Velvetised or Velvet-iced

Experience silky-smooth, deeply satisfying, velvetised hot chocolate. Then, discover everything else you can do with the #Velvetiser. Pour over ice for a cooling pick-me-up. Combine with coffee for a luxuriously chocolatey latte. Swirl in a dash of Velvetised™ Cream for an indulgent drink with a tipsy twist.

Are you a taste adventurer or dark and mysterious?


What is the Velvetiser?

Designed by Hotel Chocolat and engineered by Dualit, the Velvetiser is an innovative at-home hot chocolate machine. There really is nothing quite like it.

What does a Velvetiser do?

The Velvetiser does more than just heating milk. It warms, stirs, and whips your ingredients into a drink with a satisfying texture like no other. What’s more, the Velvetiser quietly works its magic in just 2.5 minutes. Quick to make and easy to clean, it’s the perfect addition to any cocoa lover’s kitchen.

What can I put in my Velvetiser?

Our hot chocolate flakes are especially calibrated to Velvetise with ease and each pack is precisely measured to create the best taste and texture. Unregulated pieces of chocolate can break your machine by creating ‘hot spots’ that can sadly impact the motor. So we would highly recommend using our Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate flakes.

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