6 delicious hamper ideas to enjoy alfresco this National Picnic Month

16 Jun 2022

Food + Drink Summer

Get ready to make the most of the glorious sunshine coming up in July with a delectable snack hamper — after all, it’s National Picnic Month!

Is there any month balmier than July? The days are long, summer flowers are in bloom, and the British countryside provides a rich green blanket that’s just perfect for picnicking. In fact, it’s so ideal that July is National Picnic Month!

To celebrate National Picnic Month this year, we’ve compiled a list of delicious hamper ideas to enjoy alfresco. Soak up this picnic inspiration, pack your bags, and head to the nearest field.

Two women enjoying a picnic in a field

Romantic picnic basket

If you’re hoping to whisk your loved one away on a one-on-one alfresco date this summer, why not curate a truly romantic picnic basket to share together?

Let’s face it, some items are just more suitable for a date than others! Leave the messy spaghetti and broccoli bake at home and consider these suggestions.

For your main course, whip up a few light and healthy tapas-style dishes. If you don’t know your date too well, this will give them a few different options to choose from. Simple with the option of adding flavour is best — think pitta bread, hummus, falafel, potato salad, fresh cherry tomatoes, and a fancy bag of crisps.

To drink, a flask of tea or coffee to share is a rather sweet and wholesome idea. If you’re drinking alcohol, surprise your date with everything you need to make summer-themed gin and tonics. Bring along some chopped fresh fruit, high-quality tonic water (preferably chilled in a cool bag), and our botanical-infused Cacao Gin. Alternatively, a bottle of boutique Prosecco requires no preparation — just a couple of (well-wrapped up) champagne flutes.

For dessert — pair fresh strawberries with our ice cream-inspired Summer Sundaes H-Box.

And for more inspiration, take a look at our blog post on romantic picnic ideas.

Kid-friendly picnic hamper

National Picnic Month is the perfect time to get the little ones out in the fresh air. If you have kids, you’ll have the joy of curating a picnic basket that also contains nibbles for the little ones.

If you’re straying far away for your picnic, there’s no nipping back home — so it’s best to play it safe! Pack their favourite lunchtime treats to keep them happy on your trip out. If they’re feeling adventurous and want to try some of your food, then that’s great.

Homemade granola bars, simple healthy sandwiches, fresh fruit, and yoghurt pots are great kid-approved picnic staples — but you’ll know their tastes the best! Bring lots of water or juice for your thirsty walkers and perhaps a scrumptious Summer Tiddly Pot (filled with milk chocolate drops) or Chocolate Lolly to keep them going.

Mother and child in a park having a picnic

Fancy deli picnic basket

It’s not every day that conditions are prime for a picnic here in the UK. If you want to make an occasion out of your alfresco dining, why not treat yourself (and your company) to a selection of the fanciest, most luxurious nibbles.

To find a wide array of high-quality, artisanal goods, we recommend heading to your local deli. There you’ll discover delectable spreads, wonderful cheeses, unusual jams, organic produce, and some scrumptious local recipes.

This is a great way to support a local business, too.

Pair your deli delights with your drink of choice. We think rich, beautifully-made food always tastes divine with a glass of Vintage Red Wine.

The ‘all about dessert’ hamper

Perhaps you’re going for a post-dinner stroll and want a picnic that’s all dessert. Now this is something we can certainly help with — we’ve been known to skip the savoury ourselves.

Save yourself the effort of packing your own dessert-filled basket and nab one of our specially-curated chocolate hampers

We recommend our Little Ray of Sunshine Hamper for picnics as it’s packed with our summer-exclusive best sellers. With Caramel and Brownie Batons, Raspberry Ripple Dippers, Strawberries and Cream Puddles, and more, it’s a perfect chocolate selection for sharing between friends.

For a dessert hamper that includes a dash of tipple, our Chocolate & Gin Gift Collection is a boozy, gin-themed selection that’s ideal for a date night under the stars. Or if you prefer your chocolate fondue-style, you’ll adore dunking nibbles into delectable chocolate pots with our Chocolate Dipping Adventure.

Vegan picnic hamper

It’s easy to make a vegan-friendly picnic, it just takes a little forward planning. Whether just one vegan will be joining you on your outing or all your pals are plant-based, it’s best to make sure the majority of your dishes are meat and dairy-free. Everyone can enjoy vegan options, so it just makes things a little easier.

Excellent meat-and-dairy-snacks include:

  • Vegetable sticks
  • Delicious dips
  • Freshly baked bread
  • Bean salad
  • Fresh fruit
  • Dairy-free crackers
  • Pasta or gnocchi bake
  • Cereal bars
  • Olives
  • Sundried tomatoes

For dessert, take a peek at our All Dark Vegan Chocolate Hamper. It’s brimming with luxuriously high-cacao, dairy-free recipes.

As for drink, lots of alcohol isn’t suitable for vegans, so make sure you take a good look at the label on your drink of choice. Our Classic Prosecco is a vegan-friendly bubbly. And our Cherry & Raspberry Gin Liqueur is a safe bet too, as is our original Cocoa Beer if your party would prefer some cool ales.

Picnic basket with a bottle of prosecco, beside strawberries and white roses

Seasonal picnic basket

National Picnic Month is all about enjoying the summer season, so why not fully commit to the theme by curating a seasonal picnic basket? It’s easier than you might think. July is a bumper month for fresh produce, so you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Blueberries, runner beans, radishes, globe artichokes, lettuce, new potatoes, carrots, and many more crops are all ready to harvest during mid-summer. See what local, seasonal produce your fruit and vegetable shop has in-stock, or create some picnic dishes from your own garden produce if you have some.

For dessert… Do seasonal chocolates count? We certainly think so. Take a peek at our innovative and indulgent summer-exclusive Ice Cream Swirls. They’re perfect for adding a sumptuous edge to your freshly picked apples, berries, and plums.

Happy National Picnic Month!

We hope you have a wonderful time enjoying the fresh air and some delicious nibbles. If you’ll be bringing our irresistible chocolates with you on your picnic, take a look at our blog on how to keep your chocolate cool for a summer picnic.