Coffee quiz: How well do you know your coffee?

10 Sep 2021


Put your coffee knowledge to the test with our quiz!

Do you know your Arabica from your Robusta? Your cappuccino from your flat white? If you fancy yourself a bit of a coffee connoisseur, take our coffee quiz to see how much you know! And if you’d like to brush up on your coffee trivia, you can always browse our other blog posts. From the difference between instant and ground coffee to how to store coffee to keep it fresh, there’s plenty to keep you occupied.

Ground coffee in an espresso machine handle

Questions (you can find the answers below!)

1. Roughly how many espresso beans are required to make a single espresso?

A) 35

B) 50

C) 71

D) 82

2. Which European country consumes the most coffee?

A) Italy

B) Norway

C) Spain

D) Finland

3. What percentage of coffee drinkers prefer their coffee black?

A) 25%

B) 35%

C) 45%

D) 55%

Black coffee

4. Do coffee bushes produce nuts or fruits?

A) Nuts

B) Fruits

C) Neither

5. Kaffeost (coffee with cheese curds) is a delicacy in which country?

A) Finland

B) Vietnam

C) Sweden

D) Germany

6. According to an Ethiopian origin story, coffee beans were discovered after which animal became energetic after eating them?

A) Elephants

B) Wolves

C) Parrots

D) Goats

7. What alcohol traditionally goes in an Irish coffee?

A) Rum

B) Brandy

C) Whiskey

D) Irish cream liqueur

8. How many main types of coffee beans are there?

A) Two

B) Four

C) Six

D) Eight

9. How much caffeine is there in a mug of filter coffee?

A) 120mg

B) 150mg

C) 180mg

D) 200mg

10. What do you call an espresso served with a scoop of ice cream?

A) Affogato

B) Helado

C) Cafe gelado

D) Cafe frio

Ice cream with espresso


Now it’s time to see what you got right. Here are our coffee quiz answers:

Questions 1 to 5

C) It takes approximately 71 coffee beans to make a single 8-gram espresso and 142 beans for a 16-gram double espresso. Of course, it’s generally a little more time efficient to weigh your coffee, rather than counting individual beans!

D) Although the Italians may be famous for their brews, Finland is actually the top coffee consumer per capita.

C) Although cappuccinos and lattes may be popular, About 35% of all coffee drinkers like it black. Our Rabot Estate Whole Bean coffee blends are perfect for making rich filter coffee with balanced flavours and a caffeine kick.

B) Coffee beans start off life as a fruit. One coffee tree yields around 2000 berries a year. After picking, coffee berries are processed, hulled, and roasted

A) Countries around the world have different preferences for serving coffee. In Finland, it’s traditional to pour hot black coffee over cubes of juustoleipä (dried cheese curds). The cheese curds soak up the coffee, creating a soft spongy texture that you can eat with a spoon. Known as ‘kaffeost’, this delicacy is often served to guests as a welcome drink. 

Coffee quiz: did you know coffee starts out as berries?

Questions 6 to 10

D) Legend states that, around 700 AD, an Ethiopian goat-herder named Kaldi discovered that his flock were behaving strangely lively after eating unusual berries. He showed the berries to a monk, who brewed them up into a drink. Et, voila, coffee was born

C) Whiskey is the traditional spirit in Irish coffees. Coffee with rum is known as Calypso coffee and, coffee with brandy is called a Café Carajillo. If you’d like a decadent coffee with a delightfully tipsy twist, why not add a dash of our Velvetised Chocolate Cream? Smooth, flavoursome, and with a little boozy kick.

B) Although there are many types of coffee bean, the four most popular ones are Arabica, Robusta, Liberica and Excelsia. You may be most familiar with Arabica and Robusta, as these are the main ones used commercially. In fact, Arabica makes up 75 to 80 percent of world coffee production.

B) One mug of filter coffee gives you around 150mg of caffeine. A mug of instant coffee contains slightly less, with about 100mg of caffeine. If you’re thinking about cutting down your caffeine intake, why not try our The One Decaf coffee? You get the full-bodied notes of milk and caramel you’d get with our signature blend, just without the caffeine.  

A) Affogato means ‘drowned’ in Italian. This creamy, indulgent coffee is the perfect treat to round off a meal. Part coffee, part dessert, it involves pouring a shot of hot espresso over a scoop of ice cream. Traditionally, people use vanilla ice cream but you could also try chocolate. 

Irish coffee

Get your coffee fix

So there you have it, our coffee quiz. How did you do with your coffee trivia?
If all this talk is tempting you to have a cup yourself, why not take a look at our Rabot Estate coffee collection? With five signature blends to choose from, there’s a flavour for every mood! And if you’d like another quiz, why not swap out coffee for cocoa with our chocolate quiz?