The best gifts for families: your ultimate guide 

30 May 2023

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You can never go wrong with chocolate, so gift your favourite family a chocolate-tasting experience or a hamper full of treats from Hotel Chocolat

Gifting individual family members can be tricky, especially when each person has different tastes. But there is a simple and luxurious solution. Buying chocolate gifts for families is the ideal way to keep everyone happy. You’ll save time and money trying to find individual presents that delight. Instead, you’ll create a moment of magic and new memories with a shared tasting experience or one of our family chocolate hampers.

From annual celebrations like Christmas and Easter to those once-in-a-while family gatherings, here are some of our favourite crowd-pleasing treats.

Family enjoying dinner together

Family chocolate gifts: what to think about before buying

Chocolate is the universal gift, with something for everyone. It’s an affordable luxury, and there’s a range of flavours and textures to satisfy each member of your clan. From the mellow vanilla notes of white chocolate for those with a sweet tooth to deep, dark chocolate for those with the most sophisticated palate. So whether your family is a nuclear unit or a far-flung affair, chocolate is a great way to unite people.

But before you splurge, think about how you’ll keep everyone in the family happy. Start with the family makeup and lifestyle. Do they love to get stuck into new experiences or are they considered cacao connoisseurs? In this case, our Chocolate Experiences will be ideal.

Are you gifting for a significant family event like a birthday or graduation? Or do you need a thank you to show you care? And are the kids grown-up or still at the messy stage? Then dive into one of our family chocolate hampers or our ultimate Signature Cabinet.

Are you aware of any allergies and special dietary needs? Our ingredients listing lets you see at a glance which of our products are gluten and nut-free or suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and chocolate lovers with allergies.

Knowing who and why you’re looking for a present makes finding the right family chocolate hampers or experience gifts effortless. For more inspiration, we’ve put together this ultimate guide to gifts that are certain to delight the whole family.

Chocolate gift ideas for families

The best gifts for families create memories, spark fun and deepen relationships and connections. So a family gift is both thoughtful and makes your life a little easier. As a result, we’ve rounded up our favourite chocolate gifts for families to suit every budget:


A hamper is the gift that has it all. These generous collections are versatile and packed with treats for all ages. They’re also infinitely customisable, and we make it easy for you to create the ideal personalised hamper with all the chocolates you know they love. If you prefer to let us curate the perfect gift, our collection of family chocolate hampers has something for every family member.

There’s something incredibly generous and thoughtful about a hamper, whatever the occasion. And we’ve assembled a selection for every budget and palate, from Tipples and Treats for empty nesters to the For the Whole Family Hamper.

The ultimate family gift, this chocolate hamper is a real showstopper, filled to the brim with chocolates, truffles, biscuits and macarons for everyone to share and enjoy. And, when it’s empty, the beautiful wicker basket is perfect for storing a family treasure trove of photos and mementoes.

Gift hamper with red envelope saying "with love"

Chocolate tasting experience

If you know a family of chocolate obsessives, there’s no better gift than our Bean to Bar Experience.

Our chocolatier will guide your family through the art of creating your own handmade chocolate bar. You’ll learn about the importance of roasting and then conching cacao; the process of developing the flavour and texture of the chocolate through mixing and kneading to produce the final bar.

The result is a bar to be taken away and savoured at leisure. So you can see why it’s the ultimate gift for families that live and breathe cacao.

Need help deciding which Chocolate Experience to gift? Then buy a Chocolate Experience Gift Card. You can send a physical card in its beautiful gift box or get it there fast by email. The result is the same. Your gift allows your family to choose their own ultimate adventure with cacao for quality bonding time that creates incredible memories.

Chocolate fondue

If you’ve never experienced a family fondue night, it’s the pinnacle in bringing everyone together to have fun and enjoy cacao-rich delights. For a great sharing experience, why not gift your favourite family a Large Chocolate Dipping Adventure?

Packed with flavours, textures and treats for kids and adults, it’s an entertaining and creative way to keep everyone entertained. Kids and adults alike will love making up their favourite flavour combinations. Get inventive by adding your own favourite fruits — strawberries are a must — and sweet or savoury snacks to our collection of nuts, biscuits and nibbles. Then dip, dunk and crunch your way to chocolate heaven with our dipping pots of white, milk, dark and caramel chocolate.

Chocolate fondue with an array of fruit and snacks

Hot chocolate

Kids of every age love hot chocolate. There’s something about a steaming cup of aromatic barista-style chocolate that excites the senses and spreads some joy around. Plus, with our focus on More Cacao, Less Sugar, you can happily gift the little ones without worrying about them overloading on the sweet stuff. After all, we want the nuanced notes of cacao to shine through every sip of our hot chocolate flakes, and sugar simply masks that.

So what better gift for a family than the Velvetiser at-home hot chocolate system? It’s the ideal gadget to accompany any home hot chocolate station. Pair it with our hot chocolate pouches for all the family to share or opt for some of our handy single-serve sachets.

And for the gift that keeps giving year-round, add a Hot Chocolate Subscription. You’ll find everyone’s favourite flavours, from sophisticated 85% dark to salted caramel and creamy white. Or gift The Everything Selection with hints of praline, orange, ginger, mint and chilli — perfect for every palate.

Chocolate boxes

No guide to family gifts is complete without a family-sized chocolate box. It’s the ultimate in cacao indulgence. It’s the gift that has something for everyone, from zingy, Exuberantly Fruity flavours to Tipsy Truffles and melt-in-the-mouth Mellow Batons.

A generously sized box of chocolates, exuberantly filled with milk, white and dark, is a real crowd-pleaser. Like The Everything Luxe with 44 delectable bestsellers to choose from — ideal for a large family who adores everything chocolate. Vegan families will love the Unbelievably Vegan Sleekster with its assortment of Nutmilk batons, truffles and pralines. And we’re justifiably proud of The Grand Choclatier’s Table, an opulent selection of batons, slabs, truffles and more. This absolute showstopper will delight any family — including your own.

Treat all the family with chocolate gifts and hampers from Hotel Chocolat

Who doesn’t love chocolate? At Hotel Chocolat, we can’t think of a more appropriate way to show your love and appreciation than a thoughtful cacao-centred gift. With their proven appeal, our chocolate gifts put a smile on anyone’s face.

Our gifts for families are a potent mix of chocolate boxes, luxurious hampers and incredible experiences. In fact, everything you need to create indelible memories and bring your favourite people closer together. So shop our bestselling chocolate online today and make family present-giving effortless.