How to toast the perfect marshmallows

12 Jul 2021

Food + Drink

Fluffy, gooey goodness — check out our tips on how to toast marshmallows for National Toasted Marshmallow Day!

Is there anything more nostalgic than toasting marshmallows? The slightly singed scent of hot sugar, the comforting heat from an open fire and that delicious gooey texture. With National Toasted Marshmallow Day coming up on the 30th of August, we thought we’d share our top tips on how to toast marshmallows on and off the campfire.

So whether it conjures childhood memories or you’re new to the world of toasting marshmallows, why not try out these methods for getting the perfect squashy treat. And, of course, we reckon a lashing of melted chocolate never goes amiss…

Toasting marshmallows

What you’ll need

For perfectly toasted marshmallows using an open fire, you’ll need:

  • Marshmallows – jumbo marshmallows give you a good surface area to toast. Mini marshmallows might be a bit fiddly and can burn easily. Many marshmallows contain gelatine, so they aren’t suitable for vegetarians or vegans. However, you can get gelatine-free options for everyone to enjoy.
  • Skewers or toasting forks – to keep your fingers safe from the fire.
  • A heat source – a low fire or hot coals provide the best marshmallow roasting conditions.

For an extra layer of decadence, you can also prepare some delectably smooth melted chocolate to dip your marshmallows into. To balance out the sweetness of the marshmallows, we recommend using dark chocolate with a high cocoa content. The rich flavours of our Chocolate Baton Library, for example, will complement the caramelised marshmallow surface beautifully.

The perfect marshmallow toasting method

Want to add a fun twist to your summer garden party? Set up a campfire and whip out the marshmallows!

Whether you’re using a campfire, fire pit, or another open-flame source, you want to let it burn down to hot, glowing coals. Not only will this keep you safe from any unexpected flare-ups, but it will also gently char your fluffy treats without burning them.

For best results, place one marshmallow on the end of your skewer or toasting fork. Make sure the stick goes all the way through the marshmallow to stop it from slipping.

Hold the marshmallow over the centre of the fire, close to but not touching the coals. Gently rotate the skewer, so the heat toasts the marshmallow evenly. You’ll see it gradually change colour to a golden brown.

Once it’s toasted all the way around, your marshmallow will be ready to eat. But remember, it will be very hot! Molten sugar can cause a nasty burn, so transfer the skewer to a plate to let the marshmallow cool slightly before eating. We suggest waiting 30 seconds to a minute before tucking in.

Alternatively, you can take your marshmallows to the next level and dip them in chocolate — read on to learn more!

What to avoid

It’s important to make sure your fire burns down before you get toasting. Although it can be tempting to hold your marshmallows directly in the centre of the flames, this will burn them and cause a charred, bitter flavour. The intense heat can also cause your marshmallow to collapse or melt. If this touches your skin, it can be very painful.

If your marshmallow does catch fire, don’t shake it to get rid of the flame. Again, this can lead to a gooey, sugary mess flying off the stick, which can be dangerous.

Try not to overload your skewer. While you can stack a few marshmallows on the stick at once, this may lead to uneven toasting. Some parts will burn while others remain uncooked.

Chocolate-dipped marshmallows

Now you know how to toast marshmallows, you can make them even more indulgent with a little bit of melted chocolate. Whether you like your chocolate dark and rich or white and delicate, bars with high levels of cocoa butter will create the smoothest and most satisfying dip for your marshmallows.

You could even experiment with different flavours. How about melting our Raspberry White Chocolate Batons for a mellow yet zingy fruity touch? Or for a vegan option, you could opt for our 45% Nutmilk Batons for an unbelievably creamy dip. Just make sure your marshmallows are vegan-friendly, too.

You can microwave your chocolate or use a bain-marie to melt it. Just make sure you heat slowly and keep an eye on it to avoid burning your chocolate.

Once you have your gloriously glossy melted chocolate ready, transfer it to a bowl for serving. You can dip your marshmallow skewer straight in. Give it a twirl to stop any dripping, then let the flavours embrace your taste buds. And to add a healthy twist, why not pop some fruit slices to your skewer, too?

For the ultimate exploration of tastes and textures, our Large Chocolate Dipping Adventure comes with four glorious chocolate pots and an array of sweet and savoury nibbles. With insatiably smooth white, milk, dark, and caramel chocolate to choose from, you can try a little of everything. Whether you toast the accompanying marshmallows or keep them soft.

Chocolate fondue marshmallows

Roast perfectly on the BBQ

Though toasting marshmallows might be a traditional campfire activity, there are lots of ways you can get the same delicious results without an open fire. In fact, if you’re looking for a satisfying treat to round off your fabulous summer BBQ, marshmallows could be the perfect dessert.

The barbecue’s grill plate can help make sure your marshmallow doesn’t catch the flames and burn. You may not get the signature charcoal charring, but a BBQ can give your marshmallows a lovely golden colour.

You’ll want to get the barbecue nice and hot, just as you would for cooking savoury food. Once you’ve got a good even temperature going, you can hold your marshmallow skewers half an inch above the grill plate and rotate regularly until toasted all the way around.

How to toast marshmallows in the oven

If an open flame isn’t an option (or it’s terrible weather), you can get fantastic toasting results in the oven. An ideal activity for a rainy day, you’ll get the same gooey satisfaction — just with less effort! Everyone has their own preferences regarding how toasted they like their marshmallows to be, so we recommend popping your marshmallows on a non-stick baking tray or sheet and keeping a close eye on them.

Set the oven to around 200 degrees Celsius and take them out whenever you think they’re ready!

Fun facts about marshmallows

Now you’re a pro at toasting marshmallows. But how much do you know about them? Here are some of our favourite marshmallow facts:

  • Though modern marshmallows typically consist of sugar, water, corn syrup, and gelatine, the term originates from the marshmallow plant, which the treats originally contained.
  • Historians believe the gooey treat may date as far back as 2000 BC. Ancient Egyptians would mix essence from the marshmallow plant with honey.
  • Nowadays, marshmallows are 40 to 60% air.
  • The largest marshmallow in the world weighed a whopping 93.10 kg!
  • Each summer, approximately 50% of all marshmallows sold in the UK are toasted over a fire.

Marshmallows and chocolate: a winning combination

Toasting marshmallows can be a fun and delicious activity. Add a bit of melted chocolate and, well, what more could you want? But there are so many other ways you can pair marshmallows with your favourite chocolate type, too.

Whether you go the traditional route and make your own s’mores or top a velvety smooth hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and whipped cream, make sure you choose top-quality, high-cocoa chocolate. We promise it will be worth it — happy toasting!