8 summer holiday activities to keep the kids occupied this August

6 Jul 2022


It’s time to make the most of the long sunny days with these fun summer holiday activities

Summer is the season for getting out there and having fun with the kids. If you’re lucky enough to get some time off to spend with your little ones this summer, we’re sure you’ll want to make the most of it. To give you some inspiration on making your holiday memorable, here are our top summer holiday activities. From baking sessions to chocolate workshops, there are plenty of good times to be had.

Child wearing a summer hat in a sunny meadow

Fun summer holiday activities

1. Baking session

Who doesn’t love a messy baking session? Get your bake on and let the kids unleash their creativity in the kitchen.

Choose a scrumptious recipe and get going. Try a sponge cake, gooey brownies, or something a little more technical for older children like these Chocolate Bakewell Tarts. Whichever recipe you choose, we recommend going for something chocolatey — though we may be a little biased!

It’s hard to add too much chocolate! So your baking is sure to taste great even if the kids go a little overboard.

Why not stock up on high-quality cooking chocolate? We think our cacao-rich, ethical chocolate work beautifully in all kinds of cakes, bakes, and desserts.

If you’re making a cake, browse our article on some different ways to use chocolate in your cake decoration.

Child decorating chocolate cookies with sprinkles

2. Children’s chocolate workshops

Looking for a culinary-themed activity that will also get the kids out of the house? Our hour-long Children’s Chocolate Workshops are a perfect excuse for a day out in Leeds or London.

These sessions are a fun way for children to learn about the history of cocoa beans and how they’re transformed into chocolate. After being welcomed with a soft drink, our friendly chocolatiers will share their chocolate-crafting and decorating insights. Then it’s over to the kids! They’ll have a go at making their own chocolates to take home.

These sessions are great for kids aged 5 – 13 who enjoy taking part in workshops with other children. It’s also an excellent choice for those who could benefit from a structured, sit-down activity.

3. Slumber night

In August, school’s out and not even on the horizon, meaning there’s not such a pressing need for early nights like in term-time. Why not seize the opportunity to host a slumber party for the kids?

This could be just you and your kids, or you could also let them invite some school friends if you’re feeling brave.

They’ll be able to watch films, tell spooky stories over mugs of hot chocolate, and indulge in some midnight snacks (just this once) — all rite of passage sleepover activities for older kids and teens.

You could even come up with a theme for the sleepover — they might want it to be a movie marathon or pamper party. Or, if they’re feeling outdoorsy, they could camp in the garden (and make chocolate s’mores)!

No sleepover is complete without some special-treat nibbles, so stock up on some kid-friendly chocolate. Our Ice Cream Swirls, Caramel Slabs, and Chocolate Lollies are sure to be a hit.

4. Garden party

If you’d rather host a kids’ party in the daytime, a garden party is a fabulous idea that provides everything kids love the most — space to run around, nooks and crannies where they can play games (like hide and seek or tag), and outdoor play equipment or nature to explore.

Let your kids host their own party with all their friends. They’ll love being involved in the planning and set-up. Alternatively, combine it with your own garden party or BBQ for your adult friends. For structured activity ideas, you could try seed planting, treasure hunts or den building.

Take a look at our articles on hosting the best BBQ, cacao BBQ recipes, and creating irresistible BBQ desserts to kick-start your planning.

5. Obstacle course

If your little ones are always running around, suggest channelling that energy into creating an obstacle course.

Whether you create one in the house using cushions and furniture or outdoors with skipping ropes and play equipment, the kids will love competing against each other to complete the course the fastest. You could even incorporate some chocolate prizes – a Tiddly Pot or Raspberry Ripple Little Dipper perhaps?

This is a particularly fun activity for siblings!

6. Countryside picnic

Head for the hills and make the most of the endless summer days with a countryside picnic. This is the perfect activity if you live near green space (even if you’re confined to the city centre) or one of the UK’s national parks. If your kids have boundless energy and are always excited to explore new places, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Just make sure you’re prepared for the weather (hopefully it’s sunny) and have plenty of food and drink. Walks can be tiring for everyone — but especially those with little legs!

Have a read of our article on the best picnic hamper ideas to enjoy alfresco. We recommend including some seasonal fruit and veg, quick and easy sandwiches, a few fancier deli items, and enough refreshing drinks to keep the family hydrated all day long.

The National Trust frequently hosts “seasonal adventures” and events for families. So look out for what’s on near you.

Mother and child in a park having a picnic

7. Foraging adventure

Have the kids ever experienced foraging? Lots of edible fruits and nuts are in season in August, so it’s the perfect month to go hunting for wild food. Depending on where you live, the kids will be able to pick their own blackberries, elderberries, crab apples, and even hazelnuts if you’re lucky.

If you’re new to foraging, this Woodland Trust guide to mid-summer foraging will help you out.

The best thing about foraging? By its nature, it’s completely free.

8. Hit the museums

If the countryside isn’t an option for you, perhaps you’re based in a town or city centre with plenty of museums, galleries, and other cultural centres to explore. Lots of venues put on special events for kids in the summer months, so keep your eyes peeled for child-friendly exhibitions or pop-up sessions near you.

This is a great option if your little one loves learning, or if you have older children who have specific interests in history, culture, or the arts.

Pack a bag of refreshments, a flask of coffee, and some nibbles. You and your kids will have a fabulous, carefree time exploring the best of what your city has to offer.

Enjoy your summer!

We hope you have lots of fun making memories together with these summer holiday activities. Hopefully, looking back at this summer will fill your kids with great nostalgia in the years to come.