5 fun easter activities to try out this Easter Sunday

11 Apr 2022


If you’re looking for exciting new ways to keep the family occupied this spring, why not try one of these Easter activities?

Easter is the highlight of spring for children and adults alike. What’s not to like about the anticipation of the Easter bunny’s arrival and delectable Easter eggs? But maybe this year, you want to step up the holiday fun. If you’ve enjoyed an entertaining Easter egg hunt and have plenty of chocolate treats to keep you going, you might like to try one of these fun Easter activities.

Painted easter eggs on paper palettte
coloured easter eggs on paper palettte

1. Colourful crafting with eggs

We must admit, we prefer a heavenly Extra-Thick Chocolate Egg to the traditional hen’s egg it’s based on. However, there’s no denying that real eggs can offer an opportunity for creative crafting. Why not transform that lonely egg in the fridge into an Easter beauty?

Not only is this an excellent way to keep the kids occupied, but it’s also a nice activity to hark back to Easter traditions. Painting eggs is a task that’s busied many generations, dating back to the ancient Persians who painted eggs for Nowrooz — their New Year celebration that falls on the spring equinox.

Here’s how you can start your own Easter tradition:

  • First, hard-boil your egg and leave it to cool while you search the cake cupboard for food colouring.
  • Carefully fill a bowl with half a cup of boiling water and add one teaspoon of white wine vinegar along with 20 drops of liquid food colouring. 
  • Sink your egg into the liquid and rotate for up to five minutes. 
  • Get your paper towels, tongs or stray spoon at the ready to remove your dip-dyed egg, and leave it to dry for decorating.

Gentle Easter reminder: your egg is for decorating, not the picnic hamper – don’t be tempted to eat it! That’s what our opulent Easter range is here for…

So, how to decorate your eggs?

Painting materials for decorating eggs

Tie-dye festival eggs

There are some quick shortcuts to make your eggs look as if you’ve invested some serious craft time. Before you dip it, wind the shell in a network of elastic bands. The result is worthy of a summer festival T-shirt. You could even spell out names, and make simple designs in glue, then peel it off after it’s dip-dyed and dried.

These colourful creations will make a fabulous centrepiece for your Easter table.

Who’s who?

How about creating your own eggy identity parade? Picture your family or friends as a line-up in tiny egg cups. Draw their faces in permanent markers and create your own egghead portraits, from family members to favourite pets, hamsters, dogs, cats…

What’s more, you can turn this craft into a game!

Don’t tell a soul who your egg portrait is meant to be, then you can score points for naming them. Whether Nanny’s glasses are a giveaway or it’s the whiskers on Gizmo, reward the highest scorers with some special Easter treats.

We recommend going for a quirky or unusual Easter egg prize. How about one of our Egg Sandwiches or a set of adorable Sunny Side Up truffles and caramels? These fun Easter gifts are sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

2. Creative fashion: Easter bonnets 

Another great crafting activity is to whip up some fabulous Easter bonnets. A traditional part of Easter celebrations in villages across the country, Easter bonnets are also a central feature in the New York Easter Parade.

Why not make your own? Either start from scratch with cardboard and cloth, find that unwanted hat crushed in a charity bag or buy one to decorate (plenty are available online). Go for simple and plain or as over the top as you like: flowers, chicks, ribbons – throw on the works (or delicately stitch). Don’t be shy – there’s no such thing as overdoing an Easter bonnet!

Easter bonnet

3. Show them off in your very own Easter parade

When all the hard work is done and you look like a line-up from a Hollywood musical, have your own Easter bonnet showdown. Star in your own Easter parade, with Strictly-style marking cards, and extra points awarded for downright silliness! This has got to be one of the ultimate Easter activities.

Again, why not reward the best bonnet-bearer with a delicious, cacao-rich prize? A 40% Milk Chocolate Big City Easter Bunny is dapper enough for the job.

If the sun is shining, set up some lovely Easter decorations outside— think bunting and pastel shades — and put out some refreshing beverages.

4. Add a chocolate twist to a classic Easter dessert

Easter is all about cooking and enjoying a meal with loved ones, from fragrant lamb roasted with rosemary and studded with garlic to the all-important pudding. We may be a little biased, but we think top-quality cacao and chocolate can really add the finishing touch to any recipe. We even created our very own cookbook on the subject.

If you’re keen to bring a touch of chocolate magic to a traditional Easter pudding, why not incorporate some adorable Elizapeck Speckled Eggs into your cakes and bakes?

Alternatively, explore our cacao-inspired canape recipes to bring cocoa sophistication to your savoury nibbles. These bites are sure to impress!

Easter cupcakes with chocolate mini eggs

5. Upcycle your Easter egg boxes

At Hotel Chocolat, we’re committed to minimising our impact on the Earth. As well as following our Planet Pledge and reducing packaging, we’re all for a bit of upcycling. So, why not give your Easter egg boxes a new lease of life? Before they go in the recycling bin, why not put them to good use? You could create your own Easter basket, adding a handle and decorating it with stickers, paint and Easter ribbons.

You could also use your old boxes to create gift containers for loved ones or make cute cardboard puppets so the kids can put on Easter performances. The only limit is your imagination!

Delicious treats for joyful Easter activities

Do any of these Easter activities float your boat? Whether you’re dipping, decorating, modelling or making, reward yourself with a crafty Easter treat. Our cute Easter Chocolate Pen Pals are ideal for little ones, while our sumptuous Extra -Thick Champagne Easter Egg is brimming with tipsy truffles for the grown-ups. Whichever you go for, have a very Happy Easter!