The tips and tricks to create the best Easter Egg hunt

1 Mar 2016

Easter Food + Drink

There’s nothing quite like the looks on their little faces on Easter morning: delight that the Easter Bunny has been, excitement at searching for the Easter Eggs, and pure glee as they find them!

Make Sunday 27th March your best Easter Egg hunt yet – with paw prints, puzzles, star jumps and chocolate by the basket!

Magic lives here

Start the fun from the minute they open their eyes.

Our favourite first impression for indoor hunts is Easter Bunny footprints: keep them simple by cutting a paw prinBig City Easter Bunnyt out of paper and sprinkling talcum powder or glitter around it, or the reverse – make the paper your stencil and fill it in.

Another fun take on the round-the-room hunt is to plant LEDs next to each of their Easter eggs – then turn out the lights.

Going round and round the garden this year? ‘Start’ and ‘finish’ markers, plus ‘over here’ versions for very little ones, are a good way to kick things off – think wooden or cardboard bunnies holding onto posts planted in the ground.

The great outdoors is also the perfect place to add an extra element of fun: every five Easter eggs the older kids find, they have to perform a different action, such as star jumps or running on the spot to the count of ten.

The indoor option? Swap exercise for activities with trips to the craft table to make some Easter decorations.

Clue them in

Clues aren’t essential – a hand-drawn map is a great alternative, or just freestyle – but there are plenty of fun ways to go if you do want to give them a hint.

Write and hide a pointer with each prize – bonus points if they rhyme!

Paint your clues onto blank mini-jigsaws and hide them with a little stash of eggs each.

Piles of cardboard letters, or the magnetised ones from the fridge, can be rearranged to spell out a tip to the next hiding place – think ‘books’, ‘sofa’ or ‘shoes’.

Wax and wonder
The old ‘white crayon’ trick is underused: write or draw a clue on plain white paper with your crayon, then let the kids reveal it with a swish of watercolour paint.

Once upon a time…
Get arty: draw a few pages of your own Tale of the Easter Bunny, then read it out to your children as they find each prize – it’ll also make for the perfect keepsake.
Perfect Easter Prizes

In one basket

What are your little chicks going to stash their eggs in?

Monitor their chocolate intake by keeping buckets or bowls centrally and having them bring their finds back to you.

Alternatively, hand them a wicker basket, beribboned pail or even a decorated egg box, or draw a cheery bunny face on a tote with fabric pens, adding ears with glue or thread.

Perfect prizes

Let’s be honest: the prizes are the best bit!

Keep things fair using stickered dots or stars and assigning each child a shape or shade. If you’re in the mood for mess, you could even hide a few eggs filled with confetti or streamers.

But if you’re anything like us, there’s only one thing you’re really after – chocolate!

Nibble & Peck

15 bunnies and chicks in 40% milk chocolate, individually wrapped.

Egg on Toast

A solid 40% milk chocolate lolly with a white chocolate Easter egg yolk.

Hop! and Chirp!

Individually wrapped packs of three bouncing bunnies or cheeky chicks.

Egg on My Face
A 40% milk chocolate slab with a sunny-side-up white chocolate smiley face.

Big City Bunny
A bow-tied bunny dressed to impress in hollow 40% milk chocolate. He hops hard and he plays hard!

Bunny from the Burrows
9 milk chocolate bunnies caught on the hop, filled with silky smooth caramel.

… Or take your pick from our City Bunnies and super-cute Egglets – just pop them into plastic eggs or wrap in coloured tissue paper.