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Thank you for considering our Chocolate Bond No.2 for your investment plans.

Chocolate Bonds No. 2

Update 23/06/2014

Successful applicants whose application was received on or before June 9th will receive their Bond Certificates by Friday 11th July, those received thereafter and on or prior to June 23rd will receive their Bond Certificates by Friday 25th July.

All Bondholders of The Tasting Club Bond will commence receiving their free Tasting Club Boxes at their first schedule date from August 1st.

All Bondholders of The Hotel Chocolat Bond will receive their Hotel Chocolat Card on or before October 31st.

All enquiries about the delivery of the Bond Certificates should be made to Neville Registrars.

All enquiries about receipt of free Tasting Club boxes or Hotel Chocolat Cards should be made to:
Hotel Chocolat Limited / The Chocolate Tasting Club plc, Mint House, Royston SG8 5HL.
Telephone 03444 93 39 33


Following the success of the UK’s first ever Chocolate Bond launched by Hotel Chocolat in 2010, the company has now announced plans to raise up to a further £10million in development funds through “Chocolate Bonds No. 2”. The Bonds will be available to Hotel Chocolat customers and private retail investors.

In the two years since Hotel Chocolat’s original Bondholders have been free to redeem their bonds, over 93% have chosen to rollover their investment and are still enjoying their returns. In response to this continued demand, “Chocolate Bonds No. 2” has been designed to extend participation to as many Hotel Chocolat customers as possible. Two types of bond will be available, the details of which are outlined below:

1) The Hotel Chocolat Bond
- Members and customers can invest in multiples of £1,000 up to a maximum of £50,000 for a gross annual return of 7.25%
- The return will be paid in the form of a Hotel Chocolat Card that can be used to pay for products at Hotel Chocolat shops, Cocoa Bar-Cafes and restaurants across the UK as well as online. The Cards can also be used at Hotel Chocolat’s Boucan restaurant and hotel in Saint Lucia
- After three years the Bonds can be redeemed in full or re-invested annually

2) The Tasting Club Bond
- Tasting Club Members can invest either £2,500 or £5,000 for a gross annual return of 7.33%
- The return will be paid in the form of monthly chocolate box selections
- After three years the Bonds can be redeemed in full or re-invested annually

Development funds raised will be used to increase employment in Hotel Chocolat’s expanding chocolate manufacturing capabilities, grow its portfolio of Cocoa Bar-Cafes, chocolate boutiques and flagship sites with restaurants across the UK, to fund international expansion and further invest in the development of Rabot Estate, the Company’s cocoa plantation in Saint Lucia.

Prospective investors may download a copy of the Bond Invitation Document and application form from the website at: