Topping ideas to elevate your white hot chocolate

21 Apr 2023

Hot Chocolate White Chocolate

Creative suggestions that will add flavour and excitement to your classic white hot chocolate recipe

Creamy white chocolate is a comforting treat any time of year. However, we feel it’s a particularly nice option as the weather gets warmer. With its satisfying yet light flavour, it’s the ideal pick-me-up on a sunny afternoon. To elevate your hot chocolate game, why not explore some inventive toppings? From Eton Mess chocolate bites to a dash of Velvetised Chocolate Cream, here are some of our favourite additions.

Hot chocolate

Get the most out of your hot chocolate with Hotel Chocolat

When it comes to making a sumptuous hot chocolate, you need to invest in quality for the best sip. More often than not, the cheap powder hot chocolate in the back of your cupboard is not going to provide a melt-in-the-mouth texture. When looking for hot chocolate — dark, milk or white — it’s beneficial to search for products made with a high cacao butter content. This will ensure a smooth consistency.

For a cacao-rich drink that blends white chocolate with a hint of vanilla for a subtle sweetness, try our Vanilla-White Hot Chocolate Flakes. We find that gossamer-fine flakes of real chocolate produce the most satisfying cup.

To take that smoothness one step further, we recommend whipping up your white hot chocolate using the Velvetiser. Imagined and brought to you by a chocolatier, our revolutionary at-home hot chocolate system stirs, heats, and whips your hot chocolate and milk into a cloud-like consistency — at the perfect temperature.

Serve your hot chocolate in a sleek, tactile cup for a truly indulgent experience. Why not take a sip from our Chat Coffee Cup over a catch-up or wrap yourself in comfort with a Hug Coffee Cup?

Topping ideas for your white hot chocolate

Sometimes, a little extra opulence can make all the difference to the chocolate-tasting experience. For those moments when you want something special, elevate your white hot chocolate with a variety of toppings. They’ll bring added flavour, texture, and decadence.

Eton mess-inspired hot chocolate

White chocolate and Eton Mess are a match made in heaven. This classic summer dessert unites refreshing berries with cream and crunchy meringue — and it translates beautifully to white hot chocolate.

Once your Velvetised hot chocolate is ready, top it with lashings of whipped cream and meringue pieces. Top it off with a sprinkling of freeze-dried raspberries for a hint of tartness that balances the sweetness of the meringue. It’s light, fluffy, and satisfying without becoming sickly.

Impress a loved one (or treat yourself) with one of our Eton Mess chocolates. Pop it on top of the whipped cream for a pop of colour and elegance.

Festive peppermint

White hot chocolate is a wonderful choice any time of year — and it makes an ideal festive treat.

If you’re looking to add some merriment to your hot chocolate, try bringing a bit of mint into the equation. Our Peppermint White Hot Chocolate Flakes make the perfect base and show just how versatile white chocolate can be.

After preparing your hot chocolate, add a dash of whipped cream and some crushed candy canes. Alternatively, use a candy cane to stir your drink and watch as the flavours blend.

Coconut heaven

While a cup of mint-white hot chocolate can be savoured on cold winter night, our Coconut-White Drinking Chocolate is the perfect beverage to compliment your summer evenings. A delicate infusion of tropical coconut brings an undeniable element of sunshine.

For an added touch, sprinkle some coconut shavings on top of the hot chocolate to create a delightful contrast of textures.

Alternatively, you could make the hot chocolate using coconut milk instead of regular milk to give it an even more intense coconut flavour. Either way, you’re in for a heavenly experience with this coconut-infused white hot chocolate.

Two coconut halves

Crunchy crumbled biscuits

Bring some texture variety to your hot chocolate with a crunchy biscuit topping. We adore the creaminess of a Velvetised hot chocolate, and a sprinkle of crumbled biscuits serves to enhance its smoothness further.

You can use any of your favourite biscuits, from classic chocolate chip cookies to ginger snaps. However, we recommend our Dunking Biscuits, which have been created with hot chocolate and coffee in mind. With five biscotti flavours to sample, from Pecan Pie, to Orange, Pistachio and Cardamom, you can add a sophisticated element to your white hot chocolate.

White hot chocolate from Hotel Chocolat

White chocolate is the ideal nibble for those who enjoy mellow flavours with a nuanced hint of subtle sweetness. Melt that white chocolate into a drink, and you’ve got comfort in a cup. Perfect on its own or elevated with some of these creative toppings, white hot chocolate is more versatile than you may first think.

Why not experiment with some other topping ideas? Try a dash of Velvetised Chocolate Cream, topped with cacao powder. Or bring a bit of vibrancy with some marshmallows and colourful sprinkles – a surefire hit with the little ones. However you enjoy your white hot chocolate, start with premium ingredients and a high cacao content. Explore our full range of hot chocolate pouches and single-serve sachets.