Gift ideas for people who have everything

5 Jul 2021

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Wondering what to get for that friend who has everything? Read on for some unique and thoughtful gift ideas.

Are you racking your brains to find the perfect present for a loved one? We all have those friends who seem impossible to buy for! Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary or another special occasion, take a look at our list of gifts for people who have everything.

What do you get a person who has everything?

Buying presents can be a fun and rewarding process. Sometimes you see something that just screams your loved one’s name, and you know immediately that they’ll adore it. But finding a gift for some people can take a little more effort. Maybe they’re very particular about the things they like or already have all the things they need.

So where do you find gifts for people who have everything? Well, don’t worry, we’ve put together a collection of presents that strike the perfect balance between unique and thoughtful. So you can leave the generic behind and go for something a little bit different.

Gifts for people who have everything


Experiences make excellent gifts for people who have everything. Perhaps you have an adventurous friend who’s always up for trying something new. Why not present them with an opportunity to learn a skill or embrace something they wouldn’t usually choose for themselves?

Plus, the beauty of a gift experience is that the memories will last long beyond the day itself. There will always be something to look back on.

A subscription

A subscription is a fantastic way of making an experience last. The gift that keeps on giving, if you will. Whether it’s a book or magazine subscription that will expand your loved one’s reading horizons or something craft-related, you can bring your friend joy month after month. It will give them something to look forward to as the weeks roll by.

In our humble opinion, chocolate is always a winning gift, whatever the occasion. So, why not treat your recipient to a delicious Chocolate Subscription? From elegant Sleeksters to the innovative Inventing Room collection, our subscriptions offer new flavours and textures on a regular basis. Perhaps your friend will find a new favourite truffle or baton. And if you’re lucky, they might even share their treats with you, too.

Tasting Experiences

A box of chocolates is a classic gift — a sure-fire winner for partners, parents, and colleagues alike. But if you want to take your present-giving to the next level, why not consider treating your loved one to a tasting experience? Engage the senses, tickle the taste buds and learn some interesting facts about cacao along the way.

For a cosy evening in, you could host your own chocolate tasting at home. It’s a lovely way to show how much you care.

Alternatively, let the experts guide you with a Hotel Chocolat tasting experience. With virtual and in-person events available, you and your loved one can enjoy a day out or learn from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual tasting experience

With an interactive Virtual Tasting Event, you’ll receive a delectable Everything H Box to tantalise your taste buds as you learn all about the world of chocolate. You’ll have guidance from a chocolate expert and discover a new appreciation for the humble confectionery. The experience is an ideal gift for any chocolate lover.

Private chocolate tasting

And if you want to go all out and treat your giftee to an extra special day, you could book a Private Tasting Adventure at our School of Chocolate. Romantic outing for two or a group excursion, a tasting adventure gives you the immediate satisfaction of tutored tasting. Plus, you’ll leave with a goody bag and chocolate-appreciating skills that will last a lifetime.

Experience gift cards

Taking your loved one on an experience can take some organisation. Need a gift for a busy friend whose diary is always full? Don’t worry, an experience gift card could be the perfect option. Thoughtful yet flexible, a gift card gives your recipient the opportunity to arrange a time that suits them.

Whether it’s a Tasting Adventure or a Bean to Bar experience where they can learn the craft of the chocolatier, a Chocolate Experience Gift Card allows your loved one to tailor the treat to their schedule and preferences.

Gift card


Organising a gift experience can be a fabulous way to show your affection. However, sometimes it’s satisfying to see a loved one’s eyes light up as they unwrap a beautifully enveloped parcel. Here are some ideas on buying physical gifts for people who have everything.

Luxury hot chocolate machine 

Got a friend who’s a regular at coffee shops? Introduce them to the Velvetiser — the revolutionary gadget that produces insatiably smooth hot chocolate and latte milk at the push of a button. With so many different drinking chocolate varieties to try, your gift recipient can bring out their inner barista.

Rabot Coterie

The Rabot Coterie membership is an exciting limited edition subscription that makes the perfect gift for eco-conscious cocoa connoisseurs. Alongside a bounty of luxury body products and chocolate treats inspired by the isle of Saint Lucia, the recipient will have a cacao tree planted in their name. In addition, we’ll donate £10 to our Engaged Ethics programme.

Plus, each person who receives a Rabot Coterie membership will benefit from exclusive discounts and a complimentary cocktail whenever they visit our Borough Market restaurant. That’s a lot to squeeze into one box!

Rabot Eau de Parfum

As well as tasting delicious, cacao provides the base for a refreshing and revitalising scent that provides a real sensory experience. With a single spritz, the aroma of our Koray Eau de Parfum will transport the wearer to tropical Saint Lucia, wherever they are. A must for any lover of delicate fragrance.

Chocolate hampers

A hamper is an elegant and classy way of bringing together a variety of different items. And for the chocolate lovers out there, our hampers include a carefully curated collection of luxury treats and nibbles that will hit the spot every time.

And if you have a friend who follows a dairy-free or plant-based lifestyle, they’re sure to appreciate The All Dark Vegan Chocolate Hamper. A beautifully presented selection that’s ready to go.

Homemade gift hamper

If you like the idea of a chocolate hamper but want to add an extra personal touch, why not build your own? We have plenty of mini treats to mix and match according to your loved one’s tastes — ideal gifts to impress people who have everything. You can guarantee they’ll be touched by the care and attention that goes into choosing each item.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at our guide on what to put into a homemade hamper.

Hampers make great gifts for people who have everything

Tasting coffee selection

Got a caffeine fiend to buy for? Whether they like their brew dark and intense or milky and sweet, a coffee Tasting Selection provides a choice of delicious bases for them to choose from. With five different blends (plus a decaf option), they can explore the whole spectrum of flavours that great-quality coffee has to offer.

Cooking with chocolate recipe book

It’s time to get creative in the kitchen. Who knew chocolate was such a versatile ingredient? A New Way of Cooking with Chocolate presents some ingenious recipes that will help budding chefs flex their culinary muscles. Sweet, savoury, and everything in between — the pages of this book are brimming with recipes, tips and tricks to embrace chocolate in every meal. An ingenious gift option for people who have everything!

Cream Liqueurs selection

Whether it’s a housewarming gift or just a little something for the friend who likes a tipple, our Velvetised Cream Liqueurs Collection makes an excellent alternative to a standard bottle of wine. The three delightfully creamy flavours are smooth, full-bodied and aromatic.

And if rich liqueur isn’t their thing, why not take a look at our gin selection? These boozy beverages are a fresh twist on a favourite spirit. From mellow Cacao Gin to a Cherry and Raspberry Gin variety, there’s something for everyone.

Dipping adventure

A Large Chocolate Dipping Adventure is a delectable way to share the joy of melted chocolate. Perhaps it’s a gift for a friend who loves to host dinner parties. Or it could add a little bit of luxury to a romantic night in. Whoever it’s for, there will be plenty to go around!

Dipping adventure

Gifts for people who have everything

We might be biased, but we reckon you can never go wrong with chocolate-based presents. Whether you’re choosing gifts for a fussy friend or the person who has everything, the humble cocoa bean offers edible treats, hot chocolate, body products, and fun experiences that are sure to delight any recipient.