Eating seasonally: cherry and chocolate desserts

20 Jul 2022

Food + Drink

June to August is cherry season in the UK. Embrace this vibrant fruit and add a sumptuous edge to your chocolate desserts 

Our love for cherries speaks for itself — we have a dedicated cherry chocolate collection, where you’ll find a range of delectable, chocolate-coated, real cherry treats.

Have a browse and you’ll discover the likes of our Kirsch Cherries  — whole pitted cherries soaked in Kirsch liqueur and dipped in chocolate, and our Cherry Bakewells — our chocolatier’s take on the traditional British tart.

While our cherry chocolates are a splendid way to enjoy this heavenly flavour combination, you can also try baking with cherries at home. Whether you’re keen to bake a tart, whip up a mousse, or create some sophisticated fondants, the following should give you plenty of cherry-themed inspiration.

Slice of chocolate cake with cherry jam filling

Dark chocolate and cherry bar

First on the list — this Dark Chocolate & Cherry Bar from BBC Good Food.

While this might sound like a standard grab-and-go snack bar, these elegant slices push the boundary for what can be called a simple ‘bar’. These slices are classy enough to serve at a dinner party and look rather impressive considering they only contain four ingredients.

You’ll need good quality dark chocolate (this recipe calls for 60%, but we like to use our 70% Dark Chocolate for a richer flavour), almondy amaretti biscuits, double cream, and kirsch cherries.

If you like the sound of this dessert, you’ll adore our Cherry Deluxe Selector. These chocolate-enrobed bites include a whole kirsch-soaked cherry suspended in amaretto — giving you the same delectable flavour combination.

Cherry chocolate mousse

For a dark, creamy, and rather dreamy dessert, look no further than this Cherry Chocolate Mousse from Jamie Oliver.

Again, you’ll need our 70% dark chocolate, plus black pitted cherries, double cream, free-range eggs, and golden caster sugar.

This light and airy mousse contains just what you need for a nicely textured mousse, allowing cherry and chocolate to take centre stage. Serve in petite glass pots topped with cherries and a drizzle of syrup.

Bowl of cherries

Chocolate and cherry fondants

While both the chocolate and cherry bar and mousse would make perfect dinner party desserts, these Chocolate & Cherry Fondants take things to the next level.

Soft and fluffy yet gorgeously oozy once you break into the centre, these fondants unite dark chocolate and sweet cherry jam for an extra rich, fruity flavour. These are puddings filled with pure indulgence.

This recipe requires a few more ingredients than the others. Plus, it may take an hour of preparation time to get the fondant cases just right. But trust us, they’re worth the effort!

Serve with cherry syrup and cream for your dinner night grand finale.

Cherry and chocolate tart

There’s something about cherries and tarts that just works so well, so we had to include this Cherry & Chocolate Tart in our list.

Super rich and a little tipsy, this tart pulls out all the stops. From dried cherries (to be soaked in kirsch or brandy) to morello cherry jam, this tart delivers an intense, nuanced cherry flavour with every slice.

The texture and flavour difference between the pastry and filling makes this tart an exploration for the senses. Serve with a dollop of creamy, mellow crème fraîche.

This recipe also calls for plenty of quality dark chocolate. We use our 70% Dark Chocolate or 85% Dark Chocolate when we fancy a richer cacao flavour.

Chocolate Bakewell cake

If you’re searching for a unique chocolate cherry cake to bake, this Chocolate Cherry Bakewell Cake from BBC Good Food won’t disappoint.

We’ve already mentioned our Cherry Bakewell chocolates — this is them in cake form. Tuck into the irresistible almond sponge, juicy cherries, and chocolate chunks. Serve with a drizzle of melted chocolate and a scattering of chopped almonds.

This is a fabulous cake to bring along to a party, donate to a bake sale, or whip up for a loved one’s birthday cake. Vanilla, almond, chocolate, and fresh cherries: it’s a cake to remember.

Close-up of a Bakewell tart

Enrobed cherries

If you adore the taste of sweet cherry and bitter chocolate but don’t have time to bake a dessert, try our succulent Enrobed Cherries. These cherry and chocolate bites are perfect for snacking on-the-go or keeping in the cupboard for a late-night treat.

A pot of candied cherries double-enrobed in milk then dark chocolate — name a more luxurious after-dinner chocolate.

Real cherries and high-quality, ethical chocolate — it’s the oh-so scrumptious cherry and chocolate combination in its simplest form.

Baking with cherries

Cherry season in the UK is between June and August, so you might be able to use fresh, local cherries in your baking this summer.

If you have a cherry tree at home, be prepared to pick your ripe cherries as soon as they’re ready. Cherries come and go rather quickly, so don’t miss the chance to harvest any you have growing in your garden. You’ll also be able to find seasonal cherries at your local greengrocers, so keep your eyes peeled!

Have you missed cherry season? Don’t worry, you can also bake with dried or tinned cherries. Some of the recipes listed above actually require preserved cherries for their specific flavour or texture. Take a look at what your chosen recipe specifies and try to find the closest match in your cupboard or local supermarket.

Why not learn more about growing your own cherries?

If you fancy baking more delectable treats, take a look at our article on the most popular British desserts. From Eton mess to comforting crumble, there are plenty of delicious dessert recipes to try this summer.