6 alternative Mother’s Day gifts to flowers

17 Feb 2023

Mother's Day

Luxurious ways to show her the love she deserves — from chocolates to tipples, here are some alternative Mother’s Day gifts

Flowers have long been the traditional accompaniment to Mother’s Day cards — and deservedly so. A beautiful bouquet of flowers is a symbol of love, gratitude and sentimentality, and the way they brighten up a room is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. As nice a gesture it is to gift flowers, you may feel that whenever this time of year comes around, you’re picking out the same old bouquet like clockwork. This year, don’t overlook the multitude of alternative Mother’s Day gifts out there. Here are a few recommendations she’s sure to love. 

Two women smiling with a pitcher of drink

You can’t beat an elegant chocolate box

If your mum’s forever known as the sweet tooth in the family, there’s really no need to overcomplicate or overspend on your gift selection. Chocolates for Mother’s Day are probably exactly what she fancies.

Of course, she can get her usual fix of chocolate from the local shop. But there’s something just that bit more special about a truly luxurious, carefully curated selection she wouldn’t usually treat herself to.

Our Chocolate Boxes are designed for occasions worth celebrating. Looking for some inspiration on which to go for?

Create a personalised hamper of her favourite treats

Why not curate your own personalised hamper packed with all her favourites? They say it’s the thought that counts, and in this case, that’ll certainly shine through.

For starters, we’d recommend choosing a few savoury bits, a healthy helping of sweet treats, and a bottle of wine, spirit or liqueur. Instead of choosing her normal go-to, you could opt for a twist on her favourites – like our Cherry and Raspberry Gin Liqueur or Mint Chocolate Velvetised Cream.

A little short on time before the big day? We’ve got you covered, with our ready-prepared Chocolate Collections. It’ll stop her secret chocolate stash from running out anytime soon.

Celebrate with a toast

Mother’s Day gestures should in no way be limited to material gifts and cards. You know how much you cherish and appreciate her – but when was the last time you told her properly?

If your family are getting together for the occasion, choose your moment to make a toast. It’s the perfect chance to say just how much she means to you all — and maybe even get a tear in her eye! Sometimes it’s the simplest gestures that go the furthest.

So, get ready to pour a glass of Classic Prosecco and cheer “Happy Mother’s Day”. 

Prosecco glasses on a tray

Home-baked treats, made with love

The charm of a homemade gift will forever prevail, especially for the mums, grandmothers, and other maternal figures in our lives. And if it’s an edible gift? All the better.

Don’t feel pressured into making anything particularly fancy if baking isn’t your forte – as long as it tastes good, you’ll have earned yourself some serious brownie points. But if you want to pull all the stops out… we’re sure she won’t complain about that, either!

We have plenty of chocolate recipes to inspire your next bake. The White Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake always proves to be a hit. Alternatively, try our Crownies (a sumptuous combination of a cookie and a brownie), and wrap them up beautifully in a box and ribbons for the occasion.

A sophisticated mug for the hot chocolate lover

A mug may not strike you as the most inspired present, but hear us out. Give Mum the mug that becomes her new favourite, and she’ll appreciate your gift not just on Mother’s Day, but on endless days to follow. Not bad going really.

The key is choosing one that will rise straight to the top of the pecking order, so take note of the ones she has on repeat already. Does she prefer dainty bone china mugs? Ones that make her laugh? Or ceramic cups? You know your competition, now get to work on the replacement.

As a little extra, get her a couple of nice bits to make her favourite hot beverage with — whether she’s coffee-obsessed or a hot chocolate fanatic. 

Woman with holding a mug of hot chocolate

Flowers fade, a Velvetiser is forever

Hot chocolate fanatic, you say? Then as gifts go, our Velvestiser is the creme de la creme.

With a Velvetiser, she’ll be able to whip up barista-grade hot chocolate from the comfort of home — just at the touch of a button. It makes the smoothest, melt-in-the-mouth hot chocolate you could possibly imagine – and as it uses grated pieces of real Hotel Chocolate chocolate, it gives a real depth of flavour. A real game-changer.

Should this be your gift of choice, don’t forget the sachets to go with it. With flavours including everything from Hazelnut Praline and Peanut Butter to Black Forest and Chilli Dark Chocolate, there’s plenty to choose from.

Hotel Chocolat: your go-to for luxury chocolates and alternative Mother’s Day gifts

Give her the chocolates she deserves this Mother’s Day, with Hotel Chocolat. We’re committed to constantly raising the bar when it comes to quality, aligning every one of our creations with our “More Cacao, Less Sugar” mantra. It ensures a depth of flavour that epitomises luxury.

That’s not to mention the amount of variety on offer. Our chocolatiers are always innovating boundary-defying creations to bring you occasion chocolates with a real wow factor. Explore our top picks for Mother’s Day for more ideas.

Know she’s got a Hotel Chocolat favourite that’s not featured in the Mother’s Day lineup? While we do have ready-made gifts in Mother’s Day packaging, you can also get any of our other products wrapped in a chic gift bag or box with a personalised message card. Create yours, choose a delivery date, and it’ll be there on the day.