Velvetised Chocolate Espresso Martini recipe from Alex Webb

4 Aug 2021

Velvetiser Recipes

Ready for a caffeinated coffee cocktail with a cocoa twist? Alex Webb has the ultimate recipe!

We’ve teamed up with the wonderful Alex Webb (@chefwebb1) who has developed the perfect method for creating a delectably smooth Chocolate Espresso Martini using our favourite kitchen gadget: the Velvetiser.

Creamy liqueur, cacao-rich drinking chocolate and vibrant coffee come together to create an indulgent cocktail with just the right balance of sweetness and punch.

Chocolate espresso martini ingredients
Source: Instagram, @chefwebb1

Equipment you’ll need

  • The Velvetiser
  • A cocktail shaker
  • A chilled glass



Step one: Prepare 50ml of coffee with your brewing method of choice.

Step two: Pour all of your ingredients into the Velvetiser, press the button, and relax as the machine does its thing.

Step three: Once the Velvetiser has stirred your ingredients into a silky-smooth blend, pour the mixture into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well for a foamy texture.

Step four: Pour into your favourite cocktail glass.

Step five: Garnish with a sprinkle of Hotel Chocolat chocolate flakes, sip, and enjoy!

Velvetised chocolate espresso martini
Source: Instagram, @chefwebb1

How to make an espresso martini frothy

Just like a barista-grade espresso, an espresso martini is known for its distinctive crema — a layer of fine froth that adds texture and gives a beautiful colour contrast.

But how do you make sure your espresso martini has that delicious frothy element? Well, the Velvetiser will certainly give you a head start in that department. The way it churns the ingredients produces a delightfully cloud-like texture. Using high-quality espresso, as opposed to instant coffee, also helps.

Shaking is the real key, however. Shake, shake, shake with vigour! You want to ensure all the liquid becomes nicely chilled and the ice breaks into tiny pieces.

And of course, if you’d rather go for a booze-free option, you can always use your Velvetiser to whip up a luxury chocolate milkshake or iced latte.