Mother’s Day gift ideas that Mum will adore

8 Feb 2022

Mother's Day Celebrations Gift Ideas

Treat your mum to a thoughtful gift she’ll really love this Mother’s Day

Spring is just around the corner and so is Mother’s Day. This heartwarming holiday offers the perfect opportunity to honour the maternal figure in your life who has been there to support you through thick and thin. But thinking of the ideal gift for her can be challenging. Where do you start? It can also be easy to take Mum for granted at times. But don’t worry, here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas that are sure to express your gratitude and show her how much you care.

Mother and daughter holding hands

How to choose the perfect Mother’s Day gift

When it comes to finding a present for any friend or loved one, it’s important to make it personal. And the same goes for exploring Mother’s Day gift ideas — think about your mum’s favourite things. Does she have any hobbies, favourite foods, or restaurants she loves to go to? The most beloved gifts are those that have real thought behind them. Taking a moment to consider what your mum, step mum, mother-in-law or maternal figure enjoys will help you find a brilliant present.

If you’re still feeling stuck, here are a few Mother’s Day gift ideas to get those creative juices flowing!

Gifts for the baker extraordinaire

Does Mum love watching Bake Off? Perhaps she enjoys trying out new recipes and experimenting with flavour combinations. Why not get her some top-quality kitchen equipment to try out. If her old pans and wooden spoons are looking a bit tired, invest in some shiny new ones.

Maybe she’d love a new apron to keep her clothes free from flecks of flour and icing sugar. And if she’s not sure what to bake next, consider some exciting ingredients. After all, the better quality the components, the more delicious the outcome. Why not put together a personalised hamper brimming with delicious spices, garnishes, and maybe a bar or two of high-cacao cooking chocolate?

Woman with red hair baking

Mother’s Day gift ideas any chocolate lover will adore

Speaking of chocolate, we can’t ignore the plethora of winning gifts in our Mother’s Day collection. Whether you’re looking for a gift to make a statement or a little token of your affection to accompany another present, we’ve got goodies of all shapes and sizes.

With its sunny, floral packaging and selection of luxurious truffles, caramels and pralines, our Mother’s Day Sleekster is sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face. With 27 delectable chocolates to enjoy, let Mum have her pick of the best for once.

Or how about the Large Chocolate Hamper for a decadent demonstration of your appreciation? This abundant collection includes a whole host of our most celebrated recipes. They’ll keep her going for a while!

What goes hand in hand better than a flower bouquet and a box of Mother’s Day chocolates? Make sure the lucky lady in your life gets only the best, with our petite but perfectly formed Happy Mother’s Day Pocket selection. With its cute, bright packaging, it doesn’t even need wrapping!

And for the gift that keeps on giving, you can’t beat a Chocolate Subscription — monthly deliveries of chocolate surprises, straight to Mum’s door.

Delicious Mother's Day gift ideas from Hotel Chocolat

Presents for the coffee connoisseur

Any mother or grandma will tell you: being a mum is hard work! If your superhero mum needs a little caffeine boost to get her raring for the day ahead, she’ll certainly appreciate some coffee treats.

Surprise her with the gift of barista-grade coffee in the comfort of her own kitchen with the Rabot Estate Coffee range. Whether she enjoys her coffee dark, punchy and vibrant or smooth and mellow, there’s a blend to please her taste buds.

If you’re feeling particularly generous, take your gifting to the next level with the Podster and a selection of coffee pods, sealed for freshness. The Podster is our innovative coffee pod machine that brews up a cafe-worthy espresso at the touch of a button. No more queuing at the local cafe to get that all-important morning coffee.

Would she prefer something a little lower on the caffeine front? Swap the coffee beans for cocoa beans and keep her stocked up with unbelievably rich, satisfying hot chocolate sachets and pouches. From dark and brooding 85% Hot Chocolate to a delightful Orange Supermilk option, there’s something for everyone. A revolutionary Velvetiser hot chocolate machine will surely earn you some extra brownie points, too…

Beauty gifts for the pamper queen

Mother’s Day is a chance for Mum to put her feet up. Encourage her to do so with some pampering treats. Why not draw her an indulgent bath so she can relax and let her troubles wash away?

Think bubble bath, reviving shower gel and some fragrant candles that will whisk her away to a tropical isle. Let the gentle aroma of our Cacao & Vanilla Candle soothe with every inhale. And for an extra indulgent experience, there’s our Cacao and Kaolin Thermal Clay Body Mask. This clay body mask is packed with cacao butter, macadamia, and an array of natural minerals, to cleanse, nourish, and moisturise from top to toe.

Treats for the tipple aficionado

What’s a pampering bubble bath without a warming tipple? Whether your mum is a gin lover or appreciates a good vintage wine, get her a bottle of the good stuff. What’s her drink of choice? Think about what she usually drinks and try to find something similar but with a unique twist.

Mother’s Day is an excellent excuse to present your mum with something she might not usually buy for herself. Show her she deserves it! A lavish serving of our Cacao Gin is ideal for those who appreciate gin and the addition of nuanced cacao notes. Alternatively, keep things classic with a bottle of bubbly. How about pairing some boutique Prosecco with a tin of irresistible Champagne Truffles? An effortlessly elegant offering.

Mother’s Day gift ideas from Hotel Chocolat

Whatever your mum enjoys, make sure she gets the best this Mother’s Day. And whether it’s a small but thoughtful token or a grand gesture, find something extra special at Hotel Chocolat.

From mini chocolate packs and hot chocolate sachets to subscriptions and exciting gift experiences, there’s a cacao-themed gift to delight every mother and grandmother!