Velvetiser recipes: three irresistible chocolate cocktails

9 Jan 2023

Velvetiser Recipes

Our guide to crafting silky-smooth tipples at home — featuring caramel, mint, and coconut

You might already be familiar with our Velvetiser — our Dualit-engineered hot chocolate machine, famous for creating the most sublime barista-grade beverages. But did you know that the Velvetiser doubles as a secret weapon for making utterly delectable cocktail recipes? 

One of the most difficult parts of top-tier cocktail making is getting those luxurious consistencies just right. But as the Velvetiser gives liquids a thicker, creamy consistency with a click of a button and in just a few minutes, it’s easy to achieve cocktails that have a rich, decadent texture.

Take a look at our favourite Velvetiser recipes so you can make your own heavenly chocolate cocktails at home.

Person pouring a cocktail from a cocktail shaker

Vegan Dark Chocolate & Salted Caramel Soother

For the first of our Velvetiser recipes, we’ve kick-started our list with this exquisite plant-based option. The rich cacao notes in dark chocolate blend seamlessly with sweet salted caramel and zingy orange undertones.

The star of the show in this soother? It has to be our divine Salted Caramel Vodka — vodka infused with malty, toasted cacao, then with a hearty dose of caramel melted into the concoction.

To create this dreamy chocolate and citrus tipple, you’ll need the following ingredients:


To create your soother, add your dark chocolate flakes, salted caramel vodka, coconut milk, orange triple sec liqueur, and chocolate bitters together in your Velvetiser. Press the button and let the Velvetiser work its magic.

While you can enjoy this tipple warm as a cosy winter beverage, you can also add some ice to your cocktail glass before pouring in the contents from the Velvetiser (or leave your glass to chill in the fridge before using it). This will cool things down a notch. Enjoy your drink from your favourite cocktail glass — and don’t forget to add your garnish of cocoa nibs!

Tipsy Mint Hot Chocolate

If you’re a fan of mint hot chocolate, you might want to fancy our tipsy version. Using our Dark with Mint Hot Chocolate sachets (with ice-cool Tasmanian peppermint), you’ll be able to create an irresistible symphony of fresh, zingy mint and rich, luxurious chocolate flavours.

For this tipsy mint hot chocolate cocktail, you’ll need:


Add your milk and the contents of your hot chocolate sachet into your Velvetiser. Press the button and watch your creamy hot chocolate form before your eyes. Pour your hot chocolate into a suitably elegant mug (like our Spark bone china cup) and add your shots of chocolate cream. Give it a quick stir and enjoy this subtly tipsy, winter-warming beverage.

Of course, if you also feel inclined to add some whipped cream and marshmallows to your hot chocolate — feel free to! Though we think this tipple is fabulous on its own or with a chocolate baton on the side for nibbling.

Coffee cup with mint and chocolate

Chocolate & Coconut Rum Cocktail

Now for the third of our Velvetiser recipes — a tropical taste of the Caribbean. Our chocolate and coconut rum cocktail combines creamy milk chocolate with a double dose of rum (coconut rum and dark rum) to create a flavour that’s truly special.

This beverage is perfect for relaxing on a sunny afternoon or whipping up for your friends at your next cocktail party.

For one chocolate and coconut rum cocktail, you’ll need the following:

  • 150ml milk of your choice (we recommend dairy, oat, or coconut milk)
  • One sachet of our Milky 50% Hot Chocolate
  • 25ml coconut rum
  • 25ml dark rum
  • Melted chocolate to coat the rim of the glass (our 70% dark chocolate batons are perfect for melting)
  • Toasted coconut to garnish
  • Ice


Though this cocktail takes a little more preparation than the others, we certainly think it’s worth it! Melt your dark chocolate batons and roll the rim of your chosen cocktail glass into the chocolate. Sprinkle with your toasted coconut flakes and leave to chill in the fridge until the chocolate has set.

Then, get to work on your cocktail. Add your milk and sachet of hot chocolate into your Velvetiser. Press the button and let your creamy beverage form. When it is done, add the contents of the Velvetiser into a cocktail shaker. Add some ice along with the coconut and dark rums — then give it a shake.

Take your glass out of the fridge and pour your finished cocktail into it. Take a sip and enjoy this flavoursome tipple.

Cocktail shaker and equipment

Delectable hot chocolate from Hotel Chocolat

We hope you enjoyed these creative Velvetiser cocktail recipes. You’ll find that milk and hot chocolate flakes form a great base for lots of different tipples — they are the perfect ingredients for transforming into a silky, creamy, full-bodied base.

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