21 easy ways to surprise your partner on Valentine’s day

30 Nov 2020


Ignite a spark of excitement this Valentine’s day with a surprise that will take your partner’s breath away. Organise a romantic activity or find a fun, creative way to present your Valentines gifts.

How to surprise your boyfriend

1. Stargazing

What better way to rekindle the romance than under the sparkling open sky? Ideally, you want a spot with a clear view, away from light pollution. Take a blanket and get comfy!

Up to 5,000 stars can be seen by the naked eye, so you don’t need any special equipment, although handy stargazing apps can help you spot constellations. Stay warm and fuzzy with wine or a flask of velvety-smooth hot chocolate.

2. Create your own planetarium

If you can’t get out for stargazing, use a star projector to cast images of the galaxy onto your walls and ceiling instead. Turn off the lights, set up an ambient playlist to set the mood, and let the majesty of the universe envelop you both in the comfort of your own home! Why not build a fort to really cosy up?

3. Cocktail making

Gather ingredients and recipes for his favourite cocktails, grab a mixology kit, and have fun shaking the night away! For the quickest, smoothest Espresso Martini, try our sensational velvetised liqueur. Pair with a Large Chocolate Dipping Adventure for that extra layer of sensual decadence.

4. Learn together

If there’s an activity he’s always wanted to try, organise a workshop or class to do together. From pottery and painting to archery or even learning the exquisite art of chocolate making, a gift experience is a lovely way to spend quality time together.

5. Bar crawl

Who needs a lads’ night out? Enjoy a few drinks together as you take a tour of bars and pubs. Try out new places or reminisce by visiting old favourites that mean a lot to you both. You can surprise him with a thoughtful luxury gift along the way, too!

How to surprise your girlfriend

1. Recreate your first date

Whether it was an idyllic walk in the park or a pint down the local, take a trip down memory lane and reenact your first moments together. You could even try and recreate the outfits you both wore — she’s sure to be bowled over if you remember what she was wearing!

2. Breakfast in bed

Sometimes the little things mean the most. Branch out from the usual tea and toast and make breakfast in bed a real treat. Jazz it up with a rich, comforting hot chocolate or go all out with a Velvetiser, to keep the indulgence going every morning.

3. Update the classic mix-tape

Make a playlist of songs that she loves, songs that remind you of her, or songs that have a special meaning to you both. You could play the tracks over dinner, or sneakily upload them to her phone, so she has a surprise for her morning commute.

4. Give her a massage

Treat her to a pampering session with a full body massage. Enhance the mood with a sensual body lotion to smooth all over her, leaving her feeling blissfully nourished.

5. A trail of sweet nothings

From the bedroom to bathroom, leave romantic notes for your loved one to find. Write down things you love about her, find quotes and poems that echo your feelings, or even get a little bit flirty. Pop one in her coat pocket to brighten her morning as she reaches for her keys. You could even hide a note inside a delicious hamper or another special gift for her to find later on.

How to reveal a surprise trip

Build a sense of anticipation to make a surprise trip even more thrilling!

1. Use the five senses

Incorporate sight, smell, touch, taste and sound into your reveal, with five clues to your trip’s location. You could cook a meal specific to the destination, tantalising your partner’s taste buds and their imagination. If you’re going somewhere tropical, use beautiful scents. Our Honey and Fig Room Diffuser will transport your loved one to the heady paradise of St. Lucia!

2. Make your own scratch card

If you fancy getting crafty, a scratch card is a cute way to reveal a surprise trip. With card, paint, and a dash of creativity, you can make a fun scratchie themed for your trip. Write and cover the location and watch your loved one’s face light up as they reveal it!

3. Give them a travel guide book or novel set in the place you’ll be visiting

Ideal for bookworms. You can keep it simple with a guide book to your destined location, or be a little more cryptic with some Destination Literature. It’ll give your partner some good reading material for the journey, too!

4. Dress up as if you’re in your holiday spot

From cosy jumpers and ski goggles to represent the Alps, to a vibrant Hawaiin shirt and sunnies for a beach surprise, dressing up is always a fun way to reveal your trip.

5. Give them a map of the destination

Depending on how artistic you’re feeling, you can buy or print a map of the location, or draw one from scratch. For a personal touch, embellish it with icons or pictures of attractions your loved one might like to visit.

6. Take them straight there!

What’s more surprising than turning up at the airport with no clue where you’re going? Whether you’re planning a trip abroad or staying closer to home, give your SO a general idea of what to pack, then take them there without any other details.

How to surprise someone with tickets

Rather than just tucking them inside a card, find a creative way to surprise someone with tickets.

1. Scavenger hunt

Make your gift-giving into a fun game by setting up clues that lead your partner to the tickets. You could tailor the scavenger hunt to the theme of your tickets with riddles and pictures.

2. Use music

If your tickets are for a concert or gig, play them the artist and see if they get the hint! This is a nice way to surprise someone if you have digital tickets rather than physical printed ones.

3. Don’t say anything, but hide the tickets in plain sight

For an understated yet impactful reveal, place the tickets in an obvious but unexpected place — perhaps by the kettle or beside their toothbrush. Don’t say a word but listen out for the squeal of delight when your partner finds the surprise!

4. Pinata

For added silliness, fill a piñata with confetti, shredded tissue paper, and individually-wrapped sweets. Hide your tickets in there too. You could laminate them or put them in a little box to stop the paper getting too crumpled when your partner is let loose with a blindfold and piñata-buster!

5. Sneak them inside another gift

Present your loved one with another beautiful gift; they’ll be delighted when they unwrap a thoughtful box of luxury chocolates. And they’ll get even more of a buzz when they find exciting tickets nestled against the delicious treats!

Part of the fun of Valentine’s is the anticipation! Prepare a perfect day for your loved one and watch their face light up as they see the wonderful surprises and gifts you got them!