Best summer coffee drinks 

14 Jun 2022

Coffee Summer

Put a refreshing spin on your daily coffee fix with these cool summer coffee drinks.

Summer has finally arrived, and we’re sure you’re ready to get outdoors and soak up the sun. While you’re enjoying the summer heat, a warm coffee may be the last thing on your mind. But this doesn’t mean you have to leave your daily caffeine fix behind with the winter season.

There’s certainly more than one way to enjoy your coffee, and with the weather warming up why not try putting a cool, refreshing twist on your go-to drink? Whether you’re looking to put an icy spin on a coffee classic or are keen to experiment with new, tasty recipes, we’ve got the perfect suggestions for every occasion. 

Iced coffee drinks for summer on an outside table

Summer coffee ideas

Get your sun cream on and your coffee machine at the ready — here are some of our favourite summer coffee drinks for a chilled caffeine kick!

Keep it classic

In the summer months, iced coffee is any caffeine lover’s ideal accessory, perfect for cooling down on a hot summer day while still providing energy and delicious flavour. Pouring these warm and hearty classics over ice transforms them into crisp and refreshing drinks, ideal for summer.

These recipes are also a quick and easy option. They don’t require extra ingredients or equipment (other than ice), saving you an additional grocery shop — and giving you more time to relax!

Iced latte 

Whether you like your latte sweet and syrupy or strong and frothy, this favourite is certain to maintain its tastiness when poured over ice.

All you’ll need to throw your perfect iced latte together is espresso, milk and ice. Additionally, you can use our Velvetiser to froth your milk to an irresistibly smooth texture.

Iced Americano

An iced americano is the slightly stronger and equally delicious friend of the iced latte. Requiring just three ingredients (ice, water and espresso), an iced americano is the perfect, hassle-free summer drink.

To create your own, simply add as many shots of espresso as you desire to a glass of water, and top with ice. It’s as easy as that!

Our key tip is to add your espresso shot to your water rather than the other way around. This preserves the delicious thin layer of crema on top, the signature of any Americano.

Cold brew coffee 

A cold brew is another delicious coffee drink best enjoyed during the summer season. While its name doesn’t directly refer to its temperature, we believe a cold brew is best enjoyed chilled, over ice.

Creating your own cold brew requires steeping coarsely-ground coffee in cold water for a minimum of 12 hours. While in preparation cold brew takes a little longer to produce, it can be kept in the fridge and enjoyed for several days after being brewed. This makes it a great drink to prepare in a large batch and enjoy on the go.

Want more details on whipping up a batch of delectable cold brew coffee? Check out our guide.

Black iced coffee in a mason jar beside a laptop

Summer coffee drinks with a twist

The summer season is also the perfect time to try out some fun new coffee variations. These cool suggestions may take a little more time and precision to throw together, but we promise they’re worth the effort!

Cold-brew coffee lemonade  

This sweet, fruity twist on the cold brew classic will keep you refreshed and wanting more!

To make it, mix your cold brew coffee with some orange juice and add a dash of lemon juice. If you want a hint more sweetness, stir in sugar or honey to taste.

Presentation is also key, so why not garnish with a generous slice of orange or lemon for both flavour and aesthetic purposes?

Coffee and banana smoothie 

For those faster-paced summer mornings, why not try combining your breakfast and morning coffee with a coffee and banana smoothie?

Simply add a shot of espresso, oats, a banana and some milk into a blender and voila! You’ve got a chilled and nutritious breakfast ready to enjoy at home or on the go. For an extra pop of flavour, you can also add fruit, cinnamon, or some maple syrup.

Espresso martini  

A classic espresso martini is perfect for cooling down on a summer evening. The blend of coffee liqueur, espresso, and vodka makes it a true crowd-pleaser for entertaining guests at a gathering.

The make or break of any espresso martini is the coffee used to form its base, so for the most distinctive flavour, we recommend using high-quality coffee beans, such as our Rabot Estate Blends.

And if you want to impress your friends in a jiffy, crack open a bottle of our Velvetised Espresso Martini Cream. This ready-to-pour chocolatier’s take on the cocktail favourite includes creamy white chocolate for a decadent edge. 

Woman holding an espresso martini

Coffee ‘nice’ cream and ice lollies  

Fancy a slightly more indulgent but equally cooling summer coffee treat? Then why not try making coffee ‘nice’ cream or ice lollies. Both a delicious and fun way to incorporate some caffeine into your day, these sweet treats are the perfect summer snack.

To make your ice lollies, simply prepare your coffee as usual and place it in ice lolly moulds. After just an hour or two in the freezer, your lollies will be ready to go and can be tucked into for several days.

Also, a great way to put a summer spin on coffee ice cream is by creating your own vegan coffee ‘nice’ cream. Made from frozen, blended banana (or avocado if you prefer), nice cream is a lighter alternative to rich dairy ice cream. Add a bit of cooled coffee to your blended mixture and you’ll be ready to go.

Start with great-quality coffee beans from Hotel Chocolat

To get the most out of these summer coffee drinks and treats, it’s best to start with high-quality, great-tasting coffee beans. At Hotel Chocolat, our expertly roasted and ethically sourced coffee is perfect for this task.
Explore our five nuanced blends and start creating irresistible summer coffee drinks today.