Whoosh Instant Gifts FAQs

Gifts by Text
Gift By Text

Find the perfect gift and add it to your shopping bag.

Gift By Text

Select the Gift By Text delivery option at checkout.

Gift By Text

Off it goes as a delicious text to your lucky recipient’s smartphone.

What is WHOOSH Instant Gifts by Text?

WHOOSH Instant Gifts by Text is a unique service Hotel Chocolat offers where customers can select and pay for a gift they wish to send and the lucky recipient will receive the details of the gift via their Smartphone.   Once the recipient receives the text (it will also be sent by email) they have the flexibility to decide when and where they would like their gift delivered.

How do I order a Gift By Text?

Once on the Hotel Chocolat website you can select one single item to be gifted which you then add to your basket.  Sign in, create an account or check out as a guest.

Proceed to checkout and when landing on the Delivery page you will see an option to select Gift By Text.  You will be required to provide the recipient’s name, mobile phone number, email address and gift message as well as your name and mobile number during the checkout process

Can I order Gift By Text from my phone?

Yes, Gift By Text has been designed for ease of ordering via a smartphone but can also be accessed through any mobile device or desktop.

Is delivery included in the Gift By Text?

Yes, our standard UK delivery charge will be included in the total amount due at checkout.

Can I select Gift By Text for delivery overseas?

Gift by text is only available for UK delivery

Can I choose a delivery time and date?

You can choose for your Gift by Text to be sent immediately or at a future date.  A specific delivery time cannot be selected.  For orders placed for same day delivery, recipients can expect to receive their Gift By Text within 15 minutes of the order being placed.  For future delivery dates, the Gift By Text will be sent to the recipient shortly after midnight on the chosen day of delivery

What will be included in the Gift By Text message?

The recipient will receive 2 text messages:

  • The first text message gives details of the gift along with the sender’s name, sender’s mobile number and a gift message.  A unique link within the Gift By Text takes them to a personalised landing page on our website.
  • The second text contains a unique gift card number and PIN for use during the billing stage of checkout. 

We also send the Gift By Text messages to the email address of the recipient entered during checkout.

How many products can I send by text to each recipient?

A maximum of one product can be sent to a recipient.

Can I send to more than one recipient in the same transaction?

Yes, you can send Gift By Text to multiple recipients in the same transaction.  During checkout you will have the option to split the order depending on delivery preferences.

Can I bespoke a hamper to send as a Gift By Text?

Only prebuilt hampers advertised on our website are suitable for Gift By Text.

Can I send a gift card or gift subscription via Gift By Text

Unfortunately you are unable to send a gift card or subscription via Gift By Text.  We do offer a separate service where an eGift card or gift subscription can be sent directly to a recipient’s email address.  Click here for details.

Can I send a Gift By Text just to an email address if I don’t know the recipient’s mobile number?

No, in order to send Gift By Text you are required to enter a mobile phone number for the recipient along with the recipient’s name, email address, gift message and your name and mobile number.

What if I don’t know the email address of the recipient?

In order to send a Gift By Text all details must be entered into the fields during checkout.  If your recipient does not have access to email, then you can enter your own email address

Can I order a Gift By Text over the phone?

Gift By Text can only be selected online.

How does the recipient convert the Gift By Text to a physical product?


  • A unique link within the Gift By Text message takes the recipient to a personalised landing page.  To arrange delivery the recipient then clicks on START DELIVERY to be taken to the checkout pages of the website.  Stage one asks for delivery details to be entered and Stage 2 of checkout asks for the gift card details to be entered along with the PIN number.

In store

  • The recipient can simply go to their nearest Hotel Chocolat store and a member of the store staff will be happy to locate the product being gifted in the Gift By Text message and process the gift through checkout using the Gift Card number contained in the second text message.

If I receive a Gift By Text that is not to my liking, can I swap it for something else?

Yes, simply click on the link at the bottom of the personalised landing page to view our full range; allowing you to discreetly change your gift to something more suitable.

How long is the Gift By Text valid?

Gift By Text is valid for 24 months from the date the recipient receives the text.

Will the sender receive notification when the Gift By Text recipient checks out their gift through the website?

No, the sender is not notified but you do have the option within the Gift By Text to message the sender.

When the recipient receives the text (it will also be sent by email) they have the flexibility to decide when and where they would like their gift delivered.