Celebrate an untraditional Valentine’s Day with Hotel Chocolat

25 Jan 2024

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Celebrating February 14th with your friendship group, your nearest and dearest, or your four-legged friend? Take a look at our untraditional Valentine’s ideas so you can celebrate your love, your way.

We all deserve a moment of indulgence — and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to offer yourself a touch of TLC. Forget any preconceived expectations of what a Valentine’s Day should be or consist of. Instead, we’re going to explore how you can celebrate an untraditional Valentine’s Day with those you hold close to your heart. This is about doing Valentine’s Day your way — no matter how quirky or seemingly unconventional.

Ready to get started and plan a Valentine’s Day led by you? Grab your favourite hot chocolate and a few biscuits to nibble on, and let’s get started.

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What is an untraditional Valentine’s Day?

To explain an untraditional Valentine’s Day, we first have to talk about the typical Valentine’s Day. You know the scene — a dozen roses, a fancy dinner date, love notes marked with the taint of cherry red lipstick… and a partner written by a fairytale novelist to match.

It can be a bit too much pressure sometimes, to say the least. In the run-up to Valentine’s Day, it often feels like those of us who are happily single, not interested in a relationship, or not in the position to celebrate how we are stereotypically supposed to, are left behind in a sea of fluffy teddy bears and high expectations.

Whilst we wish we could give you an elaborate explanation and definition of an untraditional Valentine’s Day — this is something that you have to define yourself. Don’t worry, though. We’re here to help you figure it out.

A Valentine’s Day for yourself

You see, an unconventional Valentine’s Day is whatever you need it to be. It’s borne out of what your body and mind are craving. For instance, if you’ve been relentlessly working your nine-to-five, you may wish to spend the day focusing on rest and recovery. Alternatively, if you’ve felt a little low since the start of the year, you may want to uplift your spirits by hosting a gathering with your closest friends. 

An untraditional Valentine’s Day is essentially whatever you make it. But, it’s especially a day for treating and caring for yourself in a way you wouldn’t typically do. Valentine’s is a period made for OTT self-care — so whatever this is to you, that is your answer to your own non-traditional Valentine’s Day.

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Quirky and untraditional Valentine’s Day ideas

Once you’ve defined what you need from your Valentine’s Day, it’s time to put some plans into action. We understand that not everyone wants to make a huge deal out of the occasion, but we also get that some people prefer to keep busy. Whichever category you fit into, we’re sure we have a quirky Valentine’s Day idea for you to try out.

A chocolate-tasting party with friends

Celebrate your untraditional Valentine’s Day by gathering your closest friends for a sophisticated chocolate-tasting soirée. It’s the best combination of love and laughter, enhanced by the sweet notes of cacao. Why not explore the intricate layers of our Chocolatier’s Table? The perfect chocolate selection for large gatherings. If you’re hosting an extra large gathering, then The Grand Chocolatier’s Table will have more than enough chocolate to go around.

From our Patisserie Chocolates to our Baton selection, each piece promises a delectable journey through new textures and flavours. Will your favourite experience be the smoothness of praline to the snap of a perfectly tempered shell? That’s for you to decide!

Set the scene in your living room, transforming it into a cosy and comfortable nook. As you and your friends savour each bite, take your time to discuss the nuances like the subtle notes of fruit in our Dark Chocolates, or the creamy richness of our Milk Chocolate. You could even create your own scorecards, narrowing down each flavour and texture until you find the ultimate chocolate.

Pair your tasting experience by preparing cocktails made of Cacao Gin, Salted Caramel Vodka, or one of our Velvetised Creams. Not drinking? No worries — make a hot chocolate bar instead. This is your chance to design a Valentine’s Day that’s about creating moments, sharing stories, and revelling in the joy of friendship. One exquisite bite and sip at a time.

A sibling movie marathon

Why not relive those one-of-a-kind childhood memories with a movie marathon enhanced by a touch of cacao goodness?

Curl up on the sofa or a bed with our Classic or Signature Cabinet. Each piece a testament to our commitment to more cacao, less sugar manifesto. Or, pair each movie with one of our hot chocolate sachetsThe Everything Hot Chocolate Sachet Selection is made for this, including our smooth Hazelnut Praline, and warming Chilli Dark Chocolate.

As you taste, giggle, and chat the night away, let each chocolate be a conversation starter. Watch as the velvety textures remind you of shared moments and the bold flavours spark stories from years gone past.

It’s not just a quirky Valentine’s idea — this can be a celebration of the bond you share as siblings. With every bite of our carefully crafted chocolates, you’re not just revisiting your favourite films but reliving the warmth of sibling love, all in the comfort of your home.

A family chocolate-crafting workshop

Home is where the heart is. Celebrate the love of your family unit, whether you’re tied by blood or not, and organise a day full of chocolate fun and crafts.

Transform your kitchen into a creative sanctuary with your own family chocolate crafting workshop. Maybe set up a Large Chocolate Dipping Adventure while you’re at it — for a midday snack, of course.

Create your own hour-by-hour schedule, and send it out to your family members in advance so they’re ready for a day full of tasting and crafting. At Hotel Chocolat, we believe in the magic of making memories — and what better time to bring the family together?

Our chocolate selections offer a diverse range of textures and flavours, making them the perfect inspiration for culinary creativity. Take a look through our Chocolate Recipes, grab all of the ingredients you need, don your aprons, and get crafting, baking, and cooking. You could even make a Come Dine With Me style event out of it, too!

This fun idea is about connecting, laughing, and sharing love. It’s a Valentine’s Day experience that celebrates family love in whichever way you define it, and that’s something quite beautiful.

A solo luxury spa day

Prefer a solo date this February? Embrace self-love this Valentine’s Day with a solo luxury chocolate-inspired spa day. Cancel your alarm, and set the coffee to brew — this day is all about you.

Begin your journey of indulgence with our exquisite luxury chocolates, each bite a celebration of our grounding roots to wrapper philosophy. As you unwind in a bath surrounded by your favourite incense aromas and candles, take a moment to reflect on the past year and how you’ve developed as a person. Why not dedicate some time to journaling after you’ve pampered yourself? This is also a good time to try out some cacao skincare products; take your time to notice the soothing touch of cacao butter with each and every application.

If you fancy a walk, why not look for your closest Hotel Chocolat cafe or shop? Treat yourself to an in-store beverage, bring your favourite book, and inhale the sweet and nutty aromas of pure, authentic cacao.

This idea may feel a bit uncomfortable or unnatural for some, but remember that this is about giving yourself a moment to pause, reflect, and savour the feeling of true self-care. In the sanctuary of your home, we hope that this experience becomes a sophisticated reminder that Valentine’s Day is about loving yourself, with all the little luxuries that you truly deserve.

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Redefine your Valentine’s Day with Hotel Chocolat

Break free from the norm this Valentine’s Day and embrace the idea that love comes in many forms. Whether you’re celebrating with friends and family, or simply indulging in self-love, we’re here to help you redefine your Valentine’s Day.

Forget the traditional expectations and allow your heart to guide you. An untraditional Valentine’s Day is whatever you make it, a day to treat yourself in a way you deserve. Redefine the narrative, celebrate love your way, and make it an untraditional Valentine’s Day to remember.
So, go ahead, plan your unique celebration, and let the love flow, one chocolate at a time with Hotel Chocolat.