Chilled Red Velvet Cocktail recipe from @eatnlondon

6 Aug 2021

Velvetiser Recipes

When cake and cocktails combine… @eatnlondon has a very special Velvetiser recipe for you. It’s a guaranteed winner!

At Hotel Chocolat, we love cake, especially a classic red velvet. We also love chilled chocolate beverages to keep us cool and satiated in the hot weather. Who knew these worlds could be combined? Well, the talented @eatnlondon has come up with a creative Chilled Red Velvet Cocktail recipe using the one and only Velvetiser.

Making a Red Velvet Cocktail

Equipment you’ll need

  • The Velvetiser
  • A small bowl
  • A chilled glass
  • A creme brulee torch (optional)


  • 250ml cold milk of your choice
  • Hotel Chocolat White Chocolate Sachet
  • Red food colouring
  • Marshmallow fluff
  • Whipped cream
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Ice cubes


Step one: Place a dollop of marshmallow fluff in a small bowl and dip the rim of your glass in it until generously covered. Cover the glass rim with marshmallow fluff.

Step two: Pour half the cold milk into your glass with a few ice cubes.

Step three: Then pour the rest of the milk in the Velvetiser, making sure it covers the whisk.

Step four: After that, add your sachet of White Chocolat flakes into the Velvetiser, followed by a couple of drops of red food colouring.

Step five: Press the button and let the Velvetiser work its magic for 2.5 minutes.

Step six: In the meantime, you can use a creme brulee torch to gently heat the marshmallow fluff around the rim of your glass until it turns golden brown.

Step seven: Once that’s done, pour the delicious mixture into the glass and top with as much whipped cream and mini marshmallows as you fancy.

Delicious Red Velvet Cocktail
Source: Instagram, @eatnlondon

How to enjoy your Red Velvet Cocktail

This showstopping dessert in a cup is a great way to impress your friends — and all in the two-and-a-half minutes it takes for the Velvetiser to churn your ingredients into silky-smooth perfection!

Whether you’re hosting an afternoon tea with a chocolate twist or serving them at a summer barbecue, these Red Velvet Cocktail delights are sure to make an impression. Drink alongside your favourite nibbles or enjoy as a satisfying yet refreshing pudding.

And if white chocolate isn’t your thing? No problem, you could always adapt the recipe to include a sachet of cocoa-rich Milky 50% Hot Chocolate flakes for a deeper flavour. You may not get the same striking pink colour, but we can guarantee it will still taste just as delicious.

This is an alcohol-free recipe but if you fancy a dessert cocktail with a little more of a kick, you could add a glug of your favourite tipple. Perhaps a drizzle of Chocolat Cream Liqueur for even more indulgence. Why not mix and match with a classy White Chocolate Martini for a delightfully chocolate-fuelled cocktail gathering with friends?
However you decide to enjoy your Chilled Red Velvet Cocktail, let us know how you get on by tagging us (@hotelchocolat), and @eatnlondon, in your lovely pictures.