Behind the scenes of the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser TV advert

15 Oct 2021

Hot Chocolate

Spotted our Velvetiser TV ad? Here’s an exclusive, behind-the-scenes insight into how we made it.

To Velvetise. A verb you can taste.

When it comes to making the perfect, irresistibly smooth hot chocolate, there’s nothing quite like the Velvetiser. But tasting is believing. And that’s why we worked with the talented team at Gravity Road to put this visual taster together — and we’re really rather proud of it. 

The Velvetiser advert set

The concept behind our Velvetiser TV advert

We may describe our velvetised hot chocolate as cloud-like and silky-smooth, but we know these written phrases don’t quite do it justice. We wanted to bring the Velvetiser to life, to evoke the sensation of holding a comforting cup of light-yet-indulgent hot chocolate in your hands and taking that first sumptuous sip…

But it’s not taste alone that puts the Velvetiser head and shoulders above all other hot chocolate machines. Elegant simplicity. That’s what we like to think we offer here at Hotel Chocolat. From the clean lines of our cocoa-pod inspired Sleekster packaging to the chic ribbons on our gift boxes. And the same goes for the Velvetiser. Compact and graceful, it’s no bigger than a kettle and sits stylishly on any countertop. Available in shimmering copper, sophisticated white, and distinguished charcoal, there’s one for every kitchen. And you’ll also receive two stunning Pod Cups with your Velvetiser: the perfect vessels to showcase its magic.

And it’s the Velvetiser magic we wanted to show you in our advert. That’s why we focused on the machine itself, with a close-up demonstration of its distinctive action. Watch as the Velvetiser warms, whips and spins the milk and hot chocolate flakes into an opulent drink. We challenge you not to lick your lips.

Of course, you could make a standard hot chocolate by mixing powder and milk and heating it. But you won’t get anything nearly so decadent and satisfying. And it doesn’t even take any longer. From mix to serve, the Velvetiser works in just 2.5 minutes, delivering the perfect cup at the push of a button.

To Velvetise: a verb you can taste

Smooth, frothy, creamy… None of these words quite capture just what the Velvetiser offers. Now, ‘Velvetise’, on the other hand, that’s a word you can feel. It eases off the tongue and brims with the promise of rich, velvety smoothness, conjuring a sense of indulgent wonderment. Words matter. But words are just the beginning of the journey.

Have you ever needed that special moment of ‘me-time’? Velvetising is so much more than a drink. It’s ceremonious in its preparation, stimulating the senses. The feel of the hot chocolate sachet, the aroma of the chocolate flakes inside, and the gentle flow of milk as it pours into the Velvetiser itself. There’s no need to worry about whirring or buzzing that disrupts the quiet. When you press the button, you’ll be soothed by the gentle swirling of the Velvetiser whisk as it works its magic. Then, you’ll be treated to an irresistible fragrance permeating your home as the Velvetiser heats your ingredients to the optimum temperature for drinking, unlocking the flavour in every sip.

Ever heard of ASMR? It’s the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. That’s the feeling of a tingle down your spine, a warm, effervescent sense of frisson. To envelop you in the Velvetiser experience, we created an ASMR soundscape for our advert that aims to convey the feeling and aroma of the swirling chocolate and bring the Velvetiser to life through sense-enlivening sounds: a tangible teaser. Tell us once you’ve seen it – did it do it for you?

The journey may end with the perfect hot chocolate, but it all begins with that one, enchanting verb: To Velvetise.

Where can you spot the TV advert?

Now you know more about the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser advert, you may be wondering where you can see it. We’re happy to announce that we have an exclusive partnership with Channel 4.

This means you can catch a glimpse of our luxurious Velvetiser during the breaks of your favourite All 4 shows, starting from Friday 15th October. We can’t wait for you to experience it. Want to see it again? You can find the advert on the Hotel Chocolat YouTube channel, too (or click on the video below!)

Step into the luxurious world of the Velvetiser

Whether you’ve seen the advert or you’re just keen to learn more about the Velvetiser, there’s a whole world ready and waiting for you to explore. From Milky 50% and dark Hazelnut Praline to Black Forest Gateau and Vanilla White Hot Chocolate, we have an array of hot chocolate varieties that make the perfect companions for your Velvetiser. Which will be your new favourite?

The Velvetiser delivers hot chocolate with a flavour, aroma and texture you can’t find anywhere else. But that’s not all. Pair a shot of refreshing espresso with velvetised milk for a barista-grade latte in the comfort of your own home. Or why not explore our collection of dreamy velvetised cocktail recipes, too? We can guarantee you haven’t tried anything quite like them.

It’s time to experience hot chocolate in a brand new way.

The Velvetiser. Say it. Taste it.

The Velvetiser and Pod Cup