You can be as active or as laid-back as you like during your stay with us – it’s entirely up to you. From spa pampering and relaxing at the guests-only Club Boucan to the unique Tree-to-Bar Experience, self-guided strolls through the cocoa groves to exciting sea adventures, and even a visit to the world’s only drive-in volcano and sulphur springs, there’s a whole array of experiences waiting for you!


All tours need to be pre-booked. Internal guests can book on arrival. External guests, please ring our front desk team to make a booking.


T: 001 758 459 7969/6

M: 001 758 724 6183/8


We welcome children to our restaurant and our experiences, but we must insist that they are not allowed to run around without parental supervision due to the high elevation, steep inclines and rocks.




Our signature Tree-to-Bar Experience


Unique to the Rabot Estate, and drawing on our expertise as a chocolatier and as a grower, this is an exclusive opportunity for you to discover cocoa like never before, as well as create your own chocolate. The experience starts with a walk through the estate’s cocoa groves selecting ripe cocoa pods to harvest from the tree, and ends with crafting your own chocolate bar. The tour includes all the fascinating stages in-between – from the cocoa seedling nursery, fermenting room and sun-drying station to grinding, mixing and lots of tasting!


Part One: Tree-to-Bean Experience

Available Monday to Friday

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9:00–10:00

Wednesday and Friday 13:00–14:00


Part Two: Bean-to-Bar Experience

Available Monday to Friday

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 10.30–11.30

Wednesday and Friday 14:30–15:30


In-house guests: $61 | External guests: $88

Prices include both parts




Marcial, cocoa grove walk


A shady trail with beautiful picture-taking opportunities of the lake at the end. Great for an early-morning stroll before breakfast or early evening before dinner.


Fitness Level: Easy

Duration: 20 minutes




Bois Nef, cocoa grove walk


Come and explore one of our new cocoa groves, with young trees that have already started bearing pods. This walk offers a lovely view of the lake from another angle – but the truly spectacular scene here is the white egrets clustering on their favourite tree at about 5pm.


Fitness Level: Easy

Duration: 30 minutes




Peau Pépinière, cocoa grove walk


Venture deep into one of the largest of our 16 ‘côtes’ (terroir-based zones of the estate). Dropping down below the Boucan restaurant, you’ll come across the historic sugar mill that was used in the early 1800s. This walk takes you down into the valley and through the middle of the estate – shaded by other trees it’s a cool place to be and has a touch of Heart of Darkness about it!


Fitness Level: Moderate

Duration: 45 minutes




The big nature view, walk


A breathtaking view from the highest point on Rabot Estate, with a 360-degree portrait of Soufrière Basin, Mount Gimme and both Pitons framing the Caribbean Sea beyond. Rated as the best view in Saint Lucia – and well worth the walk up! You’ll pass by the site of our forthcoming micro-batch chocolate factory and several cocoa groves.


Fitness level: Moderate

Duration: 45–60 minutes




The Old French Road, walk


A truly scenic route that takes you cross-country along the old stone road that soldiers used during the Battle of Rabot in 1795. The first part of the trail is a gentle climb with beautiful views of the mountains. When you reach the top you’re rewarded with a downhill stroll that drops you back down to the main road. Keep tight to the edge of the road as you hike the last leg back to Boucan along a route that is approximately 2.5 miles. On the way to the Old French Road you will pass by the site of our forthcoming micro batch chocolate factory and several cocoa groves.


Fitness Level: Moderate/Good

Duration: 90 minutes




Sulphur spring volcano, power walk


This route is best done early in the morning, before the sun gets too high. The complete route is just over two miles long and it is a great loop for those who want to keep fit – or just work off last night’s dessert! First time out on this route we would suggest you leave the gate lodge, take a left and do the loop this way round. When you have seen the hill gradient you may fancy the challenge to take the loop in the opposite direction, then celebrate with a rum punch that night! You will pass by the site of our forthcoming micro-batch chocolate factory and several cocoa groves.


Fitness Level: Good

Duration: 90 minutes

Please note: There is  $15 fee to enter the park




Boucanier sunset cruise


Sit back and relax as your captain sails some of the most impressive mountain seascapes in the world. As we cruise past the majestic Pitons, the sun is low in the sky and the evening trade winds are blowing their cooling breeze over the waters. Toast your companions as we serve complimentary drinks, cocktails, champagne and hors d’oeuvres. You may be one of the very few who witness the green flash – the rarely seen signature of ‘the twilight of the gods’.


Available: Monday–Friday

Times: 16:45–19:15 approx. (Times vary with seasonal sunset)


Remember: camera, suntan lotion, beach towel, swimwear, hat and sunglasses plus some spending money




Boucanier underwater explorer


This is a leisurely cruise of the west coast, exploring the main coral reef sites such as Anse Cochon, Anse Chastanet, the coral gardens by Gros Piton and Jalousie. You will have the opportunity to snorkel, swim and explore the dramatic coral reef walls that begin only a few feet from shore and drop off steeply into the ocean depths. There is an abundance of marine life and you may even see leatherback turtles.


Available: Monday–Friday

Times: 9:30–13:00 or 13:15–17:15


Remember: camera, suntan lotion, beach towel, swimwear, hat and sunglasses




Boucanier west coast raiding party


We leave the old port of Soufrière as buccaneers have done throughout the centuries to explore and raid the waters of the west coast. We pass the fishing villages of Canaries and Anse la Raye and Pigeon Island looms eventually on the horizon – on a clear day Martinique can also be seen. You can explore the island and take the opportunity to have a local lunch at Jambe De Bois waterfront restaurant and bar (named after the wooden-legged pirate who used this very place to ambush shipping in the days of sail). Later we sail to Marigot Bay, often described as the most beautiful bay in the Caribbean, and then on to anchor between the Pitons – one of the best and most dramatic mountain seascapes in the world, where you can take the opportunity to swim or just enjoy the views.


Available: Wednesday and Friday

Time: 10:00–16:30


Remember: camera, suntan lotion, beach towel, swimwear, hat and sunglasses plus some spending money




Soufrière experience


The Sulphur Springs, Diamond Falls & Gardens Tours

Visit the world’s only drive-in volcano and sulphur springs en route to the picturesque waterfall at the Diamond Falls & Botanical Gardens. The pools at the mineral baths are filled with mineral-rich water that is naturally heated by volcanic activity, so take along bathing suits for a soothing dip. The rejuvenating powers of the water were recognised by the troops of Louis XIV who created the original mineral baths.


Available: Mondays–Fridays, Sundays

Times: 10:00–13:00


Remember: camera, suntan lotion, beach towel, swimwear, hat and sunglasses plus some spending money




Gros Piton climb


Enjoy a breathtaking hike to the summit of Gros Piton. The first half of the trail is a gentle slope where the Caribbean Sea and the village of Choiseul can be seen to the south. The second half of the trail involves a steep ascent to the summit and is intended for the more adventurous hiker. This climb is approximately a 3- to 4-hour round trip. When you make it to the top, which is 2,619 feet above sea level, you have climbed one of Saint Lucia’s iconic landmarks. This is a strenuous challenge and should be undertaken only by fit and agile hikers.


Available: Mondays–Fridays, Sundays

Times: 6:45 – 11:00 (wake-up knock can be provided!)


Remember: stout trainers or walking boots, camera, suntan lotion, hat and sunglasses plus some spending money




Club Boucan and spa treatments

Looking for a more laid-back stay? Explore Club Boucan and the Cocoa Juvenate Spa and relax.


*Prices shown in US dollars, inclusive of government 10% VAT tax. However, a 10% resort fee/service charge will be added to your final bill.