How to boost employee morale with appreciation gifts

30 Nov 2020

Gift Ideas

Boost office morale with thank-you gifts for your employees

It’s been a hard year for workers. If your staff has been furloughed multiple times or been forced to work at home for months on end, you might find morale is a little low. Why not put a smile on their faces by giving them employee appreciation gifts that will make their day?

Why is it important to keep up employees morale?

The mood and attitude of your employees can make or break your business. That’s why it’s so important to keep up their morale. As well as making sure that everyone in your team is motivated, maintaining morale will ensure business is thriving.

Whether you’re selling cars or holidays, every part of your company will be more successful if everyone feels valued. Giving employee appreciation gifts is a lovely way to do this.

Token employee appreciation gifts

Maybe it’s been a manic week, maybe an employee has put in extra hours, or maybe someone has smashed their target. Whatever the reason, giving a small gift on these occasions will have a big impact on morale. It’ll also mean your employees will appreciate you more as an employer.

Chocolate batons

We believe that the best way to show your appreciation is with chocolate, the more indulgent the better. Our chocolate batons make fabulous employee appreciation gifts. They’re heavenly sticks of our signature velvety chocolate and have the power to make anyone feel valued. Featuring four delectable varieties – strawberry cheesecake, brownie, peanut butter, and orange – our Baton Collection is perfect for when you want to treat an individual or pass some treats around the office.

Chocolate gift sets

Is there one particular team member who has gone above and beyond? If you treat them to a chocolate gift, you’ll be guaranteed to make them feel appreciated. If your employee is partial to a biccy in the staff room, they’ll love our Biscuits and Hot Chocolate Collection. It features our delightfully dunkable chocolate pillow biscuits, our milky hot chocolate, our salted caramel hot chocolate, and our 40% milk chocolate batons, which are perfect for melting into chocolate. But we have plenty more goodies to choose from! Browse our full range of chocolate gift sets to find something perfect for your star employee. 

Voucher (for their favourite shop)

If you want to make a gesture but aren’t sure what your employee or employees would like, gift vouchers are perfect employee appreciation gifts. An effortless yet thoughtful token, it means they can buy something that they genuinely love. As long as it’s for the right place, a voucher is a gift that everyone will appreciate.

Everyone loves chocolate, so a Hotel Chocolat voucher is bound to hit the sweet spot with your recipients. With one of our gift cards, your employees are free to choose whatever works for them! They can buy anything in-store or online, enjoy drinks at our cafes, food at our restaurants, or buy chocolate tasting adventures and other exciting experiences at our School of Chocolate.

Giving a voucher doesn’t even mean missing out on the thrilling unwrapping experience. All our gift cards come presented in a charming ribboned bag that can contain a personalised message from you (their new favourite boss ever).

Luxury employee appreciation gifts

A luxury appreciation gift is perfect for when an employee has hit an impressive target or gone above and beyond for the company. It’s also a lovely idea to splash out on a luxury gift when an employee is celebrating a milestone birthday or something special, like a new baby or an engagement. This shows that you don’t just appreciate them as an employee but as a person.


A hamper is a classic luxury gift. It’s also the perfect employee appreciation gift for when you want to show someone how appreciated they are. We recommend the Everything Chocolate Gift Hamper when you want to shower the lucky recipient with countless chocolatey treats. From our dark chocolate fruit and nut slab to our billionaire’s shortbread selector, this hamper is a delightfully sweet gift.

If congratulations are in order, you can’t go wrong with our luxury Chocolate and Prosecco Hamper. Featuring a bottle of classic prosecco, champagne truffles, and plenty of salted caramel treats, this hamper will let your employee celebrate any occasion in luxurious style. Have a look at our full range of Hampers to decide which one your employees would best appreciate.

Chocolate batons

Just like when you want to give a token appreciation gift, chocolate batons are also an excellent choice when you want to give a more luxurious gift. Our Meltingly Good Collection features our baton library of milk, dark, and white chocolate batons. We also tucked in two chocolate melting pots and two types of hot chocolate – you can’t go wrong!

If you want a luxury gift that will wow everyone in the staff room, look no further than our large Chocolatier’s Table. Featuring chocolate batons alongside an awe-inspiring number of our most iconic chocolates, picking a treat from this collection will be the highlight of everyone’s coffee break. This way, you can boost their mood and their morale.

Spa voucher or experience

If your employees deserve a spot of pampering, a spa voucher would be ideal. After a massage, facial, and more, they’ll come back feeling refreshed and ever so appreciated.

However, if you’re looking for an employee appreciation gift that your whole team can do together, try one of our chocolate tasting adventures. We created them with uncurable chocoholics in mind. These experiences give guests insider knowledge of chocolate, the ability to explain taste like a master chocolatier (a great trick for their next dinner party), as well as the opportunity to sample a delicious selection.

This employee appreciation gift is the closest thing to a Willy Wonka’s golden ticket that they’ll ever get. Golden or not, it’ll certainly boost their morale. They’re available at two locations – London and Leeds – so your closest one shouldn’t be too far away. They’re also suitable for up to 28 guests, making them the perfect choice for an office day out.

Our School of Chocolate venues are also available for private hire and bespoke events, so they’re perfect for hosting any company parties or celebrations, both of which are great ways to bring your team together.

Hot chocolate maker

We believe that our hot chocolate maker, the Velvetiser, makes the best hot chocolate in the world, so it’s an ideal employee appreciation gift when you want to make them feel special. 

Send one to the door of a particularly hard-working employee with a heartfelt note to make their day or buy one for the staff room to make your employees feel appreciated with every sip of velvety hot chocolate that they enjoy. To boost morale even more, make sure you stock up on a variety of our luxury hot chocolate flavours, like our Dark with Mint and our Salted Caramel
We hope these ideas will make it easy for you to boost employee morale and delight your employees with chocolatey goodness. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you boost your team’s morale, take a look at our corporate gifting page and discover how we can make showing your appreciation easier than ever before.