nibs add a wonderful nutty, malty edge that works well with darker, stronger drinks. A dusting of Cocoa Powder can add a deeper flavour dimension to creamier drinks.

Fruity garnishes also play their part in completing the perfect chocolate alcoholic drinks. Pieces of dehydrated raspberry can bring out the subtle red berry notes of a dark chocolate cocktail. And orange peel can leave a refreshing fragrance that cleanses the palette.

To gather some more cacao-fuelled inspiration, browse our recipe page. Or, to impress friends and family, why not brush up on your drinks-based trivia with our cocktail facts. Sound and look like a professional mixologist so that you can enjoy the bar from the comfort of home.