Last-minute Easter gift ideas

30 Mar 2023

Easter Gift Ideas

Your guide to winning Easter when you’re up against the clock

Is it that time of year again already? The days have been getting lighter, and you’ve known that lovely long weekend isn’t too far away… then suddenly you’re told Easter is in a few days, and you’re yet to buy any gifts. Oops.

With the annual shift in Easter dates, you’re forgiven for letting a lack of organisation get the better of you. And let’s be honest, most of us have busier schedules than the ever-diligent Easter bunny. We promise, there’s still time! And as it happens, choice too. Here are some last-minute Easter gift ideas that are sure to impress.

"Happy Easter" card, gift, macarons, and purple flowers

Last-minute Easter gifts — that won’t look last-minute

Easter is a wonderful time to celebrate new beginnings and share irresistible treats. If you’re looking forward to the bank holiday weekend but haven’t had a chance to pick up any presents, don’t worry. With these last-minute Easter gift ideas, your recipient will think you’d planned ahead.

Send an Easter egg with next-day delivery

As the local shops sell out, it’s easy for panic to set in. Faced with the dregs of this year’s Easter offerings, you wonder if maybe you’ll have to choose something different this year. A bar of chocolate is still kind of seasonal, right?

You can do better than that. When you order online, you’ll still have loads of options to choose from. In fact, it’s a life hack you’ll likely return to year after year. Rather than pick up whatever’s left and deliver them yourself, you can get their first choice of Easter egg sent directly to their door. Job done.

At Hotel Chocolat, you’ll find a huge variety of Easter eggs to suit every taste. From creamy 36% White Chocolate and refreshing Mint Dark Chocolate to the extravagance that is our Extra Thick Champagne Easter Egg. Each one has been carefully crafted using ethically sourced cacao and only the finest ingredients.

Take your pick, select Next Day Delivery, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Sophisticated Easter eggs from Hotel Chocolat - on a blue velvet chair

Mix and match some small Easter chocolate gifts

It’s normally the large all-singing, all-dancing Easter eggs that are the stars of the show. But good things also come in small packages. There’s something especially heartfelt about picking out a selection of treats you know your loved one will adore, even if it’s a couple of smaller bits. Think of it as a spring take on stocking fillers.

If you can find Easter-themed treats created from your giftee’s year-round favourite chocolates and flavours, all the better. Are they a salted caramel connoisseur? Then this Salted Caramel Ribbon Bag is guaranteed to go down a storm. With one-half of each chocolate-coated egg made from a creamy, subtle caramel, and the other edged out with a twist of Guérande sea salt, they give the ultimate sweet and salty sensation with every bite.

Another bonafide crowd-pleaser is our collection of adorable White Chocolate City Easter Bunnies. Dressed to impress for the big day, these bunnies are on a mission to satisfy any chocolate craving. With 70% Dark Chocolate and Vegan* Nutmilk Bunnies, too, you’ll find something to please every palate.

*Please note: We believe our dark and Nutmilk chocolate is suitable for vegans, however as it is made in the same environment as our milk chocolate, we cannot guarantee it is free from milk.

Go for a generous Easter hamper

Pull out all the stops for the whole family in one fell swoop with a bountiful Easter hamper. You may be short on time, but you can still go big on the wow factor.

You could expand your collection of smaller Easter goodies and present some petite chocolate packs in a rustic basket or elegant box. However, when time is of the essence, you can rely on us. We’ve already curated two beautiful baskets of goodies, all packed up and ready for next-day delivery

The Abundantly Easter Hamper features a generous range of treats from across our Easter collection. In addition to four full-sized Easter Eggs, you’ll find our chocolatier’s take on Eggs & Soldiers, everyone’s favourite farmyard friends, Wooliam and Elizapeck, City Bunnies galore, and plenty more. It’s the ideal collection to keep all the family happy this Easter holiday.

Alternatively, for a slightly scaled-down version, we also have our Ultimate Easter Hamper, an online exclusive. Also presented in our signature wicker basket, we’ve paired two of our most popular Easter eggs — Brownie and You Crack Me Up — plus a generous handful of other seasonal nibbles.

Order a hamper to your home to be the host with the most or spread the joy of spring by getting one sent to friends and family further away.

Easter gift basket with mini chocolate eggs

Opt for a gift card rather than a physical gift

It goes without saying that everyone loves to receive presents, but there’s a thrill to picking out your own chocolates that feels almost childlike, no matter your age. There’s one solution that ticks both of these boxes, and that’s a Hotel Chocolat Gift Card.

Just like a box of chocolates, a Hotel Chocolat Gift Card will leave them spoilt for choice. Not only can they pick out their favourite treats from our entire collection, online and in store, they can also spend it in our cafe or restaurants.

It’s a great option for that fickle friend whose tastebuds change like the weather or the big kids who’ll already have an abundance of eggs and might better appreciate a treat once their stash has depleted.

Physical gift cards can be sent with next-day delivery, or you can get an eGift Card whizzed over to their inbox even quicker. Both are available to personalise with your own message.

A chocolate subscription: the gift that keeps on giving

They say good things don’t last forever, and when it comes to edible gifts, that certainly rings true. But what if that good thing kept replenishing like clockwork? No, it’s not magic; it’s a Hotel Chocolat Subscription.

Instead of a one-off gift, they’ll have their favourites delivered on a routine basis. Just as they finish one load, it’s time for a top-up. That might be a certain Sleekster, luxury hot chocolate, or a mix of all things Hotel Chocolat.

As they enjoy their Easter gift again, again and again, you’ll be racking up some serious brownie points. The only problem is how you’ll top it next year.

Impressive last-minute Easter gifts from Hotel Chocolat

Just like that, you’re back in the game. Maybe Easter Bunny status isn’t so unattainable after all.

For more inspiration, browse Hotel Chocolat’s full Easter Collection, where you’ll find our eggs, selection boxers, hampers and much more — all made with our uncompromising ‘more cacao’ mantra, and wrapped to perfection too.

Just don’t forget we’ll need your order by 6pm the day before Good Friday to avoid any bank holiday postal delays. Gift cards will still be available after that.