How do you host a summer party?

6 Apr 2020


Everyone loves a summer party: the sound of glasses clinking together, the sizzle of a BBQ, the pleasant chatter of friends and family makes for a wonderful summer’s day. But how do you host a summer party that can be enjoyed by everyone?

Summer. The time of year that everyone looks forward to; the days are long, the air is warm, and everyone seems to be in high spirits. You might want to get friends and family over for a summer garden party, or you might want an adults-only occasion for a boozy evening. Whatever type of get together you choose, a summer party is sure to delight.

You don’t need to spend an extortionate amount of money or time to create the perfect summer party: party decorations can be homemade to save some pennies, and you don’t need to hire a caterer to feed your guests. But how do you host a summer party to remember?

What type of summer party do you want?

If you’re after a day of family fun, make sure you’re weather prepared. You don’t want to plan a summer garden party, with entertainment that is outdoor use only – after all, the UK’s weather is never reliable! Plan games which children can enjoy both indoors and outdoors, providing prizes for an extra incentive: our Strawberries & Cream Chocolate Puddles can be handed out to each participant, so every child feels like a winner.

If you’re opting for a more sophisticated, adult evening, then you might want to add a bit of excitement into the evening by holding an event that everyone can dip into. Our Large Chocolate Dipping Adventure is the perfect source of entertainment for adults: white, caramel, milk and dark chocolate make the most decadent treats for you and your friends to dunk into at dusk.

Provide drinks

No summer party is complete without a drink! If it’s a hot, sunny day then providing a refreshing cocktail jug is sure to go down a treat at your garden party. Our Cocoa Gin is infused with the shell of a cocoa bean, lifted with fragrant juniper for a refreshing finish. Combined with a tonic water of your choice, serve a classic G&T to revitalise any guests who are in need of a fresh beverage.

Once the sun goes down, and the children get sleepier, why not end their day with a comforting hot chocolate? The Velvetiser allows you to make premium-quality hot chocolate hassle-free, so that all the little ones can leave your summer party with a sweet taste in their mouth.

If you’re hosting an adult-only evening summer party then a cocktail with a stronger kick might be more appropriate. Our Chocolate Cream Liqueur works perfectly in a chocolate martini, warming your party guests even after the sun’s gone down.

Is there a summer party theme?

Do you want your guests to dress up? Is there a music playlist that matches your theme? Do you have summer party decorations to match the type of summer party you’re aiming for? With themes, you can be as minimalist or as extravagant as you want! If you’re hosting a summer party for the whole family, then maybe you can focus more on the theme for the kids: adults may need a few pitchers of G&T before you can persuade them to get into fancy dress!

Give thanks!

As you can see, a lot of work goes into hosting a summer party! This is why giving thanks is so important: give your host a gift that they can truly indulge in. The Chocolatier’s Table is a guaranteed winner – no matter what type of chocolate they prefer, there is sure to be something that delights them. Or, perhaps you enjoyed their summer party so much you want to hint at them to throw another one: our Classic Prosseco might inspire them to hold another summer celebration in the near future!

However you choose to throw a summer party, we’ve got you covered. Browse our Summer Gift Ideas & Chocolates for more inspiration!