The New Velvetiser TV Advert: Velvetise Into Happiness

20 Sep 2023

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Say hello to our brand new Velvetiser advert: Velvetise into Happiness, created by Gravity Road.

If you’ve already had the delight of experiencing our Velvetiser, you’ll recognise the satisfaction that comes from creating the perfect cup of hot chocolate. And that’s what we’ve endeavoured to capture in our brand new Velvetiser TV ad. The talented folk at Gravity Road have harnessed the power of generative AI to take viewers on a playful journey — one that engages the senses and results in sumptuous, cacao-rich hot chocolate.

Let our Velvetiser advert whisk you away as we discover more about Velvetising into Happiness.

Why is the Velvetiser so unique?

Some chocolate brands talk about ‘bean to bar chocolate’. But at Hotel Chocolat, we take that one step further — our chocolate embraces the Roots to Wrapper ethos. From growing some of our own cacao in Saint Lucia to developing creative flavour combinations and designing beautiful, plastic-free packaging, we care every step of the way.

The same goes for our hot chocolate. Gossamer-fine flakes of real grated chocolate, made with ethically sourced cacao deserve the best. That’s why, five years ago, we created the Velvetiser. Our at-home hot chocolate system, imagined and brought to you by a chocolatier, creates barista-grade drinks at the touch of a button. It warms, stirs, and whips our hot chocolate into an opulent, velvety-smooth texture.

We’re all about the process, and the Velvetiser epitomises the unique experience of making the perfect cup of drinking chocolate. It engages all the senses. From the aroma of the chocolate as it gently melts to the mesmerising visual of the swirling milk.

Gravity Road founder, Mark Eaves, explained how our latest Velvetiser TV advert aims to showcase the joy of making hot chocolate with our revolutionary system. He said:

“We wanted to bring to life the feeling of escapism you experience in anticipation of an incredible cup of velvetised chocolate happiness, whilst waiting for the Velvetiser to work its magic.”

So how does the TV advert achieve that?

Velvetiser and hot chocolate in Pod Cups

Velvetise into Happiness

The ‘Velvetise into Happiness’ advert uses a combination of generative AI and more conventional CGI. This mirrors the process of using the Velvetiser. It takes the viewer on a journey through a series of fantastical landscapes. Pairing real-world footage of the Velvetiser in action with vibrant cacao groves and a chocolate river framed by a sunset. Inspired by the tropical Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, home to our very own Rabot Estate cacao farm. The imagery sets the scene and allows a moment of escapism.

Lynne Ormrod, Hotel Chocolat’s Chief Marketing Officer explained how the advert aims to “bring to life how it feels to both make the drinking chocolate with the Velvetiser and the anticipation of tasting it. A velvety smooth cup of drinking chocolate is the epitome of chocolate happiness.”

She went on to say: “It’s been great fun creating this escapist journey, visualising how the Velvetiser brings pourable chocolate happiness into the home. Our role is to make people and nature happy through chocolate.”


Where can you spot the new Velvetiser advert?

We’re thrilled that our Velvetiser advert campaign is launching across the ITV network.

“Velvetise into Happiness” will be unmissable across all ITV channels and the ITVX catch-up platform. From your favourite evening entertainment shows to Rugby World Cup coverage. You’re sure to catch a glimpse of the captivating advert.

Of course, if you want to look it up, you can also find Velvetise into Happiness online. Head to Vimeo and YouTube, you might even spot the ad in your local Hotel Chocolat store, too.

Charcoal Velvetiser and Pod Cup

Velvetise into Happiness with Hotel Chocolat

Has our new Velvetiser TV advert inspired you to try our hot chocolate system? Find the ideal design to suit your kitchen. Will it be the classic Copper Velvetiser, sleek Charcoal, or eye-catching Stellar White?

No matter what chocolate grades and flavours you adore most, you’re sure to find something in our hot chocolate collection to suit. From the delicate notes of our Vanilla White Hot Chocolate, to the nuanced, spiced tones of our Chilli Dark Hot Chocolate, there’s something for everyone.

What’s more, the beauty of the Velvetiser lies in its versatility. As well as whipping up cafe-quality hot chocolate in minutes, you can create an array of cocktails, desserts, and coffee drinks, too. Take a look at the Velvtiser recipes section of our blog for more ideas, tips, and tricks on getting the most out of your Velvetiser.

Velvetise your way into happiness today.