Chocolate gift ideas for special birthdays

16 Jun 2023

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Help them celebrate every milestone in style with the ultimate birthday gift guide — with a chocolate twist, of course

Somehow, every birthday seems to come around faster than the last. You’re only human for feeling a little stumped for ideas as the date creeps up on you, but don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

These picks from our Birthday Gift Collection and beyond should provide all the inspiration you need — and more importantly, help to make their big day one to remember. Read on for chocolate gift ideas for every age.

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Why chocolate is the perfect birthday gift for all ages

Chocolate has a universal appeal that makes it great for gifting. You don’t need to refer to a wish list or take a chance on something they might already have — you know in 99% of cases, they’re going to love it.

There’s no shortage of variety either, so you can get them an elevated version of their tried and trusted favourites. Alternatively, go for something completely different.

Another great thing about chocolate as a gift is it can actually enhance their celebrations, from a family meal to a children’s party or get-together with friends. We’ll give you some more tips on this below.

Chocolate gift ideas for kids and teens

When it comes to chocolate for children, it’s always a good idea to look for products with a high cacao content. More cacao, less sugar is our mantra, and it’s perfectly suited to treats for the little ones. Not only can too much sugar lead to energy spikes and crashes, but it also masks the nuanced chocolate flavours.

Turning 10

If there’s one thing a child’s birthday should be, it’s fun, and a Chocolate Dipping Adventure is sure to be a big hit as they celebrate with friends. The whole party can get involved with these DIY treats, dipping, dunking and smothering to their hearts’ content.

It might get a little messy, but it’s a guaranteed good time until you need to clean up. Hotel Chocolat’s Chocolate Dipping Adventure is available in both large and small sizes, complete with different chocolate pots plus sweet and savoury nibbles.

Our Dozen Dapper Dogs are another popular chocolate gift for children. These cute characters feature our signature 40% milk chocolate with white and dark chocolate detailing.

Find more inspiration for kids in our Gifts for children collection.

Child with a birthday cake and candles

Sweet 16

A 16th birthday is a big one, so help them prolong the celebrations for as long as they can with a Chocolate Experience Gift Card. They’ll love attending one of our Bean to Bar Experiences, where they’ll learn how to make their own bar of chocolate with their friends and Hotel Chocolat’s pro chocolatiers.

Or you can double down on the Sweet 16 theme with a selection of mellow chocolate treats. Our Milk to Caramel Sleekster includes best-loved recipes that unite sumptuous milk chocolate with the buttery notes of caramel. From Salted Caramel Creams to Billionaire’s shortbreads, these are some of the most irresistible treats from our entire collection.

Looking for more chocolate gifts for teens? Take a look at our full range of Gifts for teenagers.

18th birthday gift ideas

Another big milestone, turning 18 really signifies the start of a new era. And newly legal adults deserve something a little more sophisticated than in years gone by. Now they’re allowed to eat alcohol chocolates, why wait any longer to discover the delicacies out there?

Already in beautiful gift boxes, our Tipples and Treats sets make for the perfect present. Choose between Chocolate Velvetised Cream and Macarons or Chocolates and Fizz for a foolproof 18th birthday gift idea.

Gifts for special birthdays

The beauty of chocolate as a gift is that you can tailor your selection to your recipient. No matter what flavour combinations or chocolate grades they like best, you’ll find something for every birthday celebrant.

21st birthday chocolate gifts

21 is another big birthday, and you’ll no doubt want to play your part in making it extra memorable. Give them a gift that allows them to make barista-grade chocolate at home and you’ll definitely earn yourself some brownie points. A Velvetiser is a gift they’ll enjoy over and over again.

Pair it with some sachets of their favourite drinking chocolate. Is Milky 50%, Orange Supermilk or Banoffee Pie more their thing? Either way, you’ll find the full range on our Hot Chocolate page.

The big 3-0

As you pop the fizz and get ready for the night ahead, our Champagne Truffles are the perfect way to celebrate. Either choose between the original or the Pink Champagne variety to turn the occasion up a notch.

These little bites of Mercier-infused luxury have earned themselves Academy of Chocolate and Great Taste Awards, so you know they’re up there with the best. And they come in a keepsake tin they can repurpose as a reminder of some well-spent celebrations.

Group of friends with a birthday cupcake

Life begins at 40

40th birthdays have mixed reputations. It’s a milestone some people dread, whilst others happily embrace the dawn of a new decade.

Whatever they’re outlook, you can’t go wrong with a fun and fruity selection that practically exudes sunshine. Our Exuberantly Fruity Sleekster is punchy, zesty and guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day.

There’s also a more compact version — the Exuberantly Fruity H-box — so you can take your pick of the two.

Fabulous 50

Don’t want a fuss for their 50th? There are still ways to mark the occasion while having a cosy time at home. Including a stylish new mug and some tasty chocolate treats, our Mug and a Hug Collection adds a thoughtful touch to a night on the sofa together.

Or perhaps they’d like to celebrate with a dinner party? Our Espresso Martini Velvetised Cream is an ideal digestif. Alternatively, our Cacao Gin could end up being their new celebratory tipple of choice.

60th birthday chocolate

Pull out all that stops for that special someone’s 60th with The Grand Chocolatier’s Table. Featuring all the truffles, pralines and batons their heart could desire, it’ll stand front and centre of the spread at the family celebrations.

Or for a more stripped-back gift that still exudes sophistication, how about a box of macarons? With Raspberry, Orange and classic Chocolate being just a few flavours on offer, you’re bound to find their favourite in our collection.

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70th and 80th birthday gifts

One of the best parts of going to see your parents or grandparents is knowing they’re going to have a delicious dessert on the table. Over the years, you’ve shared plenty together — and a sentimental nod to the good times is the Patisserie Sleekster Luxe. With 44 chocolates inspired by the nation’s most treasured desserts, it’s a memory book of family favourites.

Alternatively, if there are a few desserts they’ll always choose above the rest, many of our dessert-inspired chocolates come into Selector form, too. From Coffee and Walnut to Lemon Cheesecake, you can pick up a few of their personal favourites.

Say “Happy Birthday” with chocolate from Hotel Chocolat

Made from the highest quality, ingredients and ethically sourced cacao, our chocolates are the pinnacle of special occasion treats. And there really is something for everyone, no matter their age. Shop our collection of chocolate Birthday gifts online today.