How to personalise your chocolate gift

27 Apr 2020

Gift Ideas

You might think a chocolate gift isn’t the most unique present, but there are many different ways to personalise your luxury chocolate gifts!

Some people are difficult to buy presents for. They’ve either got everything they need, or they’ve got such changeable tastes that you’re worried anything you buy will be wrong. Sound familiar? Chocolate as a gift might seem like the easy way out, but you can make sure the person you’re gifting feels special by putting in the effort to make a stunning and unique personalised chocolate gift.

How to make a chocolate gift personal

There are so many different types of chocolate that it’s easy to find a flavour for everyone. Whether they love the sweeter side of life, or are a dark chocolate devotee, at Hotel Chocolat our variety is so extensive that sometimes even we can’t choose! Vegans can enjoy our range of dark chocolate or nut milk chocolate, and you can choose a chocolate gift in our free-from range if your loved one suffers from allergies, which has stopped them from eating chocolate in the past.

It’s a good idea to think about what flavours they love, or if a certain taste of chocolate evokes a memory for them. Did you enjoy a delicious dessert together in a restaurant that they won’t stop talking about? Find a chocolate version in our patisserie range so that they can be reminded of that special time. If they’re a devoted dog parent, our adorable Dapper Dog chocolates will bring a smile to their face – before they get eaten!

If your friend is partial to the odd tipple, then our Kirsch Cherries have been soaked in brandy and enrobed in a layer of and milk, and thendark chocolate, or bring back memories of continental holidays worth celebrating with our French Champagne truffles.

To choose a truly unique personalised chocolate gift, spend some time thinking about what memories you’ve shared together and what flavours they particularly love.

A chocolate gift for those who can’t choose

If you – or the person who is going to receive the present – is chronically bad at making decisions, then why not get a selection box or hamper instead? This takes the pressure off you having to choose the perfect chocolate gift, and it means they can decide which chocolate they want depending on where their whims take them. A luxury chocolate product, without any of the present-buying stress.

We’ve got you covered! Our H-boxes have a selection of our favourite chocolates and our Sleekster chocolate boxes are a little bigger, for more variety and more indulgence! For a personalised chocolate gift, make them more unique with our free gift sleeves, available for both of these chocolate boxes, so that you can make sure it is right for the occasion.

Personalised chocolate hampers

If you know exactly what they like, but think they deserve something more special than a simple chocolate box, at Hotel Chocolat you can create the perfect luxury chocolate gift with our gift creator. Just choose whether you want a gift bag or box, then tailor it to their taste by hand-picking the chocolates, drinks, hot chocolates or sharing chocolate boxes you know they’ll love. 

If you can’t be with your loved ones to give them their gift, we can send a personalised gift card that comes free with every online order. We’ll deliver their chocolate gift in our sleek and stylish packaging – no boring cardboard here! – and we’ll individually trim each bag or box with a ribbon to make the recipient feel like royalty when they discover it on their doorstep.

Personalising a chocolate gift might take a little thought, but we think it’s well worth it to curate the perfect chocolate box for a loved one. Who knows, you might even sneak a couple of other chocolate boxes into your basket for you to try yourself!