How to express your gratitude to others

6 Sep 2021

Gift Ideas

Looking for a special way to say thank you to a loved one? Here are our ideas on how to express your gratitude…

“Thank you.” We say these two little words all the time, whether to a cashier when we purchase something or a passer-by who steps aside to let us through a busy crowd.

But what about when you really want to express your gratitude? When someone has done a kind deed or supported you through a challenging time? In those situations, eight little letters may not seem quite enough. Perhaps you could buy the recipient of your gratitude a thank you gift or do something nice for them in return.

And if you’re struggling with how to say thank you and show that you genuinely mean it, take a look at our ideas for some inspiration.

How to say thank you

How to say thank you in different ways

Of course, saying thank you verbally is lovely. But sometimes, actions can speak louder than words alone. If you’re searching for a way to say thank you that goes beyond a simple phrase, then look no further!

Send them flowers

A beautiful bouquet is a classic and thoughtful way to say thank you. Sending flowers directly to your recipient is a great way to surprise them and put a smile on their face. Add a little note expressing your gratitude, and they’re sure to know exactly how thankful you are.

Rather than firing off a thank you text, which will likely be read once and then forgotten, sending flowers ensures your recipient will be reminded of your gratitude for a few days, if not longer. If you prefer, you could go for a plant as opposed to cut flowers for ultimate longevity.

But which flowers should you send? Well, did you know that, in the Victorian era, every flower had a special meaning? Yellow lilies symbolised happiness, as did sunflowers, making them a lovely choice for thanking friends. Along similar lines, irises are seen in floriography (the art of communicating through flowers) as a symbol of friendship. Roses are also an excellent way to say thank you. Red roses, in particular, represent love, making them ideal for thanking a partner.

Alternatively, if the person you’re thanking has a favourite colour or flower type, you could choose blooms that will perfectly match their aesthetic. And, to make the surprise bouquet even more spectacular, you could add a small chocolate treat for your loved one to enjoy.

Bouquet of red tulips to say thank you

Write a letter

Although it’s quick and easy to send an email or text to thank somebody, a handwritten letter adds an extra personal touch. Unlike digital messages, which are usually read and then deleted or forgotten, physical letters make lovely keepsakes.

If writing letters is out of your comfort zone, take a look at our previous post on how to write a love letter. Although we were focusing on a romantic letter for valentine’s day, you can certainly apply the advice to other forms of letter-writing!

And if you want to go the extra mile, you could practice your calligraphy and choose high-quality ink and paper. Pop your letter in the post or hand-deliver it. After all, who doesn’t enjoy getting something delightfully unexpected through the letterbox?

Surprise them with a day out

Want to make a grand gesture of gratitude? Then consider taking your loved one on a day out. As with many of our other suggestions an element of surprise is a big part of the appeal here. Whether it’s a trip to the theatre or exploring a new city, treat them to something tailored to their interests and try to keep it secret beforehand if you can!

Wondering how to say thank you to a chocolate lover? How about one of our Chocolate Experiences? From Bean to Bar Experiences to Tasting Adventures, you’ll find a fun, engaging way to learn about the magic of the cocoa bean — and bring a goodie bag home along with the memories. And if you’re unsure when your friend will be free, you can send them an Experience Gift Card with a personal thank you message.

Share a list of your favourite things about them

Looking to thank a partner or family member? Creating a list of things you love about them is an incredibly thoughtful gesture. The ultimate way to express how much you appreciate them just for being who they are.

Help with chores

Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference. Does your partner hate washing up but endures it anyway? Show how thankful you are that they’re in your life by tackling the chores they loathe (without prompting!)

Chores to say thank you

Bake them a cake

Thoughtful and delicious, a homemade cake is another wonderful way to say thank you. And of course, in our humble opinion, a decadent chocolate cake is the pinnacle of the baked goods world.

From tipsy rum and chocolate to a classic coffee and cocoa combination, there are lots of delicious chocolate cake flavours you could experiment with. If you’re feeling extra creative, you could ice a thank you message or decorate your work of edible art with chocolate shapes. With every bite, your recipient will be reminded of your gratitude. 

A thank you gift

If baking isn’t your forte, you can certainly express your gratitude with a ready-made thank you gift. It’s the thought that counts and any token of your appreciation is sure to be embraced. Is there anything in particular your recipient would enjoy?

Luxury chocolates are an excellent choice for people who have everything. Whether it’s a little acknowledgement or a big display of thanks, we have something for all in our thank you gift collection.

Has it been a tough week in the office? Chocolate Hampers and Coffee Beans can be an excellent way to boost employee morale and thank your co-workers for their hard graft.

No matter what kind or helpful deed somebody has done for you, there are lots of creative ways to show your gratitude. Whether you want to keep it classic with a gift of flowers or chocolates or surprise them with a day out, your giftee is sure to appreciate the gesture — and will probably want to thank you back!