Quiz: which Hotel Chocolat Easter egg is your dream treat?

23 Mar 2023


Find your perfect Hotel Chocolat Easter egg by answering our chocolatier’s questions

Easter is one of the most anticipated events in the chocolatier’s calendar. There’s just something about the snap of a chocolate egg that hits our senses like nothing else. While it’s customary to receive Easter eggs as a gift from your loved ones rather than buy them yourself, we think there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself a little. This year, why not show yourself some love with a Hotel Chocolat Easter egg gifted from you, to you.

Take this quiz to discover which of our heavenly Easter eggs is your dream treat.

Sophisticated Easter eggs from Hotel Chocolat - on a blue velvet chair

Let the Hotel Chocolat Easter egg quiz begin

Keep track of your score as you go. You’ll need it to uncover your perfect egg at the end of the quiz.

1. Do you prefer white, milk, or dark chocolate?

  • a) White chocolate
  • b) Milk chocolate
  • c) Dark chocolate
  • d) Can’t decide — you can’t go wrong with any kind of chocolate

2. Is your go-to chocolate light and creamy or rich and intense?

  • a) The lighter the better
  • b) Somewhere in between
  • c) Always rich and intense for me
  • d) Depends on the day

3. What are your favourite chocolate flavours?

  • a) Naturally fruity flavours 
  • b) Salted caramel
  • c) Sophisticated flavour combinations like ginger, mint, or chilli
  • d) Anything patisserie-inspired — brownies, blondies, macarons, you’ll take the lot

4. Are you vegan?

  • a) Definitely not
  • b) Yes, but I wish I could still have milk chocolate
  • c) Yes, and I really like dark chocolate
  • d) No, but I don’t mind if something happens to be vegan

5. What kind of chocolates do you gravitate towards?

  • a) Simple but high-quality
  • b) Chocolates with a touch of tipple
  • c) The finest, most luxurious chocolate I can get my hands on
  • d) Chocolates I’ve never tried before

6. Sweet or bitter?

  • a) Self-diagnosed sweet tooth
  • b) Not too sweet, not too bitter
  • c) A touch of bitterness never hurt anybody
  • d) I can enjoy anything if it’s high-quality and beautifully made

7. Are you all about fun or sophistication?

  • a) A bit of both
  • b) A true child at heart
  • c) Sophisticated, of course
  • d) Always up for a giggle

Short and sweet — that’s all we need to know.

Easter bonnet

Cracking, the results are in…

It’s time to tally up your results. Make a note of how many As, Bs, Cs, and Ds you have — this will determine your chocolatey fate. Our chocolatiers are getting out their crystal ball; read on to discover which of our opulent Easter eggs will charm your taste buds.

Mostly As

Have you scored mostly As? Let’s guess — you prefer your chocolate on the lighter, white, creamier side. You adore chocolate as a little pick-me-up, and you’re not afraid to indulge.

We think you’d love the following Easter treats:

Extra Thick White Chocolate Easter Egg

We think our Extra Thick White Chocolate Easter Egg is right up your street. This chunky shell of creamy white chocolate is packed with the most delectable Easter treats. It’s simple on the outside, but crack through the cacao-rich outer layer of white chocolate and you’ll find a treasure trove of mini Easter chocolates. These hidden treats include our classic Simple White Truffle, sophisticated Vanilla Macaron and heavenly Raspberry Panna Cotta. You’ll also find an inventive Custard Tart, as well as our quirky Poker Face and Egg on Toast.

This is a divine treat for those who adore treats on the lighter side of the chocolate spectrum, naturally fruity flavours, a dash of patisserie-inspired chocolate creativity, and a few surprises.

You might also adore our Extra Thick You Crack Me Up Easter Egg which blends white chocolate, caramel, and milk chocolate together in a heavenly hybrid shell. It’s brimming with some very emotive egg faces and our cute-as-can-be City Bunnies.

Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs

Mostly Bs

If you’ve found yourself with mostly Bs, you take the middle road when it comes to chocolate intensities and flavours. You could always go for a creamy milk chocolate, but preferably one with a high cacao content to bring a divine level of depth to your treat.

Extra Thick Milk Chocolate Easter Egg

Our Extra Thick Milk Chocolate Easter Egg is a safe bet for you. Crafted from a higher than average 50% cacao extra thick shell, it’s brimming with sumptuous tiddy eggs. These petite treats come in a range of flavours — like Salted Caramel Cream, Vanilla, and Nuts about Raspberry — for those who love to explore exciting chocolate twists.

Rocky Road to Caramel Easter Egg

Or how about our Rocky Road to Caramel Easter Egg? Milk chocolate, caramel, and patisserie lovers will be perfectly matched with our uber chunky milk and caramel shell filled with all sorts of luxurious delights. Once you’ve cracked inside, you’ll discover indulgent chocolates like our Fudge Sundae, Ultimate Caramel, and Orange Chocolate Pot.

Unbelievably Vegan* Extra Thick Easter Egg

Did you answer B or D on question four? Then we have a sumptuous vegan* ‘milk’ chocolate option for you: our Unbelievably Vegan Extra Thick Easter Egg. This treat-filled chunky Easter egg is made from 45% Nutmilk chocolate (made from finely milled hazelnuts) and contains all sorts of plant-based chocolates beneath the surface.

And if you chose B on question five, let us introduce you to Extra Thick Champagne Easter Egg. This one is brimming with Champagne and Pink truffles. If you also selected A on question three, even better. This egg is made from a half strawberry white and half milk extra thick egg.

Alternatively, an ‘A’ for question five suggests you’ll adore our fun yet simple 40% Milk Chocolate Easter Egg or this funky Salted Caramel Easter Egg. Both are chocolate shells, with no surprises inside.

*Please note: We believe our dark and Nutmilk chocolate is suitable for vegans. However as it is made in the same environment as our milk chocolate, we cannot guarantee it is free from milk.

Mostly Cs

Are you looking at a tally of mostly Cs? Then it’s safe to say you like things on the dark side. Depth, richness, and sophistication are what you look for in your chocolates. You like the finer things in life. And why would you say no to a little bit of luxury?

We have some wonderful options for the dark chocoholics amongst us…

Dark Chocolate Ostrich Easter Egg

Say hello to our Dark Chocolate Ostrich Easter Egg. One of our most fabulous, generous Easter eggs. It’s everything you could want from a dark chocolate Easter egg, and more. Enjoy a 70% dark chocolate shell with hazelnut, salt, and crunchy almond pieces. Inside you’ll be impressed to find some of our rare chocolates. Try our Mayan Pistachio and Colombia Cienaga Almond Praline alongside the likes of our Sour Cherry, Chairman’s Rum Truffle, and Dizzy Dark Praline.

Another treat-packed option is our lavish Extra Thick Dark Chocolate Easter Egg filled with high cacao truffles and pralines.

Ginger or Mint Dark Chocolate Easter Eggs

If you answered C on question three, we recommend either our Ginger Dark Chocolate Easter Egg or our Mint Dark Chocolate Easter Egg. Thank us later. If you also answered C or D on question four, you’re in luck. These two eggs are also suitable for vegans*. As is our classic 70% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg.

Hotel Chocolat Mint Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

Dark Chocolate Big City Easter Bunny

Do you have lots of Cs but B down for question seven? Switch your chocolate egg for a bit of fun and try our Dark Chocolate Big City Easter Bunny. This quirky character is bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and dressed to impress.

Mostly Ds

If you answered mostly Ds, you’re either indecisive or up for anything — and we respect that! If you’re easy-going when it comes to choosing chocolate, why not take a lucky dip in our Easter collection to find an Easter egg (or bunny) that catches your eye.

Alternatively, our Patisserie Chocolate Ostrich Easter Egg is perfect for trying a range of different chocolate flavours, textures, and grades. With a shell made from an inventive mix of milk chocolate, white chocolate, cookie pieces, and pecan pieces, you’ll find new combinations of the ingredients you know and love. Inside, you’ll discover white chocolate Blondies, Caramel Cheesecake, Cherry Bakewell, and more.

Another option is to go for one of our luxurious chocolate hampers. Our Abundantly Easter Hamper and Easter For The Family Collection are packed full of chocolate eggs, bunnies, Tiddly Pots, and more. It’s a great choice for those looking to share with loved ones — or to keep you stocked up with nibbles throughout the Easter holidays.

Opulent Easter eggs from Hotel Chocolat

You may have found your dream Easter egg, but what about everyone else? Make sure your nearest and dearest aren’t in danger of missing out on some splendid chocolate gifts this Easter.

Browse the Hotel Chocolat Easter egg collection to find scrumptious cacao-packed treats for the whole family. Discover luxurious, thick chocolate shells, eggs brimming with hidden chocolate delights, and adorable springtime characters that will make the little ones jump for joy.

Feeling spoilt for choice? You could even try this quiz on your family and friends to see what they might fancy.