Romantic picnic hampers for couples: what to include

28 Apr 2022

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Show your sweetheart how much you care with a perfectly packaged romantic hamper for two

Wondering what delicious treats to include in romantic hampers for couples?

As the warmer weather begins to make an appearance, the outside becomes much more alluring. Date nights can be fun in the winter — after all, who doesn’t love a cosy evening in with a bottle of fizz and some chocolatey delights? — but there is something blissfully romantic about strolling around in the sunshine, partner in one hand, hamper in the other.

Our guide to crafting the dreamiest hampers for couples should be a good place to start if you’re not what to include in your picnic basket. You might need to do a bit of searching for the idyllic spot to enjoy your romantic hamper in, but don’t worry about roaming shops to find the tastiest titbits: that’s where we can help.

Read on to discover how you can craft the ideal picnic hamper, or browse our Chocolate Hampers to inspire some creative thought.

Couple enjoying a sunset picnic in a meadow

Choosing your hamper

Are you a comfort-over-fashion type of person, or do you think aesthetics should be of no.1 importance? When choosing your hamper, you’ll need to weigh up what kind of design should take priority.

For example, if your romantic hamper is going to be enjoyed in the midst of a fairytale-like forest, miles away from everyone else, you might want a hamper which has a little durability to it. Hiking for hours is definitely worth it if the both of you love a walk, and want to find a hidden spot to enjoy your hamper in, but you’ll probably want to take something with arm straps to make sure the journey there is as comfortable as possible.

If, of course, you’ve decided to delve into your hamper merely a stroll away, a sturdy willow basket is a beautiful, traditional option, adding that extra touch of rustic to your romantic date. Just make sure there is enough room for glasses, plates, cutlery, napkins and the food!

Traditional picnic hamper on a gingham cloth

What to include in a romantic hamper for couples

Now onto the goodies to stash inside your hamper!

Romantic food ideas

Savoury nibbles

You might be used to sourcing food for a date night in, but a day-out date requires a different sort of planning. Whilst you might be tempted to fry a steak or sear a salmon for a dinner date, hot foods tend to not travel as well. Especially if you’re venturing on a longer trip.

This doesn’t mean you can’t make your hamper luxurious. Often, it’s more of a treat to be able to nibble on lots of different, smaller dishes, a little bit like Spanish tapas. Dips, crisps and nuts might seem a little simple, but there are plenty of ways you can make them indulgent. Instead of opting for the traditional hummus, try making an artichoke and asparagus dip, or whizz up your own olive tapenade. Making your own bread to dip is also an extra way to impress your sweetheart.

It also allows you to get creative with the flavours: pesto, mozzarella and sundried tomato focaccia is always a hit!

You can also bring along meats and fish, although you’ll want to choose foods which keep well if left out at room temperature for a few days. Smoked mackerel, smoked salmon or chilli-fried prawns travel well in an air-tight container and go delicious alongside a homemade leafy green salad.

Want to go the extra mile? Why not consider some cacao-inspired canapes? Our recipes may have been originally curated for Easter, but they’re a delicious choice any time of year!

Desserts and sweet treats

Desserts for a picnic hamper also require a slightly different approach to dinner date desserts. Again, hot or frozen desserts might not travel as well, but there are plenty of other romantic sweet treats for you to pack. Cheesecakes, brownies, chocolate-covered strawberries; the list is endless.

If you want to save a bit of time, without missing out on flavour, our Patisserie H-Box lets you sample an array of desserts and cakes, contained in petite chocolate form. Or try our Mini Chocolate Dipping Adventure for Two for a sensory experience of both taste and texture. It’s sure to add to the romantic mood!

Picnic food

Drink ideas

A bottle of fizz is a go-to for a romantic hamper: our Classic Prosecco is light and fruity, perfect for a summer’s day. Alternatively, our Cocoa Beer is also a refreshing beverage to wash down your picnic lunch with: we infuse ours with cacao nibs for a moreish, nutty tang.

For something slightly stronger, a drop of Cacao Gin is delightful alongside tonic. To keep it cool, make sure you refrigerate the bottle overnight or freeze it two hours before you leave. Bring along a cool box to keep your drinks nice and chilled.

If you’d like something alcohol-free, a flask of aromatic coffee or velvety-smooth hot chocolate is sure to hit the spot. The beauty of creating your own hampers for couples is that you can tailor them to your and your partner’s tastes.

Additional items to set the scene

Would it be a picnic without a cute picnic blanket? You could make your set-up extra cosy with some cushions and a blanket to wrap around you both in case the weather gets chilly. It doesn’t hurt to have an umbrella handy, too!

A candle-lit dinner never loses its romantic edge — why not bring a little bit of the inside, outside, by hosting your own candlelit picnic? Sharing food, drinks and thoughts with a loved one as you watch the sunset is something they’ll remember forever. Make the memory even more special by bringing out a couple of candles to light the night well into the evening.

Leaving little notes of love also adds a romantic surprise. Whether you’ve written a little joke, a thought, a memory, or a story, selecting something for them to find brings a little extra excitement to the picnic.

Couple setting down a picnic blanket in a park

Ready-made chocolate hampers for couples

If you’re short on time, or know your loved one is likely to have a distinct cacao-craving, a ready-made chocolate hamper goes down beautifully alongside a glass (or more) of bubbly. Perfect for a mid-afternoon stroll, our chocolate hampers are the perfect after-lunch treat or indulgent dessert after you’ve dined on a snacky lunch. Bon appetit!

Perhaps you’re searching for a winning gift for a couple you love. Our chocolate hampers for couples also make fantastic engagement, anniversary, and wedding gifts. From the Classic Cabinet, which showcases our favourite recipes through 59 irresistible bites to the Little Ray of Sunshine Hamper, brimming with summery treats, you’re sure to find a gift that suits your loved-up pair to the ground.