How to dazzle your friends with luxury hot chocolates and cocktails

21 Oct 2021

Hot Chocolate

Our limited edition Stellar White Velvetiser is the perfect gadget for creating smooth hot and cold drinks

Whether you need a creamy, comforting hot chocolate to help you wind down in the evening or fancy throwing a cocktail party that will leave your guests starry-eyed, you can do it all with the Stellar Velvetiser. Our limited edition white Velvetiser uses the patented technology you’ve come to know and love. All with a chic new look.

Escape the everyday and transcend your chocolate experience with luxurious cloud-like drinks — they’re just 2 ½ minutes away. Hot, over ice, with coffee, with a tipple… The options are endless! You can even whip up a delicious chocolate protein shake that’s both delicious and packed with the good stuff.

Stellar White Velvetiser and Pod Cups

Create the barista experience in the comfort of your own home

Whether you’re slowly sipping a latte to help you wake up in the morning or having a chat with friends over a mocha, why not make the moment extra special? Forget queuing in a busy coffee shop and enjoy barista-grade drinks in the comfort of your own kitchen. (Or bed, no judgement here!)

For heavenly drinking chocolate, all you need to do is place your chosen hot chocolate flakes (Orange Supermilk or Peanut Butter, anyone?) into the Velvetiser with some milk and push the button. Et, voila! Your irresistibly rich and creamy hot chocolate is ready to go.

Velvety coffee

And if you fancy something with a little more of a caffeine kick, you can use the Velvetiser to create luxurious coffees that will keep you going all day. Whether you’re studying, working from home or getting ready to go out, they offer the perfect pick-me-up. In a hurry in the morning? Why not set your Velvetiser going while you grab your keys and pour your drink into a keep-cup to sip on the go?

Steamed milk is a key element of barista-grade drinks. Usually created with a steaming wand, it can be tricky to get that perfect texture at home. The Velvetiser whips, froths, and heats milk until it’s the ideal temperature and foamy consistency for lattes, flat whites and mochas. So prepare your coffee shot, add your milk of choice — dairy, plant-based or water — push the silver, soft-touch button and let the Velvetiser do its thing.

You can try out different plant milks and hot chocolate blends to really make your drink your own. Need a bit of refreshment on a hot day? Simply pour over ice for a chilled ice coffee worthy of any speciality cafe.

Top tip: Want to keep your drink hotter for longer? Warm your favourite mug with boiling water before pouring your hot chocolate or coffee.

Two young women with lattes from the Velvetiser

Treat your friends to silky-smooth cocktails

Is there anything better than catching up with friends over a delicious cocktail? Whether you’re new to mixology or just fancy shaking things up with a luxurious twist, the Stellar Velvetiser can make the process quick, easy and effective. It might even save you some pennies, too!

From Scottish mixology’s Velvet Pistachio Cocktail to a Velvetised Chocolate Espresso Martini from Alex Webb, there are so many ways you can experiment with your cosmic cocktails.

One of our personal favourites is a White Chocolate Martini. Triple sec and vodka bring a warming tipsy tartness to temper the delicate sweetness of Vanilla White Hot Chocolate. Velvetise the hot chocolate with milk, blend with the spirits and pour over ice for an indulgent treat that’s sure to impress.

And if you’re looking for an alcohol-free option, there’s a whole galaxy of milkshakes and mocktails that could benefit from a spin in the Velvetiser, too. 

If you have a special occasion in mind, why not come up with a theme for your cocktail gathering? After all, who doesn’t enjoy the chance to make an effort and dress up? Originating in 1965, a White Russian Cocktail is ideal for a swinging sixties theme. Or you could make the festive season extra merry with a Velvetised version of a classic Eggnogg (and some jolly costumes).

What’s more, the Stellar White Velvetiser makes a real statement. Clean lines and a sleek aesthetic give it a modern appearance. And with its stylish white body and a dazzling silver handle that twinkles like the stars, it’s a kitchen centrepiece guests will adore.

Espresso martini close up

Explore the Velvetiser range

From quiet moments alone to gatherings with loved ones, a delicious beverage never goes amiss. Whether you enjoy a velvety hot chocolate, a punchy coffee or a sophisticated cocktail, we’d like to think our patented Velvetiser technology has the power to take your delightful drinks to the next level.

No matter how you like yours, there’s a whole universe of treats in the Velvetiser range. Keep it simple with our hot chocolate sachets. From creamy White Chocolate to vegan Nutmilk varieties, there’s something for everyone. And if you need a boost, you can pair the handy gadget with coffee pods (and the innovative Podcycler). Keep yourself topped up with caffeine in the most delectable way possible.

Or you can share the joy with others by whipping up unbelievably smooth cocktails that will blow their socks off.

Velvetiser. Say it. Taste it.