Budget-friendly Secret Santa gifts for chocolate lovers

19 Dec 2023

Christmas Gift Ideas

Share the joy of the festive season with Secret Santa gifts that don’t put you out of pocket…

There’s no denying that Christmas can be an expensive time. With the purse strings being tight come December, Christmas can feel stressful — especially if you’re on a limited budget. At Hotel Chocolat, we’re here to remind you that you can still gift high-quality presents without breaking the bank. If you’ve got an office or family Secret Santa exchange coming up, our chocolate gifts are just the ticket.

They’re also perfect as delightful stocking fillers. With gifts under £10, £15 and £20, we’re sure you’ll find something delectable for each and every palate.

Budget-friendly chocolate gifts from Hotel Chocolat

The importance of quality over price

Before we go into our top budget-friendly Secret Santa gifts, we want to make one thing clear to you, our dear guests. Christmas may be a time of giving, but this doesn’t have to mean a huge budget. What’s most important is the thoughtfulness and purpose behind the gift of your choosing — not how expensive it is.

With chocolate gifts from Hotel Chocolat, you can still spread joy across hearts and taste buds by selecting something perfectly suited to your chosen recipient. What are their favourite flavours? Do they have a favourite type of chocolate? Are they a lover of rich flavour or crumbly textures? Think deeply about the recipient and choose a chocolate gift that resonates most with them.

Colleagues exchanging Christmas gifts

Why is chocolate a good low-budget gift?

At Hotel Chocolat, we understand the art of gifting and the joy of finding that perfect present without straining your wallet. Chocolate stands out as a delightful choice for low-budget gifts, and here’s why.

Firstly, the universal appeal of chocolate is undeniable. Chocolate’s rich history and flavour variety cater to a broad range of tastes, making it a versatile gift option. Whether you’re selecting a Secret Santa gift for a seasoned chocolate aficionado or someone with a casual sweet tooth, there’s a chocolate out there that’s bound to captivate the taste buds.

What’s more, our carefully crafted selections demonstrate that luxury isn’t exclusively a matter of price. With Hotel Chocolat, you’re choosing quality and sophistication. Our focus on more cacao, less sugar ensures that each bite is a testament to our commitment to premium quality. This mantra is not just about taste — it’s about offering a richer, more refined experience for all budgets.

A well-chosen box of chocolates can also convey a range of sentiments, perfect for Christmas. The emotional connection that chocolate fosters is not due to its cost, but because of the thoughtfulness behind the personalised choice.

Christmas gift beside a candle

Chocolate gifts for £10 or under

If you’re looking for chocolate gifts below £10 — you’ve come to the right place. Whether your giftee prefers something rich and chocolatey or something with a bit of crunch, take a look at two of our favourite low-budget chocolate gifts.

The Everything Pocket Selection

The Everything Pocket Selection, priced at £9.95, is a perfect Secret Santa gift for chocolate lovers. It truly is a bit of everything!

This selection box offers an array of eight of our best-loved chocolates, beautifully packaged for gifting. Inside, recipients will find a delightful mix of flavours, starting with our dessert-inspired Eton Mess. Other patisserie delights include our, indulgent Caramel Cheesecake, Billionaires Shortbread, and Raspberry Panna Cotta. For nut lovers, there’s our Smooth Pecan, 70% Dizzy Praline, and Peanut Praline. And, of course, you can’t go wrong with our elegant Simple Milk truffle.

This variety ensures there’s a flavour for everyone, making it an ideal gift for sharing and sampling. Made with 100% ethical and sustainably sourced cacao and all-natural ingredients, this gift is both delicious and responsible.

Everything Pocket Selection

The Dunking Biscuit Selection Box

The Dunking Biscuit Selection Box is another delightful Secret Santa gift for just £9.95.

This selection includes 10 biscuits in five unique flavours: Chocolate & Sour Cherry, Chocolate, Orange, Pistachio & Cardamom, Pecan Pie, and Cinnamon, Almond and Cocoa. Each flavour offers a unique taste experience, perfect for pairing with hot drinks. Why not pair a biscuit with one of our infamous sachets of hot cacao?

This gift is ideal for those who enjoy a cosy moment with a biscuit and a hot beverage, offering a sophisticated twist on familiar comforts. The variety of flavours caters to different preferences, making it a thoughtful and versatile choice.

Chocolate gifts below £15

The most common budget for a Secret Santa gift is between £10 – £20, so why not get something down the middle of the budget bracket?

The Ginger Chocolate Gift Box

Priced at £12.95, The Ginger Chocolate Gift Box is a unique and thoughtful Secret Santa gift — especially for those who cherish the warming, spicy-sweet combination of ginger and chocolate.

This box contains an assortment of ginger-infused chocolates, featuring ginger in three delicious recipes. Peel open the lid and you will find a Ginger 70% Slab, 100% Double Enrobed Ginger Sticks from Ghana, and Ginger & Hazelnut Selectors — the perfect products for a warming, festive gift. It’s an exquisite choice for anyone who appreciates a bit of zest in their treats, too.

The Classic Champagne Truffles Tin

The Classic Champagne Truffles Tin is available for £11.95, and it’s a luxurious yet affordable Secret Santa option.

Each truffle in this collection is infused with real Champagne and whipped into a creamy milk chocolate blend, creating a sophisticated flavour profile that’s both indulgent and memorable.

The truffles come in a decorative tin, making it a delightful and elegant gift which can be repurposed long after the truffles have disappeared.

Ideal for those who appreciate a touch of class in their treats, this tin is perfect for conveying a sense of luxury and celebration without the need for overspending.

Classic Champagne Truffles in a coupe glass

Chocolate gifts below £20

If you’re looking to impress your Secret Santa this year, take a look at our chocolates for below £20.

Everything H-Box

Let your giftee indulge in the Everything H-Box — a splendid Secret Santa gift offering the best sampling of our most popular chocolates. The chocolate box that has it all.

This chocolate selection box contains fourteen pieces, including a mix of milk, white, and dark chocolates, each with its own unique taste experience.

With flavours like Mousse au Chocolat, Carrot Cake, and Billionaires Shortbread, this collection showcases our innovative approach to classic and contemporary chocolate recipes — an ideal gift for any chocolate enthusiast.

The Classic Signature Chocolate Collection

Priced at £16.95, The Classic Signature Chocolate Collection is an exquisite choice for a Secret Santa gift.

Our classic collection offers a selection of 15 iconic chocolates for lovers of classic chocolate tastes, including smooth pralines, velvety truffles, and reimagined desserts. The assortment features a blend of milk, white, and dark chocolates, catering to various palates — everyone has their favourite type of chocolate, after all.

This collection is perfect for those who appreciate the classic yet refined taste of quality chocolates, making it a thoughtful and indulgent low-budget gift.

Signature Collection

Make your Secret Santa smile with chocolate gifts from Hotel Chocolat

Whether your budget is under £10, £15, or £20 — we hope that this budget-friendly gift guide has sparked some inspiration for your Secret Santa this year. Remember to buy with the giftee in mind, so they can open something delightfully tailored to their tastes.

At Hotel Chocolat, luxury chocolate doesn’t have to cost a lot. With high-quality ingredients, outstanding flavours, and a passionate focus on sustainability and ethics, make somebody’s Christmas with Hotel Chocolat this season.