Engagement gifts for chocolate lovers

10 Sep 2021


Offer the happy couple your best wishes with some delicious chocolate engagement gifts

So, a couple you know have recently decided to tie the knot? Exciting news! It’s not every day that someone you know gets engaged (though once you hit your thirties it might feel like it). Help the happy duo celebrate their love in the best way possible — with chocolate engagement gifts, of course! 

In our opinion, a bottle of Vintage Red Wine and a heartfelt card is always a great option. But if you’re stuck for inspiration and want to give them something extra, take a look at our ideas for chocolate engagement gifts. They’re ideal for couples who just can’t get enough cocoa.

Chocolate ngagement gifts for couples

Chocolate engagement gifts

If there’s one thing we know about gift-giving, it’s that you can never go wrong with chocolate. Why? Well, what’s not to love? When chosen carefully, premium chocolate tailored to the tastes of the giftee can be an extremely thoughtful present.

You don’t need to worry if they already have it (you can never have too much). It brings immediate joy to the recipient (let’s be honest, it probably won’t last very long). And you can make it as personal as you like.

At Hotel Chocolat, we’re committed to only using ethically sourced cacao to make our chocolates. (If you’d like to learn more, why not read about our Engaged Ethics Programme?) Plus, we never use artificial ingredients. This means you can be sure you’re only giving high-quality chocolates that are good for the soul and the wider world!

Let’s take a look at your chocolate options…

Chocolates make a great engagement gift


For an all-out display of your support and adoration, opt for one of our bountiful hampers. If you know the couple extremely well, this is a great idea. Your generosity will take them by surprise and they might even let you in on a few treats and goodies!

Our Everything Chocolate Gift Hamper Collection is a fantastic all-rounder featuring some of our most-loved chocolate recipes. Think a few of our different chocolate Slabs, Puddles, and Selectors — all wrapped up in a classy black box and white ribbon. If you want to ramp it up a notch, choose our Large Chocolate Hamper. This collection features a few more of our most celebrated recipes.

If they’re vegan (or one of them is), don’t fear! You can give them our All Dark Vegan Chocolate Hamper Collection, which is ideal for both those who are dairy-free and those who prefer a higher-cocoa chocolate.

Want to help them celebrate with some fizz? Gift them our Chocolate & Fizz Collection and they’ll be able to enjoy the classic pairing of chocolate and prosecco. Think they’ll enjoy trying our cacao ales instead? Present them with our Beer and Chocolate hamper and they’ll be over the moon with their selection.

To see all your options, browse our collection of hampers. Or why not consider building your own hamper for a truly bespoke offering?

Chocolate engagement gifts for couples

A chocolate gift box

Looking for a gift that includes the same exquisite chocolates that you’ll find in our hampers, but in tray form? Let us introduce you to a few of our most popular gift boxes.

Our Everything Sleekster Luxe is a lovingly curated selection of 44 of our top-pick chocolates. From nutty and alcohol chocolates to simple dark and fruity bites, this collection provides a taste of our whole collection. Our Chocolatier’s Table is also excellent, and includes a medley of our best white, milk and dark chocolate creations.

For a token of your love that’s a little more petite, see our Classic Signature Collection. Or for a darker spin on this box, we recommend our Dark Signature.

If fruit is their thing, our Exuberantly Fruity Sleekster might be just up their street. Full of zest and punch, it’s sure to make their taste buds tingle. Do you know that they’re pudding people or have a bit of a sweet tooth? For something that truly screams dessert, our Patisserie Sleekster is an innovative collection inspired by famous cakes and bakes.

Something a little boozy

An engagement is the perfect time to indulge yourself in a dash of… Well, something a little more alcoholic than a cup of tea or coffee. This isn’t a standard day!

Luckily, our chocolatiers had the bright idea to combine chocolate with premium spirits in a few select recipes. In our Tipsy Alcoholic Sleekster, you’ll discover the warming delight of our soft-centred chocolate truffles made with fine rums, whiskies, gin, and champagne. In our opinion, this might be exactly the kind of treat to whet the appetite of a newly engaged couple!

And, of course, you could always mix and match a few of our tipsy Selectors if you know exactly what they’d like. From moreish Amaretto Truffles and zesty Mojito Chocolates to elegant Pink Champagne Chocolate Truffles, there’s a boozy liqueur chocolate to suit every taste. 

A bottle of bubbly

On the topic of alcohol…

Picture the scene. You’ve just heard the great news and want to pop over with a little gift as soon as possible. What do you reach for? Bubbly, of course! Nothing says congratulations like a pop, fizz and slosh of prosecco.

Take a peek at our Classic Prosecco. Lively and fruity, this prosecco is made in a boutique winery in the Dolomite foothills. It’s the perfect option if you’re looking for a fresh, uplifting bottle of fizz. Plus, we think it tastes particularly lovely with any of our white or milk chocolates — in fact, they make the perfect pair.

Celebrate the happy couple with chocolate engagement gifts

Exquisite spirits

Perhaps they’d prefer something a little different to bubbly. Something to keep their drinks cupboard well-stocked, maybe. Well, we have just the ticket.

Cacao is central to everything we do here at Hotel Chocolat, so it should come as no surprise that we’ve created a few cacao-infused spirits that make the most of its complex depth and bitter edge.

For gin lovers, the obvious option is our Cacao Gin. But if you think they’d enjoy something more adventurous, our Cherry & Raspberry Gin or Mango & Passion Fruit Gin will certainly cause a stir.

Or how about our luxurious Velvetised Chocolate Creams? Whether they’re a fan of an Espresso Martini with a cocoa twist or a sumptuously sweet Salted Caramel Velvetised Chocolate Cream, these indulgently smooth tipples are devilishly delicious. Perfect to sip and savour on the rocks.

Alternatively, the happy couple can add a glug to their favourite hot chocolate or coffee, cosy up on the sofa and feel all warm and fuzzy. Read on to see how they can get barista-grade drinks in the comfort of their very own love nest…

Something for the kitchen

Perhaps we’re old fashioned, but If they’re getting engaged, we think there’s a high chance that they’re living together. Or at least they will be soon. Help them make their house a home with a few kitchen staples.

A new blender, whisk or frying pan is a little boring if you ask us (and they probably already have them), so you’ll need to ramp it up a notch! So, what’s the best gift to choose? Our Velvetiser, of course! Engineered by Dualit, this hot chocolate machine will allow the lovebirds to make their own smooth, creamy mugs of cocoa. On demand, in their own home — what could be better! This truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Let them make some sublime cups of cocoa from the get-go by gifting their Velvetiser alongside a few of our Hot Chocolate Flavours. Made with real chocolate flakes, you know you’re onto a winner with this one. The perfect chocolate engagement gifts.

Couple enjoying an engagement gift of hot chocolate

An unforgettable experience

When it comes to gifts, some people prefer taking part in a course, attending an event, or doing something they never thought they would. At Hotel Chocolat, we completely understand! Memories can last a lifetime, so what better gift is there for two people about to embark on a ‘forever’ journey together…

Our Bean to Bar experience is the ideal gift for foodies looking to learn more about the chocolate making process. They’ll even leave with their very own handmade chocolate bar! Or if they’ve already been on a fair few wine tasting trips, give them a Chocolate Tasting Adventure instead. They’ll learn about chocolate sampling from our master chocolatiers, all while sipping on a glass of prosecco. Heaven.

Thoughtful gifts for the occasion

Shopping for an engagement gift can be a bit of a daunting task. That’s why we wanted to dedicate a section of our site to making it easier. Discover our whole chocolate Engagement Gifts collection, where you’ll find everything you need. Take some time to browse and find that special gift that’s sure to warm their hearts.

Hopefully this gift guide has given you some ideas for surprising the happy couple. Enjoy taking part in the celebrations, see if you can nab a chocolate or two, and have a blast at the wedding!