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"If we come here for lunch, we can admire the view of Petit Piton and the jungle. At night, the atmosphere is more romantic, candles are lit, and in the background there is soft music combined with the sounds of the jungle."

- Vogue Polska

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"New Yorkers have been known to fly down in a private jet just for dinner there."

- Harper's Bazaar

"Love chocolate? You’ll adore Boucan. Here you can sample cocoa in sweet and savoury dishes, either as a spice in the form of cocoa nibs, or as chocolate, all blended with local island produce. A child-friendly yet trendy open-plan venue set high on the rocks, it greets bats that soar in and out as dark falls and you tuck into a chocolate-infused vinaigrette dip followed by fillet of pork with a cocoa and herb crust. Save space for dessert and don’t miss the exquisite chocolate tasting plates."

- DialAFlight's Top 5 Best Restaurants in Saint Lucia


Guest Reviews


"It was an incredible experience with amazingly inventive cuisine (chocolate-themed everything, that somehow works incredibly well). Every dish was wonderful. I can't recommend the restaurant highly enough."

- Reviewed January 2022

"We were so blown away that we wound up eating 50% of our dinners there. The use of cacao is subtle and every dish we had was incredible. If you are a cocktail person especially, you will love it here. The bartenders who took care of us (Alpha and Antonio) have a real gift. I would call this a must visit."

- Reviewed January 2022

"This was the best meal we ate on the island. The service was excellent. I believe it is also the only place we ate at that offered an actual wine list. The cocktails are outstanding."

- Reviewed December 2021

"My goodness, this was a delicious dinner in a beautiful restaurant with terrific views. I would absolutely put Rabot on your must-do list when in St. Lucia. "

- Reviewed December 2021

"We dined at four different restaurants in Soufriere and Rabot was our favourite. Best service, ambience, and food. Very spacious and open."

- Reviewed April 2021